How can you attract financial abundance into your reality?

The answer is- with the help of your high vibration. But, this is not as simple as it seems, but we will give you a more detailed explanation so it becomes simple to you.

manifest with the law of attraction

One of the greatest illusions that people have is that „there is not enough money for everyone“. Money enters into every pore of life. Money can harm health, money can harm life relations, money can harm family relations, money can enter into education, etc. Lack of money can often be the cause of your bad behaviour towards someone. Worrying about the money and the fact that you can’t afford something that you want or need can harm any aspect of your life. That is because when you don’t have enough money for something when you worry about money- your vibration is low on the emotional scale. When you have some kind of resistance to money, your reality will show you that.unblock financial abundance

If you want to change your beliefs about the money, then you need to overthrow the illusions that you have about money. One of these illusions is that money and spirituality don’t go together. Why is this illusion created? It’s because of religion. There you can see that the ones who live the abundance, those who don’t pay the taxes, those who don’t have to worry about the money- those same people are telling you that you need to be humble, that you need to be modest. If you want to experience financial abundance, then you need to remove this belief because if you act according to this, then you will continue to block the flow of money.

Your beliefs are how you unblock financial abundance?

Instead of this, you can turn to those who are living financial abundance, observe them, and let them become your example. Observe what the people who are living financial abundance say. You can hear them saying that they deserve abundance, that there is enough money for everyone, that you need to give if you want to get. If you observe this, you can see that those same people are constantly showing you that it is possible to have more than enough money and at the same time to remain spiritual, happy and at peace. They are showing you that it is possible to be in order with giving and receiving money.

Now, ask yourself, what is your opinion on the money. Do you feel like you deserve to have money or you think that you don’t deserve it? You can use all of the Law of Attraction methods for attracting money, but, if your deep belief is that you don’t deserve to live financial abundance- you will witness that. That’s why it is so important that you are honest at yourself. And, if you have a deep negative belief about money, you need to change that. How can you change your beliefs? With constant repeating of affirmations. Affirmations are sentences that can help you change your deepest beliefs. If you repeat them enough amount of time, then they will become your belief.

Attract financial abundanceAsk yourself, why you think that you don’t deserve to live financial abundance? Probably that’s because in your childhood and later through your life, you adopted the belief that only bad people have the money, that money doesn’t grow on a tree, that you must work hard if you want to be rich, etc. That’s why you’ve created some kind of a negative attitude because deep down you don’t want to become that person.

When you understand, and when you turn to the people who are living financial abundance and they still are wonderful people, then you will easily start with changing your negative belief and you will start to believe that you too deserve to have money.

What Belief around money is holding you back?

Another negative belief that is stopping you from living financial abundance is the belief that „there isn’t enough money for everyone“. There is enough money for everyone, but the world tried to convince us to the opposite.

So, how can you change your belief and your vibration about the money?

First of all, open up yourself for the fact that your resistance towards money is your defense mechanism. Ask yourself and be honest, what would you do right now if you receive the amount of million dollars? Would you say „I don’t want this money“? Or, you would jump how happy you are? It is not important what would you do with that money, it is just a matter of the emotion you would feel with the cognition that you won that money. Now, you can probably understand that you spend time lying to yourself with sentences such as „Damn money“, „I don’t want the money“, „Having a lot of money can cause dissatisfaction“, etc. Now, you know that having a lot of money is not such a bad thing.

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Now, after you’ve removed the negative belief about the money, you can start raising your vibration. The easiest way to do that is by using the Law of Attraction methods.

The most common one is „The check from the Universe“. This is a simple thing to do. All you need is a piece of paper. On that piece of paper, you need to write down your name as a person who is the owner. You need to write down the amount of money that you want to attract and you need to put the date of that check. After you’ve done that, put down the check from the Universe in your wallet and expect the miracle to happen.

Another interesting method for attracting money is „I can afford it, but I choose not to“. This is a kind of creative visualization. All you need to do is to go to a shopping center for example. Look at the clothes, try on some shoes. While you do that, say to yourself „I can afford it, but I won’t do it now, I don’t need this right now“. This will raise your vibration, the Universe will react to your vibration because the Universe doesn’t know the difference between imagination and reality.

Use the power of visualization, use the affirmations and soon enough, you will attract more and more money into your everyday life.

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