It is a common belief that the theme of our today’s article mostly connected to women. But, as we know, men are also having the challenge of losing weight. So, today’s topic is how can you achieve your ideal body weight, how can you be satisfied with yourself, how can you Manifest weight loss and is all that possible? If you are in Vortex, if you modify your beliefs, and if you bring yourself high on the emotional guidance scale, the answer is yes. Like all other things in your life, you can manifest complete success in this field, too.

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In the beginning, we will give you one fact- you, by yourself are deciding how you will look. When we talk about your body appearance, you are in charge. Not genetics, not your metabolism, not your nutrition. You, with your thoughts and beliefs, you with your words and your works, you are creating and manifesting the look of your body.


If you think that this is not true, just ask yourself now, do you maybe know some person who eats whatever he wants to eat and at the same time that person is not getting fat? Be honest with yourself. You probably know at least one such person.


Many people with some overweight use the defence mechanism and they protect themselves thinking that there is nothing wrong with being fat. Of course, that is not wrong, but, ask yourself, can you be truly and be completely happy with being overweight? Can you be completely happy when you can’t put on those favourite jeans? If you are hiding with clothes some part on your body, can you be completely happy and can you be the best version of yourself? I think that we will agree here that it is extremely important to look after your own body because your body is given to you and you can observe it like it is a temple that you need to take care of.


If you want to lose that extra weight and Manifest weight loss, then you need to create a belief that it is possible to lose weight and that you can Manifest weight loss. That is the starting point in this process. If you are here, reading these lines, then, even if you doubt this works, somewhere deep down you know that it is possible, you know that you can do it, you know you can Manifest weight loss.


Why are people getting fat? It is because of their deep beliefs and because of the things they are focusing on. How many times a day you say to yourself and you think that you are fat? How many times do you eat something, and you feel the guilt because of it? That is making you fat… That is helping you gain weight.


As we said before, do you know a person who can eat enormous amounts of food and not get fat? What is that person saying? Just listen to what that person is saying. You can hear that person sentences such as „ I can’t get fat“, „ No matter what I eat, I can’t gain weight“. That is that person’s story. So now we come to the method called „Tell the new story“. You can apply this method to every aspect of your life.


When you are in Vortex, you don’t need to exercise, you don’t need to go on a diet, you don’t need to do anything and yet- you can lose weight. How? With changing your beliefs. And how can you do that? With the power of meditation, creative visualization, and affirmations.



Meditation for losing weight


Now, we will give you a short meditation to Manifest weight loss. You can ask for somebody to read this meditation to you so you could listen to it with your eyes closed, or, if you want, you can just read these lines by yourself and do your best to imagine that you are in this situation. This meditation will help you with your vibration your vibration will become a handsome person, a person with a great body and great high self-confidence. The vibration of the person who is in love with herself and loves herself. A person that loves herself and adores her own body. When you begin to vibrate like this, the pounds will melt themselves, because the Universe sends to you things you vibrate. So, let’s do this guided meditation for weight loss and gaining self- confidence.o

For starters, lie down, whatever you prefer. Make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed. Breathe through your nose deeply, and slowly. You can breathe through your nose and exhale through the mouth, or you can inhale and exhale through the nose. Now imagine that you are in a beautiful garden, the garden of your dreams. Sun is shining in the way you can enjoy it. It is not too hot outside. It is ideal weather, ideal, so you can stand in the Sun and you can now absorb its rays. A light breeze cools you. Now, sit on a bench. Observe the environment, there are lots of benches and you are free to choose the one that suits you the most. You can walk a little further to some benches or you can choose one of these, which is located a few feet away from you. Now, you have chosen the perfect place to settle. Just look at this beautiful environment around you and enjoy it for a moment. Just sit, relax and enjoy. Suddenly, you hear laughter. But the joyful laughter. You see someone coming now to you. Two people are walking towards you. They talk, they laugh. They are in a great mood. And they come closer and closer to you. Their energy somehow overtakes you, you cannot resist these beautiful feelings that the two are spreading to you, more and more. And when they get close enough, you suddenly see that one of the two people – is you! It’s you. But with the kind of body you desire. That is why you’re smiling! That’s why you are so joyful. And therefore, that is why you expand so much positive energy. You have the body you have always dreamed about. The body you once could only dream about. But now you see, it’s possible! It is possible to have such a great body. You now have the body you always wanted! Look at yourself. Just stop for a moment and observe yourself and your own body. How do you look? But even more important than how you look, look how happy you are, how satisfied and fulfilled! You now enjoy your life more than ever. Now, you are not afraid, you have no fears as before. Now, you live fully and you enjoy life to the fullest, without any restrictions and any sense of shame and embarrassment. Just look, what you’re wearing? Short shorts and a tank top? How does that suit you? Earlier before,you would not allow yourself to wear clothes like this. Look at how you are relaxed now. Look how much confidence you have. Look at this body you have now and observe what kind of person are you now, with the body you’ve always imagined it was yours. Look at your hands, look at your feet. Look at your buttocks, your waistline. Just look at this beautiful face. Your breasts. You look so good right now! You simply cannot believe that you see yourself the way you’ve always wanted to look! And now, you are sure that you will look like that! It is possible! See how you feel while watching yourself with the body that you’ve always wanted to have. See that your smile. See your movements, they are full of self- confidence.It feels good to be in that kind of body. Aren’t you just beautiful?  

Let this meditation be your guide to get a body you have always wanted.

Now, breathe in, and breathe out because the meditation part is over. Now, you can slowly go back to this article because now we will give you a few positive affirmations which can be very helpful in changing your deepest beliefs on losing weight. Affirmations, as you know, are a very powerful tool. If you use them wisely, if you repeat them every day, soon enough, they will have a positive effect on your deep beliefs. Soon enough, your negative beliefs on losing weight will be transformed into positive ones.



Weight loss affirmations to Manifest weight loss: 


“The peace that I feel in my mind reflects on my body.

I choose to have a healthy and good looking body.

Having a healthy and good looking body comes naturally to me.

The older I get, the better my external look is.

I choose to be satisfied when I look at myself in the mirror.

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I am a complete person and that means that I am satisfied with my body appearance, too.

I choose to get rid of all the fat stock that I kept in my body.

I know that I am safe without that extra fat.

With every glass of water that I drink, I am helping the fat from my body to melt faster.

With every glass of fresh lemon juice that I drink, I am helping the fat from my body to melt faster.

Day by day I am getting thinner and thinner.

I am losing this extra weight without any effort.

As I am losing this extra weight, my self-confidence is growing.

I deserve to be happy with my body weight.

I no longer have the urge to the worthless food that just gives me the extra weight.

My body understands that it is ok to have a healthy and good looking body.

My body and my mind are working together in this process of me losing weight. “


Besides meditation and affirmations to Manifest weight loss, you can also use the power of creative visualization to Manifest weight loss. It is pretty simple. You just need to close your eyes and release your imagination. If we are talking about losing your weight, you can imagine yourself standing on the measuring scale. You can imagine the number on the scale smaller than the real number now. But, if you still have a deep belief that you “can’t lose so much weight in such a short period”, then we suggest that you lower the number on that scale, little by little. If, for example, now you have 290 pounds, it is hard for you that you believe, even in your visualization, that you now have 130. It is just hard for your mind to accept that and you can’t resonate with that. But, if in your first visualization you imagine that you have 270 pounds, that is more expectable to your mind. And in your second visualization you can lower the number at 260, etc. Go little by little because then you will get better results.


And while you meditate, while you affirm and while you visualize, remember, the Universe doesn’t know the difference if something is real or is it just your imagination. The only thing that the Universe does is that he reacts to your vibration. With your deepest beliefs and with your thoughts, you are causing yourself emotions. Emotions can be good or bad, or if it’s easier for you to understand, emotions can make you feel good or bad. When you feel bad, you are vibrating low. When you are feeling good, your vibration is rising. And the Universe always reacts to your emotions and sends you everything on that same vibration.

So, if you want to look good and Manifest weight loss then you first need to feel like you are already satisfied with how your body looks. You first need to behave and vibrate like a handsome person without weight loss. And then those extra pounds will start to melt. You first need to be something if you want to attract that thing. Remember, everything is possible!

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