The Best 10 Law of attraction books to help you manifest and bring into your life what you want!

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It is true what individuals claim; one of the best things you can do in your life is read, many of the top businessman, teachers and entrepreneurs many of the top entrepreneurs like bill gates read up to 120 books a year!!! Reading and books can hold the response to much of the concerns that we may have regarding life they normally are written to give you the answers and information you need, consisting of those associating with the Law of attraction. If you go with bio you are learning directly from that person how they think and how they might deal with certain situations.


Information on the Law Of attraction as well as its secrets have been around for thousands of years its just not been in plain sights or converted into a format we can understand and take in quickly and use fast for our lives.

They have been hidden as self help guides, tales, sorties from religion and so on. Every one of these valuable vessels of information and teachings all have the same life-altering message. A message that you are the designer of your own cosmos. That you can design your own life, the life you want, and desire is there for you to take each and every day. These tales and scriptures unfortunately where just hard to see however now a few modern day scriptures and teachers have put them all together in formats and books that we can all understand to make the law of attraction a powerful resource.


You will all find in the books below that these modern day teachers never claim to have invented the law of attraction its always been there, as Bob Proctor used to say it’s like the law of gravity its just law.


The Law Of Attraction Books: Where Do I Begin what Is the best Book For Me?

With a lot of publications on the Law of attraction books now readily available in either book form or audible form and even online as webinar classes, you may be asking on your own ‘where do I start?’ what is the best book for me to learn and maybe get started with the law of attraction books.

And yes your right there are a ton of law of attraction books out there that anyone can use to help in there life, there are still just a select few that are without a doubt the very best at exposing the keys of this amazing law of attraction and how you can manifest into your life anything you want or desire and also exactly how it can be used to show up anything that you yearn for.

That’s why we have produced this ‘Leading 10 Law of attraction books list’ to make sure you read the very best Law of attraction books. You might even find a couple of law of attraction books that are completely life-changing– we absolutely really hope so!

Each book below we have read and used and own, so these are our very own reviews of these books not from the publisher but from us.

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The Secret By Rhonda Byrne.the secret book

We have not consisted of ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne (Amazon United States Paperback/ UK Book) in this Law of attraction books checklist as you probably have heard of it already. It is one of the most modern version of to use the law of attraction out there, it was the go getter it introduces millions of people to the law of attraction and still does to this day. It includes a compilation of testimonies and tales that bear witness truth potential that exists within the law of attraction, its has a load of teachers in there all bringing their own unique take on it from preachers to modern day businessman. So if you have not read or watched the movie I suggest you go do that straight away.

My own take on the secret is it is filmed for the masses and need that Hollywood “twist” however it did miss out on a number of things, for me the main thing it missed out on was taking “action” however I still love and watch and read it all the time it really is that good so again if you have not watched or read the secret please go do so you will be glad you did.

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1. “The Secret Law of Attraction: Master the Power of Intention” – Katherine Hurst


The secret law of attractionHave you become aware of the law of attraction recently, but really felt confused about what it means as well as how do I actually use it my life, how do I manifest or bring into form what it is I desire? Have you questioned just how you can use it in everyday life or how do you actually put it to work so say you wanted a new car what actually is it you need to do?


This law of attraction book, “The Secret Law of Attraction: Master the Power of Intention” – Katherine Hurst consists of many sensible tasks and also workouts that you can start utilizing in your life straight away. Every page of this amazing book has the goal of promoting amazing change into your life, enhancing your power as well as aiding you grasp the power of purpose the power to use your incredible mind to bring about the life you truly want and desire along with your true purpose in your life.


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2.” The Power Of Intention”– Dr. Wayne Dyer.

the power of intentionVery popular author as well as motivation audio speaker Dr. Wayne Dyer is somebody we highly advise taking a look at and listening or reading to when search for law of attraction books. Although in this publication words ‘attraction’ they are now replaced, and he uses ‘intention’ the definitions are still the very same he has just decided to make thing different to get you to focus on a different meaning for the same word. The unique style of how this is written has made this law of attraction book end up being a ‘maker’ of your very own universe.

So this law of attraction book is not as main stream as the other books however that does not take away from the fact it is a very good read, simply from his unique writing style and if you get it on audible his unique voice and the way he comes across will mean you will be griped with every word he says.


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Amazon US Kindle UK Kindle.

3. “Wealth Beyond Reason Handbook: Mastering The Law of Attraction” – Bob Doyle.

wealth beyond reason - bob doyleThis amazing law of attraction book ” Wide Range Beyond Reason” was created for those that have a strong desire for Prosperity and to have wealth and more money in there life just by changing a few things it really is only a few things, and best of get the new wealth and money the want to manifest into there life fast. Created with sceptics in mind as lets be honest here the law of attraction for some will just seem like hocus pocus or like dreaming or wishing, yes it is to a point however there is a little more to it, this publication offers you a full understanding of nature’s finest laws, like the law of gravity or like electricity its there and always will be much like the law of attraction it is law, It reveals you exactly just how to actively utilize it in the way you were planned: To produce 100% of your Life experience, specifically as you most passionately need!

So if your looking to better your life, or manifest more money and wealth into your life this book by Bob Doyle is a real winner. I have read this, and I must say it really helped me to use put more proof behind the theory of the law of attraction. Because as humans the more proof we have the more we believe it to work this is in turn creates confidence and then in turn allows you to manifest money faster into your life. So, this is a must for anyone looking at law of attraction books.


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4. “The Science of Getting Rich”– Wallace D Wattles.

the science of getting richThis next law of attraction books title lets ne honest says it all really, the preface to this publication states it all: ‘This book is pragmatical, not philosophical; an useful manual, not a writing upon theories. It is meant for the men and females whose most pressing requirement is to manifest more money, cash or wealth into their life; who wish to get rich first, as well as philosophize afterward’.

As  Direct as well as unbelievably helpful, this easy-to-follow publication which was first published in 1910, is still as prevalent as it was back then, the principles work as well today as they did back then assisted to inspire the contemporary sensation that is ‘The Secret’. It shows viewers how to get over psychological obstacles as well as produce on their own all that they might ever want.

So as the book states “the science” Wallace d Wattles states that to be rich you have the follow the science follow this and you will be rich. So anyone looking to manifest more money must read this book its as simple as that, the writing style is from the early 1900s but is still easy to read and will show you the science to getting rich!

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Amazon United States Kindle Amazon UK Kindle.

5. “Ask And It Is Given”– Esther & Jerry Hicks.

ask and it is given jerry hicksSo this law of attraction book has actually been the ideas behind a number of modern educators and scholars who are helping people use this amazing law.

Although some aspects of this publication have actually been criticised for being a little to impractical and at some point in the book ‘supernatural’, it is however still an amazing book on how to manifest the best wide range, wellness, partnerships, and occupations so  absolutely make this book a worthwhile read for your new aw of attraction library.

Each scholar teacher of this law will have their own take on it and there own way to tach and get through the real secrets to you. This means one book might not be the best fit for you whereas another book will fit your style of ready along with action.


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6.” The Master Key System”– Charles F. Haanel.

the master key systemThis easy to follow book has been designed for anyone to easily grasp the law of attraction Haanel’s ‘The Master Key System’ provides a step-by-step overview on this law using a well written easy to follow plan. It is the detail within the web pages of this book which give extensive instruction on how the amazing law of attraction should be best used, so if you are finally ready to transform your life use this book today! As said its easy writing style and well planned layout using blocks this is so easy to follow along with.



Click to get this publication on:. US Book Amazon UK Paperback. US Kindle UK Kindle.


7. “Be Rich: The Science Of Getting What You Want”– Robert Collier.

science of getting what you wantThis amazing law of attraction book does exactly what it says on the tin, it simply show you in easy to follow steps how to get exactly what you want from life its that simple! Quick easy to read, this book is a amazing pick me and get back on the horse book so when you struggle or just want a simple refresher this mazing little book does exactly what it says and so easily. This book really will put the zing back in your manifesting if at anytime you start to struggle.

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8.” Think and grow rich”– Napoleon Hill.


think and grow richVery first released in 1937, this impressive book has sold in its millions throughout the world and also has been credited to starting the law of attraction and bringing many people into the whole law of attraction scene, we do have a full article on this book here so take a read. So from the title you would think this is just focused as manifesting more money into your life right? No in it the principles that are taught can be used in any area of your life. If you want clear, in-depth directions on just how to live your best life attracting and manifesting everything into it you desire than this really will help you “Whatever the mind can conceive it can achieve.” ~ Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich. Again take a look at our think and grow rich summery here…

Click to buy this publication on:. United States Paperback UK Paperback.

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Amazon United States Kindle Amazon UK Kindle.



9. “As A Man Thinketh”– James Allen.

as a man thinketh james allenThis is a truly amazing example of a law of attraction book that explores the suggestion that we are literally all by-products of our thoughts become things, what we think about we are. This says everything; including our health, finances, partnerships, and joy are completely within our control, get our thoughts right and we control everything.


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10. “Thoughts Are Things”– Prentice Mulford.

thoughts are thingsThis is one of the oldest books that show you how and what is the law of attraction. In this publication, Mulford strengthens the power of idea and also along with covering topics that lots of modern-day LOA books cover such as riches, success, love, and also wellness. Recognizing the power of idea is essential if you intend to create a life on your own that you can be proud of and this is why this publication is not to be missed out on, as it explores a subject and teaching very few of the other LOA books seem to touch. Don’t be fooled by its age too the teaching inside are as good as they where then.

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So there you have it, the very best law of attraction books laid out for you, I would if I was you get all ten but start with one maybe two at the very least to get going with.


So What Next?

So whether you are currently well practiced in the law of attraction  or coming back to freshen up see if you can improve your manifesting skills and attract more into your life faster, remember reading more books and using more tools in the law of attraction can only be good even if its to freshen up but you will always learn something new and as I have said before not everyone is equal some people learn better using a certain person teaching than another one. So, don’t be scared to try them all find what’s fits best into your life and use it.


So when you are looking for a law of attraction book you need to come from an open mind, this can all seem a bit wishy washy but stick with it follow the teachings have faith and it will bring into existence what it is you desire. Even if you do not right away understand everything that you are reading, if you begin your book with an open heart and more importantly and open mind as well as desire to discover new ways of living and enjoying your new found talents to live the greatest life you can then the law of attraction and these books really can help you manifest and bring into form everything that you desire..


Also another great technique you can use to supercharge your results whilst reading these law of action books can be simply by jotting down on paper any ideas that spring into your mind whilst reading them, you will find as you read ideas things will simply pop into your mind so its important that you write these down. Then share it, tell other people how much each book has helped you on your journey with law of attraction and what new ideas and things it has bought into your life! By sharing what you have found out with others, you are not only being generous by aiding other people to transform their life but you are additionally placing the mentors of the Law Of Attraction into play within your own life.


Other time you will find yourself drawn to a certain book or author that resonates with you more than the others that’s fine each is very different and each one has a different way of explaining how the law of attraction work. If you come to have a preferred book make certain to have it accessible in any way times. Nevertheless, you might find that whenever you are beginning to shed your orientation in life or are really feeling a little reduced it could help you to come back on course once more.


So what is your favourite Law of attraction book? Please share your thoughts and referrals with us in the remarks below.

Also don’t forget we have many other tips and techniques that go alongside these 10 amazing law of attraction books, each technique we have hand picked to be a supercharge to the law of attraction and also add some fun and games with it this. As life is meant to be fun why not make it fun and make your life the best it can be?

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