One of the best methods for conscious creation of your reality is affirming. If you’re practising the Law of Attraction, then you’ve probably already heard about the power of affirmations. Many people affirm every day but without any results. That’s why today we are going to explain this method much better so you can use positive thinking affirmations and have positive results.

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What is the „right“ way for affirming and why do some affirmations bring you results and some don’t?


Let’s start at the very beginning. What is an affirmation? Affirmation is a statement. While saying or writing down the affirmation, you are declaring something. By affirming, you are confirming something, you are declaring this to the universe.

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People often make a mistake by thinking that positive thinking affirmations are only positive. But, affirmations can also be negative. Unfortunately, many people every day affirm with that kind of affirmations- they are „saying“ the things that they don’t want to attract. For example, negative affirmations are sentences such as „I am fat.“, „I don’t know.“, „I don’t have something.“, „I can’t do something.“, „I don’t think I can do that.“, etc. Do you understand? If you use sentences like this, that means that you are affirming something that you don’t want.


So, what is the point of affirming? Positive thinking affirmations can help you to change your deep beliefs. And belief is nothing but a statement you have heard and repeated many times. And because of that constant repeating, you’ve believed in that statement. And that’s why affirmations are significant- they may serve you to change those deep beliefs. If you repeat the affirmations enough amount of time, your beliefs will change.


Another important purpose of affirmations is that they can be used to cause a deep emotion. You probably already know that emotions vibrate. When you feel positive emotions, your vibration is high. When you feel negative emotions, your vibration is low. And you are communicating with the Universe with your dominant vibration.

Affirmations change your state of mind easily!

Affirmations are precise statements of the things that you want to attract. But, if you want to make your affirmation successful, then you must believe in that affirmation.


For example, if the person is struggling with some serious disease, is the affirmation „I am healthy“ an affirmation that can be helpful? The answer is yes, but, only if that person believes in that statement. But, if it is hard for that person to believe that she is healthy, then the positive thinking affirmation won’t affect. What does that mean? Well, it means that the person who is struggling with the disease must find the right affirmation, the affirmation that she will believe in and the affirmation which resonates better with her mind. For example, possible affirmations, for that situation could be: „Every day, I am getting better“, „My body cells are capable of regenerating“, „Many people with my disease have managed to heal, I can heal too.“, etc. Do you understand? It is just a matter of choosing the right words. If the affirmation „I am healthy“ doesn’t resonate with you, then you have to transfer on some affirmation which has a softer vibration. This is because you can feel more positive emotions from the affirmation „Many people with my disease have managed to heal, I can heal too.“, than „I am healthy.“ And that’s why, if you want a positive effect from affirmations, you need to choose affirmations that are causing you positive emotions. If you don’t feel the emotion, if you don’t feel the truthfulness, then- change the affirmation and find another one.

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Let’s now observe the power of positive thinking affirmations regarding your love life. If you are lonely right now if you don’t have a love partner if you are not in a happy relationship, what do you think, will the affirmation „I am experiencing a wonderful love“, cause positive emotions inside you? The same is with the affirmation „I have a beautiful partner“. Well, that’s up to you. If you can believe in these affirmations, good for you. But many lonely people can’t do that. And that’s why it is important to find the right affirmation. An affirmation like „I am opening myself for receiving love.“ can have a more positive effect in that situation. Also, you can use the affirmation „I am ready to love and to be loved.“In the present moment, although you are not experiencing that, right now- you are ready to love and to be loved. „Every day I am giving and receiving more love than the day before.“ is also a useful affirmation.

Positive affirmations can literally change your life!

Now, we can move to the financial field of your life. Let’s say that right now you have no idea how you are gonna pay the bills. Simply, right now you don’t have enough money for everything that you need to pay. In this situation, can you use the affirmation „I am a millionaire“ and believe in it? Maybe somebody can, but many people can’t. So what can be the alternative? Well, you can find positive statements related to money. For example, you can use the affirmation „I am opening myself for an abundance.“. Or, „I am becoming a magnet for attracting money.“ Or, „Every day, money comes to me from expected and unexpected sources.“. There are so many „softer“ affirmations, affirmations you can believe in. „Every day, I am getting more and more money“. Can you feel the difference between affirmation „I am a millionaire“ and „I am opening myself for an abundance“? Can you notice the difference? Also, you can use the affirmation „I deserve to have money“. While you are using these affirmations, give yourself good reasons why do you deserve that. Surely you will resonate with all those reasons and soon enough, you will feel better and you will raise your vibration. Try it!


So, the affirmations are here to help you to change all the fields of your life you are not satisfied with. The key to positive thinking affirmations is to feel the emotion. But, if you have a problem with feeling the emotion while you affirm, then you need to go back to the beginning. So, what should you do?


You need to use affirmations for causing the emotions. For example: „ Every day, I am more and more capable of feeling the emotion.“ If you, while you are using the affirmation „I deserve the abundance“, start to feel that you don’t deserve that abundance, then you need to go back, and use the affirmation: „Day by day, I am becoming more and more aware of my value“. Or: „Every day, I am becoming more and more aware of all the things that I deserve“.


Positive thinking affirmations have a huge value and power, you just need to find the right ones, the affirmations which are causing you positive emotions. That’s why, we have chosen 75 affirmations, for 5 fields of your life. Take look at these affirmations and choose the ones that are making you feel good. After you’ve chosen your affirmations, repeat them every day. Soon enough, your deepest beliefs will be transformed and you will start to attract only the things that will have positive effects on your reality.

health affirmations


Positive thinking affirmations for health and ideal body appearance


  1. I deserve to be healthy.
  2. I choose to help my body to heal completely.
  3. Every day, I am increasing the number of habits which will improve my health.
  4. My body is capable of regenerating.
  5. Now it is the right time for starting the process of healing my body.
  6. My immune system is strong.
  7. I am eating only the food that has positive effects on my body cells.
  8. By wisely choosing what I am eating, I am putting my body into the perfect shape.
  9. I have never felt and looked better.
  10. I feel energetic.
  11. My energy system is balanced.
  12. I feel perfect with my body health and my body appearance.
  13. No matter that I am satisfied with my body health and appearance, I choose to keep all healthy habits and to add some new ones.
  14. I am at peace with all my choices related to my health and my body.
  15. I am healthy, I am strong and I choose to feel the same in the future.


Positive thinking affirmations for money


  1. I love money and money loves me.
  2. I know that money is good and that’s why I’m absorbing all the positive energy that comes from money.
  3. I earn money easily.
  4. To me, money comes from expected and unexpected sources.
  5. I know that money is abundant for everyone.
  6. I am happy while spending money.
  7. Spending money makes me an energetic person.
  8. I am spending money not just on myself, but on all the other people, and that’s why the money comes to me every day.
  9. The Universe keeps on sending me new amounts of money.
  10. I am using the money for my improvement.
  11. For me, money grows on trees.
  12. Money is everywhere around me.
  13. I am a magnet for money.
  14. Money opens new possibilities for me.
  15. I am using the money for improving my life and life of other people.


Positive thinking affirmations for love


  1. I am ready to love.
  2. I am ready to be loved.
  3. I allow myself to give and to receive love.
  4. Love is surrounding me.
  5. It is wonderful to love and to be loved.
  6. This very moment, I am creating a relationship full of love and respect.
  7. I believe in true love and I know that I will attract that love into my life.
  8. Being in love gives me positive energy.
  9. I spread love wherever I appear.
  10. I am pure love.
  11. Every love relation helps me to develop myself.
  12. Love is all around me.
  13. My true love is right around the corner.
  14. At the right time, my true love will appear in my life.
  15. I am ready to meet the love of my life!


Positive thinking affirmations for joy and happiness


  1. I am grateful for all of the things that I already have in my life.
  2. I am grateful for all the good things that are coming to me.
  3. I am grateful for some bad things that happened to me in the past because all these things made me the person I am today.
  4. Everything is good and it will get even better.
  5. Everything always happens for my greater good.
  6. I am happy and thankful for the people in my life.
  7. I am happy and thankful for all the material things that I have.
  8. I am happy for this wonderful new day full of possibilities.
  9. I am happy for all tomorrow’s possibilities.
  10. Every day is a new chance for me- a chance to have moments of joy and happiness.
  11. I know that the best is yet to come and that makes me even happier.
  12. In my life, everything is good.
  13. My life is full of joy and happiness and I choose to enjoy my life completely.
  14. Every day I have more and more reasons to be happy and joyful.
  15. Happiness is a choice and I’ve made my choice!


Positive thinking affirmations for success 


  1. Sucess in all the fields of life comes easy and naturally to me.
  2. All the effort from the past, now it’s starting to manifest with success.
  3. Being successful makes me happier.
  4. Being successful makes me more energized.
  5. There is nothing more natural than to finally taste the fruits of my effort.
  6. Now, when I can see the obvious success, I am more willing to improve myself.
  7. I am successful in every field of my life.
  8. Success brings so many benefits to my life.
  9. Success brings me more energy.
  10. Success brings me financial abundance.
  11. Success brings me the desire to be the best version of myself.
  12. I feel good as a successful person.
  13. As my success is increasing, my self-esteem is also increasing.
  14. I know now, this is who I am meant to be- a truly successful person.
  15. From this moment, I choose to be a successful person till the rest of my life.

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