The Law of Attraction says that whatever you want to manifest in your real life, you can do it if you use some of many Law of Attraction tools, techniques, or methods. In case you want to attract a love partner, your “soulmate”, your “significant other”, or whatever you want to name that special someone, you can attract and manifest that by using Meditation, Gratitude, Visualization. But, the fastest way for attracting and manifesting love is definitely by using positive affirmations for Love and happiness. 

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To make this process easier for you, we’ve collected a list of 31 best Affirmations for attracting and manifesting the love of your dreams! Your only job is to take a few minutes every day and repeat these affirmations. Make sure, that while repeating these sentences, you need to feel the emotion. You need to believe in these sentences. In the beginning, it may seem hard, but, after a few days, you will be able to sense the emotion.


And once you feel the emotions, your vibration will start to grow. When you spend enough time feeling good and vibrating high, the Universe will send you your love partner! So using affirmations is an amazing way for you to bring closer the universe to bring you more love. So use these Positive Affirmations For Love each and everyday and you will start to find more chances and more occasions of love coming to you!

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31 Positive Affirmations For Love And Happiness


  1. I choose to love myself first. 
  2. Self-love is the first step in finding the love of my dreams, and that’s why I choose to love and appreciate myself. 
  3. I love who I am. 
  4. I love how I look. 
  5. I love the person that I’ve become. 
  6. I forgive myself everything because forgiveness is also a part of love. 
  7. How well does it feel to feel this love for me!
  8. The more I love myself, the more I love the others. 
  9. I am ready to allow love to enter my life.
  10. Now, when I know how much I love myself, I know that I can give the same amount of love to somebody else. 
  11. I am allowing the love partner to enter my life. 
  12. I know that my next love partner will come into my life at the best possible moment. 
  13. I know that my next love partner will be my reflection in the mirror. 
  14. I know that my next love partner will have the same characteristics as me. 
  15. I know that my next love partner will give to me the same amount of love as I will give to him. 
  16. I know, that all those past relationships happened for some reason, and I am not having any negative emotions regarding my past love life. 
  17. I know that if all those negative love experiences didn’t happen, I wouldn’t be the person that I am today. 
  18. I know that if all those negative love experiences didn’t happen, my ideal love partner wouldn’t show up. 
  19. Now, I am completely ready to meet the love of my life. 
  20. Now, I am allowing that special someone to appear. 
  21. I am finally ready to love and to be loved. 
  22. I am ready to be the best love partner in the world!
  23. I am ready to enter into a love relationship with the best person for me!
  24. Deep down, I always knew that I deserve true love!
  25. Maybe, during the past, I had doubts that I will be completely satisfied with my love life. 
  26. But today, all my doubts regarding love have disappeared. 
  27. Today, I know that I deserve unconditional love. 
  28. Today, I know and I feel that unconditional love is real, because I live that unconditional love. 
  29. How well does it feel to have this kind of love!
  30. I Am allowing my next love partner to make me the happiest person on earth. 
  31. I am allowing love to stay with us for our whole life!


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