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“Think and grow Rich Summary ”- is this even possible? Is it possible that you become rich just with the power of your thoughts? Well, the man who wrote the book with that title, Napoleon Hill, says that it is possible. And the Law of Attraction says the same thing. This book is based on the Law of the Success, previous work from the same author is published in 1937, but we can confirm that everything that is written in this book can be applied today. You will see it by yourself.

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As the author himself says, this book is based on the experience of those people who have achieved huge things in their lives and who have earned a fortune and became rich. 


The inspiration for this book comes from the, as the author says, “magnificent success formula”, created by Andrew Carnegie, who proved the effectiveness of the formula by observing the richness of the young, successful people to whom he had revealed that formula.

think and grow richWhy is this book so significant? As the author says, in this book you can find the instructions for getting rich. You will find not only the instructions of what you should do to become rich but also the right way of doing those things, you will find out how to do those things. 

Think & Grow Rich is probably THE #1 most famous success book of all time. It was written by Napoleon Hill in 1937 and has sold over 15 million copies.

Napoleon Hill gives us the main principles that we should follow if we want to become rich. And now, we will explain each of those principles.

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14 Principles from “Think and grow Rich Summary ”


So, the author says that if we know the secret, if we just follow these 14 rules, we can become rich using the Think and grow Rich Summary . Those 14 principles are:


  • Thoughts and Things
  • Desire
  • Faith
  • Autosuggestion
  • Specialized Knowledge
  • Imagination
  • Organized Planning
  • Decision
  • Persistence
  • Power of Master Mind
  • The Mystery of Sex Transmutation
  • The Subconscious Mind
  • The Brain
  • The Sixt Sense

Now, we will explain each of those fourteen principles so it will be easy for you to follow them. Let’s begin. This will blow you way as the best Think and grow Rich Summary  around.

  1. “Thoughts and things”

The first Think and grow Rich Summary  is where the author says that the sentence “Thoughts are real” is one universal truth, especially when this sentence is mixed with a certain purpose, perseverance, and desire for achievement. The advice that Hill gives us in this part of the book is the one to “Never give up, just because somebody says NO”. He says that, for achieving success, the only thing that we need is just “one good thought”. “One good thought” is more than enough for achieving success and for growing rich. Regarding the author, whatever a human’s mind is capable of imagining and believe, he is capable of achieving that same thing!


So, if you want to experience wealth, you must think of yourself as a wealthy man. 



  1. “Desire”

Desire is the starting point for every achievement, the first step that a person should make in the process of attracting wealth and becoming rich. Burning desire has a magnificent power to transform into its real manifestation. The author says that he personally believes in the enormous power of desire, mixed with faith because he saw the people who raised from the bottom into the richness with these two things- desire and faith.


You need to develop the desire for being rich.  


  1. “Faith”

The next step into achieving richness- visualization and faith in achievement of the desire. Emotions, mixed with faith, are giving the results right away. In a moment, emotions mixed with faith are creating material manifestations. Nobody is convicted of misery, and that’s why people with faith can experience progress. When you have faith, everything is possible. The ones who are not able to experience true faith don’t need to worry, because faith is a thing that can be caused by using the autosuggestion.


You need to believe that it is possible for you to become rich, no matter what your current situation looks right now. 

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  1. “Autosuggestion”

Or better to say, a method of influencing a subconscious mind. That is a way of communication between a part of the mind where the thoughts are born and that other parts of the mind that is actually a foundation of the operation of the subconscious mind. With dominant thoughts that the person is allowing in the conscious mind, the principle of autosuggestion is reaching his subconscious mind and affects his mind, with the help of those same thoughts.


Keep on repeating to yourself that you are going to become a rich person. 

This is best one from our Think and grow Rich Summary.




  1. “Specialized knowledge”

Your personal experience, observation, and knowledge are the things that are leading you to achieve wealth. Make sure that you educate yourself, that you learn on your examples, and on the examples of the other people. Make sure to learn and implement new things every day.


The more you know, the closer you are to becoming rich.


  1. “Imagination”

 Imagination is your workshop where all your planes are being made. Imagine yourself as a rich person. Think about all the things you would do as a millionaire. Imagine how would you behave, how would you spend your days. While you imagine that, you are causing the emotions. You feel like a rich person. And you are already familiar with the significance of emotions. 


Imagine yourself as a rich person and experience the emotions during the imagination. 


  1. “Organized Planning”

Organized Planning, or “crystallization of desire into action” is the next principle. It means that you should never give up your idea to become rich. Even if your first plan fails, think, and create another plan. But, if your desire is strong enough, you probably already have that in your mind. 


Because, if you want to become rich, then you must have an organized plan for that goal.



  1. “Decision”

One of the most common reasons for failure is the lack of decision. Hesitation, as an opposite to being determent, is an enemy that you must beat if you want to become rich! People who are not capable of earning big amounts of money are people who are making decisions slowly. If you are wondering what is the “right way” for making the decisions, here are the rules: don’t allow the others to affect your decisions, bring your decisions by yourself!


You have your mind, you are capable of making your own decisions, and that is the thing that you should do if you want to grow rich. 


  1. “Persistence”

Being persistent in something is necessary. And the foundation of persistence is your power of will. Most of the people are ready to let go of the goal on the first stumbling block. And very few of them are capable of passing over that obstacle. And that is what it means to be persistent. If you are a person who gives up easily, don’t worry because persistence is a skill that can be learned. Get over your failures. It is ok to fail from time to time.


But, keep your goal in your mind, think about how you are going to succeed and keep doing what you are doing. That is persistence and that persistence of yours is going to lead to achieving wealth!


  1. “Power of Master Mind”

Power has a key role in achieving wealth, in becoming rich. The definition of power can be observed as organized and intelligent, professional knowledge.  Without power, you can’t achieve wealth. And you can’t get power without the Master Mind. Nobody can do that. But if you surround yourself with a group of successful, smart, financially stable people, when you incorporate yourself in that group, when you become “one of them”, you will start to grow your rich.

When you are surrounded by powerful people, then you are also a powerful person. And when you have the power, the financial side starts to grow.


  1. “The Mystery of Sex Transmutation”

So the last principle from our Think and grow Rich Summary  is Transmutation, or to be more clear, the transformation of one element or one energy form into another. What does it mean and why is it so important for rich growth? Because with our sexual energy, we can achieve rich growth. Sexual energy is a state of mind and the transmutation of that energy is pretty simple to achieve. We can easily transfer our mind from the thought about physical to thinking about something else, in this case- earning money. Sexual energy gives us power, creativity, strength, a spectrum of positive and motivational emotions. And we have the power to use all those emotions in another field of our life. Those people who have achieved huge success in many different fields are the people who have highly developed sexual energy. Sexual energy is life energy. And that’s why it is completely understandable why we feel good when our sexual energy is good. Enjoy your sexual energy but keep in your mind that you can use it to gain rich.


When you’re sexual energy is satisfying you are feeling good about yourself, and you are ready for achieving new things and earning more money!

This principle from our Think and grow Rich Summary is by far the best one for everyone 🙂


  1. “The Subconscious Mind”

Your subconscious mind is noticing and arranging every thought that appears. And you should know that you can import any goal, any plan down there in your subconscious. You can’t manage completely with your subconscious, but you can transform it. You can insert there every single wish, desire, goal, or a plan that you want to achieve in your real life. The best way for a conscious transformation of your subconscious is with the power of habit. When you repeat something for enough amount of time, your subconscious absorbs that, and the repeated thing becomes your strong belief. Remember that there are positive emotions and that there are the emotions that you should try to avoid. The positive ones are emotions of faith, love, sex, enthusiasm, falling in love, and the emotion of hope. And the ones that you should try to avoid are the emotions of fear, jealousy, hate, revenge, greed, superstition, and the emotion of anger. Try to import more positive thoughts to your subconscious mind, because positive thoughts are making you feel positive emotions, and the positive emotions are helping you gain rich. The negative emotions that we named here are getting you away from achieving wealth.


So, if you want to grow rich, repeat only the things that will help you to achieve that and make those things a part of your subconscious. 

  1. “The Brain”

The “transmitter” and the “receiver” of your thoughts, that is what your brain is. Your subconscious is the “transmitter” of your brain, and with your subconscious, you are sending vibrations. The creative imagination is the “receiver” that is helping you to receive those thought energies. By using your brain, and with using the brain of the other people (with using the telepathy), you can, in cooperation with the others, manifest wealth.


Use your brain, use the brain of the others, and grow rich!


  1. “The Sixt Sense” 

The Sixth Sence, or, the doors of the wisdom temple. The Sixt Sence is a part of your mind better known as “creative imagination”. It is the “receiver” that helps the ideas, the plans, and the thoughts to appear in your mind. Use the enormous power of your creative imagination and allow yourself to attract wealth.

With smart use of your creative imagination, with smart use of your Sixt Sense, you will grow rich!

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Now, go back to the beginning of this Think and grow Rich Summary, to the place where we named all 14 principles. Do that, ask yourself, and answer honestly, where are you? Are you a person who is “respecting” all fourteen rules? Or you can find yourself in some of them, and you are too far away from some others? If you do want to improve your financial situation, if you want to grow rich, then all fourteen principles must be the principles of your life philosophy. Make sure that you are living by all these rules. As soon as you start doing that, you will notice your rich growth.

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