One of the most interesting themes for everyone- is of course money. Before we even start with this theme, here it is what you should do- ask yourself, at this very moment, and be honest when answering: do you already have some negative emotions when you just think about money? Do you think that money is the source of evil, do you think that only „bad“ people are rich, do you think about how unfair it is that you struggle so much to earn money and somebody else has it just because he was born in a wealthy family, etc? So, in these first minutes of reading this article, you can see your deep beliefs related to money. We need to sort this before we talk about the law of attraction money affirmations.

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Everybody wants to live a life full of abundance. Our life is meant to be a life full of the abundance of every kind. But, what is abundance in your definition? For you, what does it mean to live a life full of abundance? For many people, it is related only to money. But, that is not what abundance represents. The definition of abundance is: doing the things that you love, whenever you want. Living a life full of abundance is precisely that. Have you found the word „money“ in this definition? Well, that is the point. The abundance means to be happy. The abundance means that you can fulfill all your wishes and desires.

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Some of you will agree with this definition, but, there is another question here. For example, if your wish is to travel the world, and you can’t do that right now, that means that you are not living the abundance, because you don’t have the money to afford that trip. Well, this is true, but, aks yourself now, who tought you that money can prevent you in your intention to travel? Who taught you that you need the money in order to travel? All the programs that we’ve adopted from our early childhood, all the deepest beliefs are saying that travelling without money is impossible.

So, probably, these „wrong “, beliefs related to money are convincing you that you can’t achieve this goal without money. The good news here is that those negative beliefs can be transformed into positive ones. How you may wonder? With the help of affirmations, of course.

The „wrong“ law of attraction money affirmations that many people use every day is „I need to have the money to achieve something“.

To help you change this affirmation, we are going to tell you a story of one young photographer who traveled the world. This girl affirmed with a sentence „If life is an abundance, then I want to travel whenever I want, wherever I want“. Everybody told her that she can’t do that, that there is no chance for that, that she will not succeed with her dream. But, she knew how the Universe is functioning and she knew how important is to keep affirming. She knew that money is energy and that money comes fast when you are following your passion. The money comes fast when you are doing the things that you enjoy. She used law of attraction money affirmations every day and she traveled the world, the incredible opportunities were opening up for her. She said, „I will travel and the money won’t stop me in my intention to live my passion“. She went to a certain Airline, and she asked for free plane tickets. She said that she will, in return, do the promotion of that Airline, for free. And she got a positive answer from that Airline. She began traveling all over the world, and soon enough, that became her real job. Not only that she got free plane tickets, but she got free accommodations in the best hotels, and soon after that, she got the money too. Now, she gets paid for traveling the world. And she attracted the job of her dreams just because she knew how important is to affirm.

Observe the richest people, what do they all have in common? And we are not talking here about the criminals, about corrupt politicians, thieves. We are not talking about the people who became rich in an immoral way. We are talking about the people who earned a lot of money fairly. So, who are the people who are earning the most? Football players, for example. They are earning millions of dollars, monthly. How are they earning? By kicking the ball, by doing the things that they love. Football players know- they know that you need to be who you are. They know that you must follow your dreams, that you must do the things that you enjoy doing- then, the results will come. Who else earns a lot of money? Famous musicians. What do they do? They „just“ sing or play an instrument. But, while they are  „just“ doing that, at the same time, they are also following their dreams, they are enjoying while they are doing that. And that’s why the Universe keeps sending them money.

The person who is following passion has the biggest chance to earn big money. Because it is all energy- the thing that you are giving is getting back at you.  So, all you need to do is to use affirmations and to dare to live your passion.

You are not different from the people that are earning lots of money. The only difference between you and them is that they have already used the affirmations in the past, and you are just about to start. But, if you practice writing down, or saying out loud the affirmations every day, you don’t need to worry because the result will be the same- you will also attract money into your life.

While choosing the affirmation, important is that you chose the ones that are making you feel good. It is important to choose the ones that are causing you to feel the positive emotions, the law of attraction money affirmations that resonate with your inner being. Affirmation is nothing but a positive statement of the thing that you want to witness in your real life. You can observe the affirmation as a prayer if it is easier for you to understand it. By repeating this „prayer“ every day, you will cause two positive consequences- you will feel better at that very moment, and you will slowly start to modify your negative beliefs related to money.

While writing down these law of attraction money affirmations, or saying out loud, you must cause the emotion. Don’t just pass over them mechanically because if you don’t cause the emotion, then the affirmation won’t have any effect.

Now, we will give you a few law of attraction money affirmations which can be very helpful for you in the process of attracting money into your real life. You can use all of them, you can use only the ones that resonate with your inner being, or, if you prefer, you can modify some of them. The only important thing is that you feel good while using money affirmations.

So let’s start with attracting money to your life, with the help of money affirmations!

65 Positive thinking affirmations for attracting money into your life

  1. I am a magnet for attracting money.
  2. I am earning more and more money, every day.
  3. My money income will be bigger this month, than the last month.
  4. My money income will be bigger this year, than the last year.
  5. I am earning money while doing the things that I love.
  6. I am following my passion, and that’s why I am earning more than enough money.
  7. It feels so good being able to afford all the things that I want.
  8. For me, it is like money is growing on trees.
  9. Wherever I look, I see the money.
  10. Wherever I go, I find the money.
  11. Whatever I do, I get money.
  12. For me, money comes from expected and unexpected sources.
  13. I earn money because I am enjoying my job.
  14. Money gives me positive energy.
  15. The more money I spend, the more money I earn.
  16. I enjoy buying all the things that I want.
  17. It feels so good to finally be able not to worry about the money.
  18. I am spending money on myself, and I am enjoying it.
  19. I am spending money on other people, and I am enjoying it.
  20. Spending money on other people makes me happy.
  21. Paying bills is making me happy.
  22. I am grateful for all the money in my life.
  23. I am grateful for being able to afford all the material things.
  24. I am grateful for being able to help others.
  25. If I want to get money, first I need to give money.
  26. By helping others, more money comes to my life.
  27. I know that I don’t need the money to live a life full of abundance, and that’s why the money keeps coming to me from expected and unexpected sources.
  28. The more money I have, the more free things I get for free.
  29. I know that the money will come to me for the rest of my life, and that’s why I don’t need to save money.
  30. No matter that I know that I don’t have to save the money, my savings are increasing every day.
  31. I have so much money right now.
  32. I have more money than I need.
  33. Financial security is my reality.
  34. Having money gives me positive energy.
  35. Having money makes me a better person.
  36. Having money opens up new possibilities for me.
  37. Oh, how good it feels to have money!
  38. I am opening myself to earning more and more money in the future.
  39. Now I know, there is nothing bad with having a lot of money.
  40. Now I know- money is helping me to become the best version of myself.
  41. Money has a positive effect on every aspect of my life.
  42. Now, when I have money, I am at peace.
  43. I know that my life is full of abundance, and that’s why I am living an abundance of money.
  44. I know that, if I focus on the financial field of my life, I can transfer the positive energy from this field to all the other fields of my life.
  45. When I have an abundance of money, I have an abundance of health.
  46. When I have an abundance of money, I have an abundance of love.
  47. When I have an abundance of money, I have an abundance of joy, peace, and happiness.
  48. The abundance of money is helping me to enjoy my life.
  49. I feel rich.
  50. I love money and money loves me.
  51. Money is one of my best friends.
  52. I am grateful for having money in my everyday life.
  53. At this very moment, I am attracting more money in my life.
  54. New amounts of money are traveling towards me, right now.
  55. It feels so good having more money than I need.
  56. No matter that I have more than enough money, I am ready to receive new amounts of money.
  57. Money is all around me these days.
  58. I am grateful for all the things that I already have, but also I am grateful for all the things that I will get in the future.
  59. My incomes are growing, and growing, and growing.
  60. When I take a look at my wallet, I feel peace and gratitude.
  61. When I take a look at my bank account, I feel peace and gratitude.
  62. I have created so many good things with the money that I have earned, and I will continue with creating good things in the future.
  63. And that’s why the money keeps coming to me.
  64. I am a wealthy child of this wonderful Universe.
  65. And the Universe has decided- I will remain rich forever.

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