What is Visualization what are the best visualisation exercises and visualization techniques? 


Visualization is one of the most powerful techniques for creating and manifesting the life of your dreams! Visualization is extremely important because using this technique is not just going to help you to attract and manifest desired things. You will get an extra benefit- with using the Visualization, you will get the cognition that everything you want, you want it just because of one important reason. And that reason is to get the emotion of happiness. We all tend to attract different things because we think that when we succeed in attracting that thing, that is when we are going to become happy. 

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How can you apply Visualization Exercises successfully?


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But, Visualization is showing us that we should live this life vice versa. Visualization is showing you that you first need to be happy, and then all the desired things will start appearing in your real life. It sounds complicated, but it isn’t. The rule of a successful Visualization is that after we succeed in experiencing the emotion of happiness, the emotion of already having the wanted things, that is when we will attract and manifest those things. How can we do that? Well, we have a wonderful tool inside of us- we all have imagination. We simply need to close our eyes, to think about the things we want to attract, and to experience the emotion of having those things. For example, if you don’t have a partner at the moment if you are not in a relationship, and you want to change that situation, here it is what you should do. Just close your eyes, and imagine the partner you want to manifest. Think about your ideal partner: how does he look, what is he wearing, think about his smell, think about his kisses, think about you two spending time together…Allow yourself to paint a picture of a situation you would like to experience and feel the emotion of living that situation in your reality. In those moments, while you visualize the desired things, if you succeed in experiencing the emotion, you are vibrating like you already have that in your life. Why is that important? It is because the Universe never knows is something happening in your real life or you are experiencing that thing in your imagination. The only thing that the Universe gets from you is your vibration– the vibration of having or not having something. The moment Universe gets the information that you already have something, he sends you more and more things that are making you feel the same way. So no matter what it is that you want to attract and manifest, it is enough that you visualize that thing and to sense the emotion of having that thing. The rest is not your job, the rest of the job is something that the Universe will do.


Give yourself some time and exercise the Visualization


Can you attract and manifest somethings with the Visualization right away? Well, some people can, but many of us need some time. Don’t force yourself to Visualize if you don’t feel well, don’t be bad at yourself if you spend three days Visualizing without results. It takes time for everything, nothing can be done overnight. Allow yourself some time and exercise visualizing. Visualize every day! Visualize until you succeed in attracting and manifesting the desired things. You will surely attract the things you want, just don’t be frustrated if you have to wait for a little while. The essence of a successful Visualization is that you feel good while you do that. With feeling positive emotions and sensations, you are allowing your vibration to move upper on the emotional guidance scale. On another hand, if you are experiencing negative frustrations, if your focus is on the lack of the desired things, then you are getting away from the fulfillment of your desires. Be patient, visualize whenever you can, and raise your vibration.

Use the power of Visualization and attract anything you want!



Can you attract a specific thing with the Visualization? Of course, you can attract anything you want! Literally, anything you think about, you can copy that thing, that situation, that experience into your life. While you visualize, you are sending a clear picture to the Universe of the things that you want to attract and manifest. The more detailed you are in your visualization, the clearer picture will be sent to the Universe. So, while you visualize, no matter what it is that you want to attract, feel free to imagine everything, from the biggest to the smallest details.


Choose your favorite Visualization technique!


There are so many ways for using the Visualization. Some people like to visualize alone, without any help, just with closing their eyes. And that is ok. But, some other people require help when it comes to Visualization. That’s why we’ve collected a few Visualization techniques for you. You can test them all and see which one gives you the best results.


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Visualize with Meditation


Can you do the Visualization while you Meditate? Absolutely! In most of the Guided Meditations, there is a part of Visualization. And what is the main purpose of every Meditation? Complete relaxation of body and mind. When you are completely relaxed, your vibration is high. And that’s the best starting point, visualizing from a high vibration.


Visualize with Creative Visualization


The most common visualizing technique is the Creative Visualization of course. This technique means that you are, by yourself, determining the Visualization. It means that you, with your eyes closed, are thinking about the things you would like to attract and manifest, about the things that you want to experience in your real life. In Creative Visualization, your imagination is unlimited. You are free to think about anything you want. During the Creative Visualization, you are experiencing in your imagination all the things that you would like to experience in your everyday life. And while you think about those things, you are feeling good, and your vibration is going upper. Being able to sense the emotions during your Visualization is the most important thing that is going to bring you the results.


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The Power of visualization with Affirmations


You don’t need to close your eyes if you want to Visualize, you can do that with your eyes open too. How? Well, with writing down the affirmations. Affirmations such as “ I choose to earn a lot of money”, “I am ready to meet the love of my life”, etc, are the things that are raising your vibration instantly. Those statements are “forcing” you to picture yourself in those situations. You see when you say “ I am ready to meet the love of my life”, from the moment you say that, your brain is picturing that situation. You are thinking to yourself that meeting the love of your life is something that is going to bring you happiness. And the moment you say that your vibration starts to grow. And you know what is happening when your vibration is high. The Universe brings you experiences that are causing the same feelings. So don’t limit yourself to Visualize only with your eyes closes. Use the Affirmations and Visualize with them.



Visualize with Vision Board


We are creating and manifesting with the help of our focus. If we focus on negative things, we will keep attracting and manifesting negative things. If we focus on positive things, if we choose to focus on the things that we want to attract- we will attract and manifest those things. That’s why we can create our personalized Vision Board. Vision Board is the board, the piece of paper with our dreams, wishes, desires. The point of the Vision Board is to put there all the things that we want to attract and manifest, all the things that we want to experience. For example, if you want to travel somewhere, you can put the pictures of that place on your Vision Board. You can add details such as the airplane ticket for that specific country, the landmarks of the specific city you want to visit, etc. The more detailed you are with creating your Vision Board, the better. You need to find suitable pictures, suitable quotes. Feel free to add many, many details for every wish you have. Add things related to every field of your life where you want to see the change. Add details related to your love life, your health, your friends, your job, your earnings…You can put anything you want, there are no limits. And after you are done with creating your Vision Board, put that board somewhere where you will able to look at it during the day. The details from the board will find their place in your mind, without forcing. Unconsciously you will start to think about those things, you will think about how nice it would be when all those things manifest into your life. And your vibration will grow, just from an occasional look at your Vision Board. Using visualisation techniques with a vision board really does speed it up.


Visualization Techniques with the Dream Box


The Dream Box is literally that- the box of your dreams, wishes, desires, future experiences. All you need to do is to find an empty box. You can put some nice pictures on that box, or, if you want, you can just write “My Dream Box” on it. After that, take a few pieces of paper and write down all the things that you want to attract and manifest in the future. Feel free to write down anything you want. After all, it is your dream box, you are deciding what it is that you want to put in there. After you are done with writing down the desired things, place all those papers in the box, and put away that box wherever you want, and just forget about those things. By putting your wishes in the box, you are actually “not holding tight to those wishes”. You are telling the Universe that you want those things, but you can live without them. You are telling the Universe that it would be nice to have all those things, but you are “letting them go”, you can live without them. When you are not holding tight to the things, that is when the Universe starts sending them to you, faster than he would send you if you were holding tight to them.

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Test all these Visualization techniques, and choose the one that suits you the most. But, keep in your mind that you shouldn’t visualize if your goal is to attract a specific thing! If your primary Visualization goal is to attract something, then you are vibrating as you don’t have that thing into your life right now. And when you vibrate like you don’t have something, the Universe will keep sending you the experiences that are going to confirm that. If your primary Visualitzaton goal is making yourself feel better, that is when the Universe will start sending you the things that are going to make you feel good, the things that you want to witness in your real life.

If you want to attract something that you don’t have at the moment- you have two options. The first option is that you visualize from the position where you don’t have that specific thing and you desperately want to attract it with your visualization techniques. If you are doing the Visualization with your feeling of not having something, your Visualization won’t be successful. The second option is that you Visualize intending to feel better, to feel good, no matter you don’t have the desired thing. When you do the Visualization from that position, your Visualization will be successful.


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Visualize whatever you want to attract but Visualize it so you could feel better in a moment. Paint a picture of anything you want to attract, and you will see, you will be amazed by the results. And while you Visualize, always keep in your mind that the emotions you are experiencing during the Visualization are the ones that are going to speed up the manifestation of your dreams. 


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