Abraham Hicks’ Easy Technique Of Pivoting Will Save You A Lifetime Of Hurt And Struggle!

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Using the law of attraction and keeping your vibration high can be tough by Abraham hicks Pivoting could be the answer to keep you on track and make attracting into your life what you want a breeze!

Do you sometimes see yourself in a specific part of your life and feel down like is this really it is this how my life will be from here on in?

Does anything in your life frustrate you to the point where you find yourself stuck and hate to say it procrastinating, all because you wish your life was better or you where in a better situation?

Perhaps your one of those people who state or affirm to themselves, “I do not want to be obese any longer” or “I wish i was not in debt any longer” or “I want this discomfort to go away.”

The root of your trouble resides within those statements those statements are the reason why things are getting worse for you.
This concern and its treatment is explained completely by Abraham Hicks in his new pivoting technique.

Abraham is an extensively prominent and also revered law of attraction instructor who has actually aided millions of individuals awaken to the fact that the reality we experience is a straight outcome of the thoughts that we think, like attracts like. Abraham Hicks teaches us what we think about or what we propose as a statement is what we actually attract into our lives.

In the book “Cash, and the Law of Attraction: Understanding to Bring In Wide Range, Health, and Joy,” Abraham suggests a task that is so important to use affirmations or statements that are positive and not negative.

Right here’s just how it is clarified by Abraham using his pivoting method:

The law of attraction is clear and precise in what it says: The law states what we think about we attract into our lives. So talking back to the debt situation, if you concentrate and continue to do on on debt you will attract more debt in your life. You need to focus on attracting wealth so that means thinking positive wealth affirmation thoughts.

This implies that the LOA can not distinguish what is right or wrong for you as well as what you want or do not want in your life. It will simply draw in to your life, even more of what your emphasis is on, so if you emphasis is on lack of or debt the LOA states it will attract more of that into your life so that could be more bills etc.

So when you say statement such as or affirmations like “I don’t want to be poor,” you are actually attracting things into your life to make you poorer, as you are putting all your focus on the absence of cash the law of attraction knows know different so attracts more instances of lack of cash.

You can apply this to anything in your life. Attempt to notice your thought patterns regarding what you want or do not want. What you’ll observe is that your focus is usually on the absence of what you desire its just human nature when we have a lack of something in our lives we usually focus on that rather than the abundance of something in our lives– this is why the law of attraction seeks to bring you even more lack of into your life.

To battle this, Abraham recommends a simple process called the pivoting method.

Any time you catch yourself stating or affirming to yourself, “I do not desire this,” purposely see that you are actually focusing on the absence of something in your life. Take a deep breath and say to yourself, alight this is what I do not desire. What is it that I do desire?

So if you catch yourself saying ” why am i so much in debt” swing it around to “How can i make more money today using the amazing opportunities at my disposal”

Doing this will not only change what you are focusing on but more importantly than that is it will certainly also change your vibrational regularity from lack to wealth, as this is vital when your in a vibration of lack you have a lower vibration when you have a vibration of wealth guess what your vibration is higher!

It is a method which will reverse your thought resonance from negative to favourable, making it much easier for you to attract your need rather than even more absence in other words attract what you want instead of what you don’t!

Constantly remember that the law of attraction functions inclusively and also it just interacts with you via vibration. It has no ways of comprehending what you want or do not desire, other than with your vibration. So making sure your vibration is the highest it can be is vital to your success!

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Your vibration and how you feel is always either vibrating at abundance or lack always try to vibrate from the feeling of abundance.
Like draws in like.

So start to attract even more abundance to your life instead of absence by using this straightforward technique called the pivoting method. It will certainly conserve you a lifetime of struggle and confusion.

Remember to makesure your vibrating at the highest level you can.

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