There are times when you’re wishing for something to happen and everything that you do revolves around that one wish of yours. The law of attraction is a notion that a person’s beliefs can alter the experiences they have. So if you have positive thinking, you’re bound to experience positive things in life and vice versa.

manifest with the law of attraction

The fundamental meaning behind this law of attraction is that the magnetic powers of the universe draw similar energies together. Therefore, if you wish to achieve something, then it is better to have a positive attitude about it to attract a similar kind of energy. You can practice certain law of attraction exercises, anywhere you go, to help you get the universe and its energy on your side.

  1. Focus Wheel

Focus Wheels are a great way to recognise all the good things you have going on that somehow positively alters your belief system. This will help you acknowledge all the things you love, no matter how small they are. Start by drawing a circle and dividing that circle into 12 equal parts. Now throughout the day, in each part, write about something you love.

  1. Affirmations

Affirmations are easy and quick to do. You can build up your whole aura just by practising a couple of your affirmations during lunch breaks, at home when you’re free, or while driving your car. You can do them anywhere!

  1. Meditation

When you want to achieve something but you feel worked up to do anything about it, then it’s time for you to hit snooze on everything else and take out 5 minutes for meditation. You’re focusing on your breathing while doing this so it enables you to feel more relaxed and calm so you can have a much better thought process.

  1. Positive List

Listing down things that give you hope, happiness, and satisfaction is going to make you look at life better while also ensure a positive attitude. You can easily get your journal or notepad out and write down all the positive things; this can be any event or a gesture that someone did for you.

  1. Dream Board

Take out printouts of things that are linked to your dreams and goals. Put them up on a board and hang it somewhere you can see it every day so you can visualize your dream board!

  1. Expressing Gratitude

It is important to be grateful to others and note them down in your journal to make you realize how lucky you are. If you’re not keen on writing, then before going to sleep, think of all the good things people do for you and be grateful to them.

  1. Visualize Your Goal

Dream boards are one way of visualizing your goals, but you can make do without them as well. Just close your eyes and imagine what you wish to achieve. This will put you in a better headspace.

The law of attraction only works if you do so it’s important to follow certain Law Of Attraction Exercises that will help you keep a positive outlook in life and help you achieve great things!


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