The rule of Cause and Effect or the Law of Cause and Effect is better known as the rule of Karma, or, the Law of Karma. You’ve probably already heard about that thing called „Karma“ as you’ve probably already heard about that wise saying: „ We reap what we sow“. What does it mean? Well, it means that, if you do bad things, bad things will happen to you, and if you do good things, then, the good things will happen to you. And that is all about.

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The Law Of Cause And Effect I.E. The Law of Karma

According to this, we can conclude that every action has its reaction. And at the same time, that means that every cause has its effect, thus the the law of cause and effect.


Why is that happening? Why every action has its reaction, and why every cause has its effect?


Well, on the level of the spiritual energy, at the same time, when you make a certain decision, when you make a certain choice, the effect of that choice, the effect of that decision is happening. It is happening at the same time, on an energetic level. If you want to attract love to your life, if you want to attract abundance, joy, happiness, health, or anything else, then you must, with your decisions and with your choices, sow the seeds of those desired things. If you want to attract love, then you must sow seeds of love. If you want to attract health, then you must sow seeds of health. If you want to attract money, then you must sow seeds of money. And the principle is the same for all the other things that you want to attract to your life- you must sow seeds of all the things that you want to experience, this is how the law of cause and effect works.


Unfortunately, many people often tend to do some repetitive choices and decisions. When we say that, we mean on the various conditioned reflexes that represent our automatic reactions. Very often we are unconscious that we are doing those things, that we are making certain decisions and certain choices. Why is that happening- well there are many reasons for that. From the wrong „programs“ that were implemented into our mind, to the wrong ways of our education, the influence of the society, unconsciousness and the ignorance of the other people, etc. But, the great news is that we can awake that part of ourselves also, and that is what we are going to do right now. With the awakening of that particular part of ourselves, we are going to attract abundance in every field of our life!


So, at this specific moment of your life, at this moment, at this place where you are finding yourself right now, is nothing but the effect of the choices and decisions that you have made during the past. This moment right now, and this place where you are at this moment, is nothing but the effect of your past choices. The cause for this effect is your past choice or your past decision, thus the law of cause and effect.


You, by yourself, know if those choices and decisions were conscious or unconscious. You know did you get more of the good things from those choices and decisions or you’ve got more of the things that you are not happy about. You can see that, of course, if you observe the effects, the consequences of your past choices and decisions.


And here it is, the wonderful news you have all been waiting for: we have been given a magnificent mechanism, which can serve us in making the right choices and the right decisions. And that magnificent mechanism is our heart! That wonderful and magnificent mechanism, which can be observed as a mini-computer of our micro space, which is connected to the big Universe’s computer, and in that way, it functions.


So, before you make any choice for the future before you make any decision, you can ask your own heart, is that a good choice for you, and will it bring only good things for you, and for the ones that are also included in this choice of yours.


This is pretty simple actually. The next time when you have to make a choice, when you have to make some decision, just ask your heart: „Is this going to bring me good? Will this have only positive effects on my life and on the life of other people who are affected by this decision?“


Your heart, that wonderful and magnificent creation that you are carrying with yourself for your whole life, is so much more than just a blood pump. Your heart is functioning in the principle of sensations. The sensations that you are capable of feeling. There are always two sensations. The first one is the sensation of pleasantness. The second one is the sensation of unpleasantness.

You will always, at least in the smallest possible way, feel that dominant sensation- no matter if it is the sensation of pleasantness or the sensation of unpleasantness. One of these two sensations will outweigh.

When you ask the question: „Am I making the right choice?“, you will feel one of these two sensations. Is it bringing you good in the future, is it going to serve to you and the other people, you will know if you ask that question to your heart and you hear the answer.


We often tend to say that our heart is irrational, but, that is not true. Our heart is more precise than any other rational mechanism.

And what is happening with our ex Karmas, with our Karmas from the past? During our life, do we have to pay the debts for the things we have done in our previous lives? Do we have to pay the debts because of the decisions and the choices that we have made in our past lives? How can we reverse that cycle and is that even possible?

We are all aware of the fact that, during the past, we have made some „bad“ choices and „bad“ decisions. No matter of those choices and decisions were conscious or unconscious, we know that it would be better if they were different than they are, this is the main principle of the law of cause and effect.


We won’t get into a religious point of view in which we are, in this life, paying the debts of our ancestors, and the debts from our past lives. Even dough, some people decide to, during this life, pay all the debts from their past lives. There are those people whose main goal in this life is to „clean“ the Karma from the past lives, to make a „fresh start“ for the future generations. That is their choice that is probably the best one that they could make, and it surely serves to them and the future generations.

But, the thing more closer to most of the people is not this way of living. This is a pretty hard choice, a pretty hard way of living and only a small amount of people is willing to decide to live life like this.


There is a way for transformation, for transcendent of the Karmas from the past life that is different than the previous one and that is closer to most of the people. There is a way for transformation, for transcendent on the previous causes and choices, in the way that we can, cleaned from all the effects and negative decisions, move on, right away.


The thing that is important for you to know is that there is not a single debt, that stays „unpaid“, on the level of cosmic energy and the law of cause and effect. That is impossible. Every single debt has to be paid, and there is no other way for that situation. On the level of cosmic energy, the fact that every cause affects is the fact that can’t be refuted. Every debt has to be paid just like every cause has its effect. Simple as that.

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On the spiritual level, where there is no such thing as the time, in the same moment, the energy of cause and the energy of effect is made. At the same moment.

But, you can indeed transform and transcendent that. And we will now explain to you how can you do it. There are two ways to do that.


  1. First of all, you can do it with the help of Meditation. 
  2. And the second way for that is- with serving the other people.


Now, with this cognition, we are getting to the Rule of the pure Potential, also connected with the Law of the Karma and the law of cause and effect, and on the Law of Giving. Those rules, those laws are giving you the instructions for transformation and transcendent the Karmas from your past lives and your past decisions and choices. And those rules are:


  • The rule of Meditation
  • The rule of non-judging the others
  • The rule of serving to the other people


So, if you, from this very moment, start to live in this way, with respecting these rules, you will for sure transform, and transcendent, all of those effects that can come to charge, just because of some „wrong“ choices and decisions that you have made in the past, or your past life. The wrong choices and decisions are there, you can’t just simply delete them. But there is a thing that you can do. You can follow these rules, and you can overcome them and start using the law of cause and effect


So, let’s clear things up here. What it is that you should do?


The rule of Meditation: You can use the power of Meditation first. You can choose the right Meditation for yourself. There are two types- you can choose the Guided Meditation (where you will have guidance, a voice that will guide you), or you can use the Regular Meditation ( where you will be alone with yourself, with your inner being). Depending on your preferences, you can choose the Meditation for yourself. Why is it important that you meditate, and what is the connection with Meditation and cleaning the debts? During the meditation, you are releasing all the programs, beliefs from your conscious and unconscious. You are relaxing, removing all the tensions, all the stress, all the worries, that you’ve been keeping in your mind. During the meditation, you are cleaning your mind and your soul from all the negative things that have been accumulating there from the beginning of your life. At the same time, you are cleaning yourself from all the negative choices and decisions that you’ve made in the past. At the same time, you are forgiving your self for making those negative choices and decisions.


The rule of non-judging the others: Nobody has the right to judge the others, remember that. There is not a single person on this planet whose choices and decisions are without mistakes. The same situation is with you. How can you judge the other people, if you have been making bad choices and mistakes by yourself? Stop observing the other people, stop analyzing their choices and decisions, stop criticizing them, simply, stop judging them! You are in charge only for your life, not for the life of the other people. Pay attention to your choices and decisions because your choices and decisions will affect tomorrow, and not the choices and decisions of some unimportant people.


The rule of serving the other people: From the title of this rule it is pretty clear what is that you have to do. You should be a good person if you want to clear your Karma and if you want to start attracting good things into your life. And here, we are getting back to the beginning of this story. Now, we are getting back to the thing that describes the Law of Cause and Effect the most and that is the sentence: „We reap what we sow“.


The only thing left to say is how we are going into the process of becoming aware of this wonderful rule, this wonderful Law- the Law of Cause and Effect, the Law of Karma. There is just one possible way for that: first, you have to make a decision, that you will, starting from this moment right now, become aware of all of the choices and decisions that you are going to make in the future and that you will ask your heart, every time, is the choice you are making good for you and the others. 

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