What is the most effective manifestation techniques?

Abundance is all around you. It is just a matter of what are you focusing on. If you want to attract abundance in every aspect of your life, then stay with us till the end of this article, and you will get a few tips&tricks for this using Manifestation techniques that are so easy!

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But, before we give you those Manifestation techniques, we would like to talk to you about something. If you have started with working on yourself, then maybe sometimes, you are wondering about many questions related to that. Maybe you are wondering how did you start with this journey, how did you get the inspiration for that, why these cognitions came to you, what is the difference between you and some other people who are not working on themselves. How can you accept all this Law of Attraction knowledge, how can you raise your vibration to the level where you can get clear signs that you are on the right path, etc. If you are wondering about that, you will get the answer right now. All of these things have happened to you because your primary desire was to get that knowledge.

It is because deep down, you don’t want to attract all the material abundance, love, relations, health, etc. Just to be clear, you do want to attract all those things, but that wasn’t your primary desire. Your primary desire was to get knowledge. And because that was your primary desire, that’s why you will be successful in attracting all the other things. By working on yourself and raising your vibration, you will get exactly all the things that you want to get. And when you know, you will get the wisdom too. And without wisdom, you don’t need money, you don’t need love, you don’t need anything, because all of that means nothing if you don’t know how to handle it.


Now you know that you do have the knowledge and you do have the wisdom. But, in this life, we are learning new things every day. That’s why, today we will learn new techniques for manifesting an abundance of money, abundance of love, an abundance of health, abundance of happiness, etc.

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Visualization Imagine Your Dream Life Now!

Many people have a problem with the visualization where they need to imagine something happening in their life. They do everything that creative visualization wants them to do- they close their eyes, they paint a picture of some situation, but simply, they can’t identify with that. It is like a situation in that visualization is happening to someone else.

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Simply, they can’t achieve the emotion of being in that situation. And we already know that, if we want to use the power of creative visualization, emotion is a crucial thing there. The emotion that we feel gives us the vibration. Vibration can be high if we are feeling positive emotions and it can be low if we are feeling something that we don’t like. Depending on our emotions, the Universe is sending us more and more of the things that are on the same vibration as we are. So, for many people, it is hard to feel like they have won the lottery, that they have an abundance of money. That they have found the love of their life, that they are living the abundance of love, that they feel great regarding their body, that they are experiencing the abundance of health, etc. You can apply this to every life aspect. So, if you are having challenges like these, if it is hard for you too to experience this while visualizing, we have some good news for you- this can be changed.


If putting yourself in various situations in the visualization is hard for you, here it is what you should do. The next time when you visualize, don’t visualize like you are experiencing some situation for the first time. Visualize like you are remembering like you are thinking about some situation that you have already experienced. For us, it is not so hard to remind yourself about our ex-love experience, about those times when we were perfectly healthy, about that one time when we had money.

the best way to visualiseSo we suggest that you visualize as you are reminding yourself of some emotion, of some specific emotion that you would like to create and manifest into your future. This technique will give you great results, just test it. You can also “remind yourself” about the things that didn’t happen to you, ever. Just visualize yourself remembering something that you want to manifest, no matter if that happened or not.


Now, we will give you an example so you could understand it better. If you want to create and manifest a new apartment, here it is what you should do. You should, in your visualization, imagine that you have already had an apartment, in the past. Ask yourself how did you feel then, when you had an apartment like that? Remind yourself of the feeling that you had when you first time entered that apartment. Remind yourself how you felt while you were decorating that place, etc. So, no matter if that happened or not, visualize yourself remembering that once, you’ve had the thing that you want to create and manifest in your reality now. If you want to attract a love partner, you can do the same thing.

Visualize yourself remembering how wonderful it used to be, when you were in love, when you two spent time together, when you watched movies, when you went for those long walks while holding hands, etc. No matter if that happened or not. You can apply this technique to every aspect of your life where you want to create and manifest abundance. You just need to put some time and a bit of effort there, and the results won’t be missing. Test it!

In Another Parallel Reality You Already Live Your Dream Life!

The second of the Manifestation techniques is related to a parallel reality. At this moment, you are not living just one reality. At this moment, you are living a few parallel realities. So, let’s suppose that you want to create and manifest something, in this and to this reality. Manifestation techniques like this one are vital to bring into your life what you want.


Now, you should know one thing. In another parallel reality of yours, you are already living the thing that you want to manifest to this reality. In that other parallel reality, you already have that thing that you want to attract and experience in this one. In that reality, you have already created and manifested that specific thing. But, in this reality, you haven’t done it yes. So what do you need to do so you can create and manifest that thing in this reality?

You need to feel like you would feel if you’ve had that thing. You need to raise your vibration to attract that thing. But, if it is hard for you to do that, if it is hard for you to understand, how would you feel if you’ve already had that thing, then, do this: imagine yourself in that other parallel reality where you already have that thing. Imagine yourself in that other parallel reality where you have already created and manifested that thing. Imagine not how would you feel if you were there but how do you feel now, while you are there. How do you feel in that parallel reality where you have already attracted, created and manifested that thing.

Let’s explain this with the same example- with manifesting your ideal apartment. So, here it is what should you do. You don’t need to imagine how you will feel after you manifest that apartment, no. You need to think about how you feel right now, in that other parallel reality. Because right now, in that other parallel reality, you already have your ideal apartment. Think about how do you feel in that other parallel reality where you already have that apartment. While you do that, in that same moment, in this reality right here and right now, you can feel the emotions of that other parallel reality. Now and here, you can feel the thrill, the excitement, the happiness for manifesting that apartment.

Start Living In your Parallel World!

So, with thinking about the other parallel reality, you are raising your vibration in this reality. And the Universe reacts to your vibration by sending you more and more things on that same vibration, right now, to this reality. So, you don’t have to imagine how would you feel if you’ve had something. Instead of that, you can imagine how you are feeling right now, in the other parallel reality of yours, because there you have already manifested the specific thing that you want to attract to this reality. The parallel reality technique can be applied to all the other segments of your life. For example, if you want to attract the ideal love partner to this reality, here it is what you should do. You should focus on yourself right now, in that other parallel reality where you are already in an ideal love relationship. Observe yourself. How are you feeling there? You already have it. What do you do with your partner?

manifest your dreamsHow do you feel now, when you are with your partner? Experience all the things that you already have there. You can do the same with the field of financials. What are you doing there, in that other parallel reality, with all that money that you have there? On what are you spending that money? What are you buying? Think about all those things. How do you feel there, now when you have an abundance of money? This is one of the best Manifestation techniques you can do right now.

You are focusing on yourself in that other parallel reality and at the same time, in this reality, you are vibrating like you have it all here. The Universe can’t tell the difference, the Universe only reacts to your emotions and your vibration. Be smart, and take advantage of that. What are you doing in that parallel reality where you are completely healthy? How do you feel? Where are you going? What you are talking about? From the moment you focus on that parallel reality, the change in this reality starts happening. Test these Manifestation techniques, too.

Of course, we shouldn’t forget the other important Manifestation techniques such as meditation, creative visualization, and affirmations. These three techniques are the starting point for every successful Law of Attraction Journey. In all those techniques, it is important that you feel the emotions that will help raise your vibration. And let’s not forget the significance of gratitude. You need to count your blessings every day, even dough, you may think that you don’t have anything to be grateful for, at this point.

Mediate, Affirmations There is EVEN more take a look around!

That is a mistake You have the roof over your head, you have clean and dry clothes, you have water to drink, at least one meal a day. You have at least one person in your life to be thankful for.  And there is so much more than “just” that to be thankful for. The Universe loves grateful people. When you thank every day, the Universe reacts to your gratitude by sending you more and more things to be thankful for.Manifestation Techniques For Manifesting Abundance into your life

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So that’s why it would be great if you can use another technique for manifesting things into your life and that technique is called “The gratitude journal”. You can take a notebook in which you could write down all the things you are grateful for. And we suggest that you do that every day. Soon enough, you will be amazed by the list and we are sure that in the next few days there will be even more things to write on that list. Also, you can use a technique called “The Affirmation journal”. Do the same thing- every day write down your affirmation, the affirmations that resonate with you, and the affirmations that will help you in raising your vibration.

After all, all you need to do is to raise your vibration with the help of those Manifestation techniques. Because when your vibration is high, the manifestations are guaranteed.

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