The 55×5 Method Materializing Formula is breaking the internet!

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With success tales appearing everywhere from around the world, this strategy has actually become one of the most significant discussion beginners amongst manifestation and law of attraction communities everyday it is simply put blowing up the internet, with people telling of tales of untold wealth and untold success and people finally manifesting using the law of attraction and this 55×5 method!

What’s even more, the results have actually been impressive people all other the world have shouted this is the new law of attraction method that actually works!

But what is the 55×5 Manifestation Formula and how do you utilise it effectively like all these success stories and is at easy as everyone says??

This post intends to respond to all of your questions and to help put you on path with your wishes, fast in fact in just 5 days or less!!


You should be this is going to blow your mind!

So what Is The 55×5 Manifesting Formula and how do you use the 55×5 Method?

The 55×5 Method is about creating a certain wish 55 times for 5 days in a row thats it you simply write down your wish or desire 55 times other 5 days in a row.

Basically, this approach is a restructuring system for the subconscious mind to deeply implant your desire and re affirm it and raise your vibration everyday to what it is you desire..

The suggestion is to change your subconscious assumed patterns over 5 consecutive days to make sure that your ideas make a straight link with the energetic frequency of your wishes to basically raise your vibration and deeply implant into your sub conscious mind your wish or desire 55 times!

Simply put …

Everything is power … Power is everything

We are frequently releasing energetic vibrations through our thoughts, feelings, and actions everyday wherever we know it or not it just happens.

Whenever we generate thoughts that match the vibration of our wishes …

The “like attracts like” aspect kicks in.

This is how the law of attraction and the 55×5 method works.

The 55×5 Method is most likely to function directly on the subconscious mind which is where we send out to the universe what we truly desire and in return the universe sends us back.

For that reason, it’s a brilliant system or device for adjusting our vibrations and feelings in order to bring in whatever we desire.

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Just how Do You Use The 55×5 Method?


1.) Choose An Affirmation or desire you want

The magic behind this whole procedure all boils down to one single affirmation or desire you want to happen in your life.

Have a good think about what it is you truly desire this needs to come from the heart, not just i want some more money etc …

What is it specifically that you are manifesting?

Here are some suggestions for picking a powerful affirmation.


Try not to make it too long a single sentence will do.
Pick something that thrills you it needs to excite you everyday and fill you with passion.
Always produce affirmations in the present tense so “I own” “I have”
Inject some appreciation, so thankyou for the thousand of pounds I earn every day etc

The idea is to word your affirmation as if your wish has actually already shown up in your world not that its going to turn up.

Below are some examples of what i use each and everyday.

I am so happy and grateful to have made $10,000 this week.
I am so happy and  grateful to be driving my brand-new dream Ferrari.
I am so happy and grateful to be able to go on exotic far flung 5 start holidays whenever i want.
I am so happy and grateful to have finally met the love of my life and we now have a great life together.

Make your affirmation long enough to be detailed but brief to be conveniently etched into the subconscious mind easily and for you to remember it daily for 5 days.

The subconscious mind stops developing at 7 years old and consequently, it requires to be educated without the overload of way too much information it needs to be nurtured but given short enough instructions for it not to be confused.

It’s also a great suggestion to base your affirmation around something that truly thrills you something that really excites you, something that gets you up in the morning and puts a smile on your face!

This way, you are not just fulfilling the vibration of your need on a mental level but also on an emotional degree as well once we get that right magical amazing things start to happen to our lives.

Both elements are necessary for total vibrational alignment with your wish and your deep desire.

2.) Write Out Your Affirmation

Once you have picked the ideal affirmation for you and your desires, start to write it out on a paper or in a manifestation journal somewhere where it can be accessed easily.

But wait there’s even more …

Certainly, this technique wouldn’t be called the 55×5 Method formula for nothing right?

The secret sauce behind this symptom ritual is that you require to compose it out …

55 times yes 55 times …

Everyday …

For 5 consecutive days.

Thats why its called the 55×5 Method 🙂

Now, that may seem like a whole lot of work and effort to do every day, yet when your wish starts to show up, you’ll rejoice you did it and trust me it will but you have to stick to it!


When writing out your affirmation, attempt to remain in the present tense for as long as possible writing from a place like its already happened will bring it faster to you.

If your mind starts to stray, that’s ok but try and bring it back to your affirmation writing process. Dont forget to also write it in a state of gratitude “thank you” writing in this state will allow the universe to send you your desires faster than you ever thought possible.

Sometimes it can be practical to shout the affirmation out loud as you are composing it when you first start and this will be a quicker way to get in the state of that feeling.

3.) Let It Go.

After each day of writing, let your affirmation go, dont think about it or try to bring it into your life any faster as this believe it or not has negative consequences also for you.

Set it and then forget it.

Spending extra time obsessing over the affirmation or desire pondering over when you may obtain it, could, in fact, be hazardous to the whole manifestation process….so simply set and forget it.

Think of it …

How many times have you considered something you wanted so bad, just to be given a sensation of longing or absence?

This feeling you have is actually a negative one and the universe as we know …… Like attracts like so it will send you more of this longing and absence feeling.

You might acknowledge those feelings as a mild distress or a distressed feeling in the pit of your belly …

These feelings are often called “Limiting Ideas” and also can influence your manifestation in a negative way.

Keep in mind, like draws in like, so whatever emotions you give off to the universe, you will certainly attract right back right into your life.

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Instead, turn your interest to something that makes you happy and grateful …

Things like, Friends, family, excellent book a walk with nature can be excellent ways to raise your vibration and release your manifestation to the universe. You have told it what you desire and now you are happy the universe sees this and send back more of what makes you happy, guess what thats your affirmation!

Exactly how Does The 55 × 5 Manifesting Idea work?

The idea behind the 55 × 5 method is to reprogram the subconscious mind in order to make a specific energised match with your wishes. Its as simple as that.

Affirmations are widely made use of for this very outcome and in the law of attraction affirmations are a vital peace of how the whole system works.

The distinction with the 55 × 5 method and its approach is that you are truly harnessing in on the power of repetition, as well as making use of the esoteric power of the number 5 and all that this holds for you.

Why “55 × 5” Specifically?

The numbers “5” as well as “55” hold spiritual significance and also have been picked to be the amplifiers for this method with good reason they are very powerful in the world of law of attraction.

The number 5 in numerology indicates realignment, change, and new beginnings.

For that reason, whenever you try something brand-new, you are taking advantage of this very energy using 5 every time uses this amazing power to manifest what you want.

The number 5 contacts a quantum jump to realign you and put your life or what you desire on a new path to whatever it is you affirmed.

It is symbolic of both improvement as well as development as well as new beginnings.

This new course is where your desires come to be reality where what you put in place start to come into form.

Number 55 in numerology is all about personal power.

This signifies the power you hold within to transform your life 55 is a power number for you, as a result, reaching a better, much more plentiful and also more joyous variation of yourself with the number 55.

In stating that …

Many individuals do use the 55 × 5 manifesting formula with great results in every area of there life, if they want a change or something new to appear into there life they simply pull out and use this 55×5 method.

If you feel you are too hectic to write down 55 times your desires or the affirmation, then you could try the 33 × 3 technique…

This variation allows you to compose your affirmation 33 times a day over a duration of 3 days which might suit or be better suited to you. The 55×5 method can seem daunting to start with and as we have said in many other articles always start small build confidence, see the law of attraction working first then build to higher planes test yourself more.

But when first stating do not worry about how small just get started manifesting, when you first manifest something into your life it really will be a an amazing feeling of wow this works!

Do I have To Write My Affirmation 55 Times In One Sitting?


If you split up your 55 × 5 method over the course of the day, it’s not going to work it has to be down at once and the best time to do it is always first thing when you first wake up. This is when your mind is most alert ready for new information ready to act on the new day.

The act of doing other and other again and again is what strengthens the affirmation within the subconscious mind and raises .

It might feel like a whole lot but it’s actually absolutely nothing in contrast to what you stand to acquire the new life you COULD attract into form….

Just think about this for a minute is a new house or that new car or that extra money that can transform your life really to much to do this 5 times? Come on really….By saying to yourself and the universe this is to much work guess what?

You are telling the universe that all these things dont actually mean that much to me because if they did you would go other and even kill for them (well maybe not but you get my point)

Can You Use A Computer For Your Affirmations?

You can howeve

The problem with inputting your affirmation is that it can be extremely simple to lose emphasis..

The vital component to the 55 × 5 technique is to be present is to be there when you write your mind stays so much longer in the present typing on keys you can easily lose thought.

You can not be present if your thinking what you could have for supper that evening or how your sports team are going to get on tonight.

By writing your affirmation down on paper, you truly devote to being within the process …Your mind fully focuses on the present the writing of the word is so much more powerful than the typing of a word.

Putting your very own individual touch right into every letter as you write each letter and word your mind is in the present to make sure the word you write or letter is that letter.

An additional reason that writing transcends is that it’s a somewhat slower process than keying on average will take you twice as long but this is better as again it allows you to be present in the manifestation process and think about every word you write deeply …

This permits your subconscious mind even more time to embrace your statement and affirmation instead of hurrying via it just to toss it apart 5 minutes later this is why writing it is key.

Can I Use This To Manifest More Than One thing At a Time?

You can, however it will no where near be as effective as just focusing on one thing, again as your focus will be taken from this desire right to next desire and this again will confuse you and allow you to wain..

This comes back to the whole thought of making sure you treat your subconscious mind as if it were a kid as we said it was formed when you where one.

Same as you wouldn’t give a 7-year-old lot and lots of guidelines at once because we all know if we did the outcome would not be great…Same with our subconscious mind now treat it like a kid.

If you want powerful and also quick outcomes, always pick one manifestation at a time you ant to happen, it will also be fast and quicker to present itself into form doing it like this.

Wait there is also a massive advantage to you manifesting one thing at a time and its this …

Manifesting one thing at once enables you to quickly start ticking your wish list off and all thats on it, so lets say start with that new car, or even better start smaller. How about manifesting an extra $200 for that new dress or new shoes?

With each desire that shows up dont forget your faith and strength in the law of attraction will grow and grow so always start small and start with one desire and then go from there.

So as your confidence grows, so will certainly the strength behind your ability to manifest will grown and your faith in the law of attraction and the power that it holds is true.

Before you know it, you will certainly be drawing in also your greatest wishes, faster than ever using the 55×5 method and harnessing the power of the law of attraction.

What If My Desire Shows Up Prior To Day 5?


If your what you put out to the universe shows up before day 5, keep choosing the 55×5 Method anyhow.

Typically when the universe supplies, it supplies large and fast whatever you want to manifest..

Just have a look about at some of the success stories online and you will see just how many individuals are declaring to have actually obtained their needs along with so much a lot more.

Dedicate to the full 5 days to guarantee you obtain every little thing that you are intended to even if you think you have manifested what it is you desired stick to the 5 days as the universe might have something which it has not yet sent you which is actually  massive part of the wish dont forget the 55×5 Method can either work now or even faster.

Suppose My Desire Hasn’t Manifested By Day 5 Using the 55×5 Method?

If you reach day 5 and also your wish still hasn’t shown up, do not stress, do not worry as we said before you will then start sending this emotion straight back to the universe.

Instead, let it go!

nothing will ever appear out of thin air it may take time to manifest or appear but just know the universe is sorting it for you.

When making use of the Law of Attraction you should constantly keep in mind that we are functioning within the lines of this physical measurement, this meaning whatever it is we want to manifest into form into this reality needs to take time to form, nothing just appears out of thin air.

There is no magic smoke or hocus pocus in the Law of attraction or the 55×5 Method, it is real and its bring things into this reality so will need time and sometimes for you to let it go and believe that it will happen.

This is necessary, especially when you are looking to manifest huge goals and desires like huge sums of money or a multi million pound business. We all know this does not happen over night so we need to let the law of attraction do its work and the universe.

You might not have your desire straight before you but you have certainly re-aligned yourself to be on path with getting to that goal, that is key for the universe and law of attraction have set out the path and what needs to happen for your desire to come into form thats what matters in this..

Don’t lose time troubling or feeling defeated as this will certainly destroy the objective of the workout once you start to feel these feelings or emotions quickly change them as we said like attracts like so feeling of “not going to happen” will simply tel the universe to send you more of these feelings!

Instead, let it go and trust the universe that it knows what its doing and will send you what it is you desire and have affirmed each day for the last 5 days!

Your job now is to focus on things that make you happy things that bring you joy because when your in a joyous state the thing you want to attract will appear.

The most important job you have to manifest what you want now is raise your vibration..

Watch out for signs and also synchronicity, so if you wanted to manifest a car watch out cause i bet you will now see that car everywhere! Its the law of attraction putting things in place and telling you its working and that thing is coming to you.

What Should I Do Once I Have Finished The 55×5 Method?

There is no right or wrong thing do once you have ended the 55×5 method but there are a few things you could think about doing to not only increase the power but to manifest other things into to your life.

What I do is use the manifestation letter mode. Simply put you right down all your affirmations that you have used the 55×5 method then simply place them in a sealed envelope then place that envelope somewhere safe. I put in under my pillow. That way it is held close to me and what i desire most in my life remains in the present with me everyday.

Yet once again, it’s everything about what reverberates best with you … What do you think will work best in your life. Nothing is wrong everyone is different.

The option is distinctly your own.

When Is The Very Best Time To Do The 55 × 5 Manifesting Formula?

Once again, this is your choice, but for me I always do it first thing as soon as I get up. Why? First thing in the morning your ready for the day so why set out an intention first thing that you want to attract this into your life? Surely this is the best time so for me its always first thing.

Do something that enables you to set as well as forget … So maybe just before you shower or eat or that first coffee.

Following up with some light meditation can be particularly valuable since it permits you to be more open and attract and manifest more from the universe..

Reflection is the process of being deeply present within yourself.

It uses a time to shut down from emitting any type of kind of power and also merely obtain so using mediation with the 55×5 Method is a great way to supercharge it.

Whether that reception occurs as peace, clarity or motivated guidance, symptom is always intensified when followed up by spending time within the receptive setting so always be of gratitude when using the 55×5 Method

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