With a single sentence, the power of visual meditation can be summarized using these visualization exercises.

Visualize all that you desire, see it, feel it, have faith in it. Make your mental blueprint and begin to build.”

-Robert Collier

You must have heard of the ancient saying, “the body won’t reach where the mind is yet to reach.” Our subconscious mind isn’t capable of differentiating between reality and imagination. Thus, if you tender a realistic image to your subconscious mind, it will believe in this image and search for possible ways to bring it to pass. Afterward, it will utilize its creative force to bring to manifestation.

When you visualize something clearly, your subconscious mind adopts the image as a map to direct you to that visualized goal of yours. The ideal way to practice the visualization exercises is by doing it in the form of meditation.

The visual imagery meditation

Visual imagery meditation is just about picturing a situation in your mind, similar to a daydream, and picturing yourself as being a part of it. To get the best outcome, you have to ensure that all your sense participates in this exercise. The law of attraction will be quite effective for you if you incorporate the visual imagery exercise into your daily routine.

Step 1: Determining what you want

To ensure that the visualization exercises is very effective, you have to know what you need in your life. Get a lucid picture of whatever it is that you desire, after that, ask yourself certain questions as regards why you want that which you desire.

If what you want is a house close to the beach, picture how big it should be, the number of bedrooms it should have, etc. Ensure that you remain very specific.

Step 2: Get ready for visual meditation

Now that you know what you want, it is time to begin the journey towards manifestation. Send a huge chunk of your time getting ready for the meditation exercise. It will make you more accustomed to the practice.

You can perform the meditation visualization exercises anytime you like, but one thing you must know is that the best times for meditation is on an empty stomach (or near-empty stomach) before you have breakfast or dinner. Wear comfortable cloth and meditate in a quiet environment.


Step 3: The journey to visual meditation

Create a posture you are comfortable with; you can either choose to sit or lie down. Relax and let your mind be pacified. Now, shut your eyes and inhale deeply. While you take in oxygen, let your abdomen expand outward. As you exhale, let your stomach sink while ensuring that your stomach is stationary. Continue inhaling and exhaling deeply; do this for some time. Afterward, breathe normally. Now, picture yourself journeying into your future. Clearly imagine who you will be in the future. Picture your dream coming to pass. Imagine your desired professional life. Imagine all that you want and make it as real as possible. Spend about ten minutes, picturing your future life.


Step 4: Bringing the visual meditation to an end

When you want to bring your visual meditation to an end, be aware that it is going to end soon. Make sure you don’t rush things simply because it is time to end the exercise. If you make the mistake of rushing out of the meditation, your perfectly good meditation may end up being ruined. Take some time to move slowly from a meditative state to an awakened state. Now, move your concentration inward to outward. Regain consciousness of your environment. Slowly and gently move your upper body, head, shoulder, performing a seated twist of some kind. Now, open your eyes.


Through visualization exercises meditation, imagery is a powerful tool for manifestation; sometimes, you may not see the result immediately. If you feel that your progress is being hindered, don’t give up! Instead, continue the practice, and in time, you will experience the changes you have craved for.

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