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Just how to Make Any Desire You Have Come To Life with This Advanced Water Manifestation Strategy


“The only time you fail is when you fall down and stay down.”
― Stephen Richards, Cosmic Ordering: You can be successful

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You have actually most likely wished for something at least once even when your a kid to like Santa or to the higher powers that be for say maybe to get that job or to get the girl.

Some desires and wishes I bet did come true, while others just didn’t turn up or ever arise or did they?

Water Manifestation



You just need to keep this in the back of your mind that the universe is abundant and will serve you for whatever you want or desire, it will manifest what you desire. In order to manifest your desires from the Universe you just need to understand the algorithm as well as physics behind manifestation and how to manifest what you desire into your life, whether it be a new car or house or that dream job.


There are various things you can do to power up the art of manifestation, using affirmations daily, and the law of attraction manifestation methods like these, visualisation, the 55×5 method and others. For some they work like a charm create wonders so fast and your dreams just appear on request, for others they simply fail to bring results this could be due to not knowing what it is you want or being negative or having negative feelings or holding limiting beliefs about what it is you want to attract.

One question still continues and always will around the art of law of attraction. Can i really make it work for me? Will i be able to manifest what it is I desire? what can i do to makesure i attraction to my life what it is i desire using the law of attraction and manifestation.

Make the Law of Attraction work for you!


Years of studying and also practising various manifestation courses and techniques  (e.g. spiritual science Infosomatics, ancient Ukrainian energy-informational system of HEALTH CLUBS, Northern Tradition, Numerology, etc) resulted in the discovery of many different creative visualization and manifestation/meditation strategies. However in this article we are going to focus o one, if you want to try any other please look through the articles we have as there may be another more suited to your style and what it is you want to manifest.


The Law of attraction manifestation technique we are going to focus on today is called the “Glass of Water”. It is based on the fact that water is a powerful energy-conductor and has particular healing attributes to make the law of attraction and manifestation much easier when using it.. In simple terms, this strategy adds a lot of power to your affirmations to you visualisation to your  and aids to program your body towards materializing your dreams, using this water manifestation technique along with other law of attraction techniques aids in getting to your dreams faster and giving you the best chance for the universe to put into form what it is you desire.

Use the Power Of Water Today

To start with the method requires a sheet of paper or a post-it note and a glass of water (preferably good quality water, distilled or cleaned).


Please write down your dream or what it is you desire to manifest with this water manifestation technique that you intend to come to life in a kind of an affirmation.


For instance, if you wish to attract a a new love or a new partner into your life then you must write something like:

“I remain in the best location at the correct time to find and attract the love of my life or that new special someone. I am ready to offer love and also get love into my life. My life is full of interest and love.”

You do not need to use the same words in the affirmation. There are many affirmation check-lists on different subjects mainly of which you can find here just take a look at above menu and search for “affirmations “so when you use this water manifestation technique affirmations are vital to the success of it..

You can simply choose what it is you want to desire your wishes ahead true and also utilise the affirmation that makes you feel the most inside what affirmation grabs you the most.

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This whole procedure may appear silly, nonetheless, your bodies needs to be on a higher level of consciousness you need to vibrate at a higher level. By doing affirmations they will give you the ability to integrate their powers with the job of your brain as well as heart, this will raise your vibration and more importantly interact with your sub conscious  which will give the instructions you require in to order to satisfy your wishes and manifest your desire.


Keep in mind that any type of law of attraction technique like the water manifestation technique or creative visualization is just a design template or a thought-form that allows you to connect to your sub conscious mind, connecting to this level of conscious means you connect directly to the universe, you basically get a direct line to manifestation gods!!. There is no other way for all your manifestation all your self-indulgent desires to come to you. So you must use the water manifestation idea to to get into your sub couscous mind to tell it what you desire so it in turn can connect to the universe.

As stated this all starts with an affirmation so lets start!


After you chose your affirmation (maybe about obtaining a brand-job, obtaining economic independence and even health-related affirmations including weight reduction or a new house or a brand new car that you want to attract) write it down on the sheet of paper or the post-it note and also affix it to the glass of water (bear in mind the explores water conducted by Dr. Masaru Emoto).


You can actually place your glass of water on top of the sheet of paper with the affirmation either work fine and both ideas will bring into thought faster using the water manifestation technique. Do not make the affirmation to long it needs to be catchy something you can simply shout out quickly and also more importantly remember if its to long it will lose its meaning.


The key is your intent as well as your capacity to focus on the state of what your trying to get the affirmation to do, so say for instance i use “success and money comes easily to me” this is easy to remember something which has meaning and every time i see it or say it makes me feel successful and that money easily comes to me.. Have some CONFIDENCE– Feeling As If This Taken place, make sure your affirmation makes you feel alive and happy!

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So now you have done that you will now need to turn on the amazing power in your hands.


One of the easiest methods to do this is to rub your palms together. This simple method turns on the power circulation in your hands the energy that your hands hold (rub it like you mean it though).


Now you need to place your hands or palms around the glass of water like your holding a cup of warm tea on a cold winters day. Some individuals choose touching the glass with their hands, while others are a lot more comfy with having there hands very slightly away from the glass, which provides a chance to really feel the power streaming between their hands of the power they process mixed with the power that the glass of water provides.


So now you have your hands either around the glass or slightly touching it, you know need to State the affirmation with your voice or calmly in your mind (when you say it aloud you actually provide even more power to the affirmation as you whole body and mind then re senate with the affirmation it  flows through the whole of your body).


Now clearly picture the state of being described in the affirmation so if its to be earn more money you would feel like your are worth millions of dollars or to attract that special someone imagine the feeling of being with that person who it makes you feel!


While focusing on sending your power in the direction of the water in the glass between your hands.

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Your power flows where your attention goes put your attention towards your goal in every fibre or being inside you. Therefore, when you concentrate your power on the glass of water while visualizing your dream or what it is you want to manifest into your life and also stating your affirmation loudly to the world and so every cell in your body knows and feels exactly what it wants, you are now putting the building blocks in place for what you wan to manifest for the universe to start to bring that into form into your reality how exciting is that!


Keep in mind, water is a very powerful energy conductor. You can charge the water for as long as you feel comfy, yet do not overdo it (usually, around 2-5 mins is enough). I must also state do not drink the water either that water is your conductor so please don’t drink it.



You can exercise this manifestation technique every morning and/or every evening before you go to sleep. I would always say to use this at its best first thing in the morning when your sub conscious mind is fresh and read yo take in what you put to it.


As you may already recognise, lots of doctors recommendations to consume a minimum of one glass of water every morning after you get up. You can quickly make this “making a dream come true” water manifestation technique a part of your early morning ritual so every time you get up in the morning have a glass of water by your side have your affirmation underneath your glass of water simply put your hands other the glass as above and shout to the world your affirmation what an amazing way to start your day doing nothing extra that you normally do!



If you have more than one wish that you want to become a reality or manifest into your life as I expect you probably do, so to do this is quite simple you simply have extra glasses so say for instance you have three affirmations one for more money one for health and one for a new love in your life, simply have three glasses with all three affirmation placed under the glasses. This is how you can use the water manifestation more than once in one day to manifest more than one thing.



If you want to add even more power to this water manifestation technique, compose the affirmation on the first New Moon of the year and do it for the first 2 weeks each and every day. Around the full moon, you ought to currently see if you are moving in the appropriate direction towards your wish (various other insights, along with innovative sensible expertise on how to enhance your ability to manifest your desires in addition to remain in the energy of an abundant state.


Particular desires might take hours, days, weeks or months. All of it depends on their complexity as well as just how much power you need to manifest them. So if you want to manifest a million dollar company it wont happen in a few hours it will take a few days for the universe to start to show what you need.


The power of your intent and also its synchronicity with what your higher-self wants are the tricks to this water manifestation method. You show the water with your intent and also when you consume the water you have just given all this power to you activate your whole body with that intent, so you have given that water all of this amazing intent of your desire told the universe feel it and want it so bad and then you consume it just to makesure (as you may already recognise the human body has to do with 60-75% water anyway).


After you consume the supercharged water, your physical form obtains that charged water full of the intent of what you desire so if its the new love, your whole body in every cell now has it inside them. It is almost like putting a manifestation compass inside your body and it now getting the co orientates to how to manifest exactly what you want or have the universe now send you exactly what you want. It will lead you towards materializing of your desire if you agree to listen and also act in how the universe tell you this is where you need some belief that it will happen because it really will happen.


Imagination is everything, it is the preview of life’s coming attractions – Albert Einstein.


By guiding your intent and also energy with both your hands in the direction of the water in the glass you centre as well as power up your intention to materialize what you really want the universe to manifest into your life.


Water literally has the power to hold what it is you want manifest in your life its that powerful. You then need consume the water, the energy contained within it spreads out throughout your body and into every cell it fills your whole body with what you want to manifest into your life.


Water is a great element to holding onto the power of thought you give it as well as it is quickly affected by the energy originating from your hands so if your hands are full of positive energy full of positive thoughts and desires it will hold on to this (even if you can not actually feel it or believe it it is there and this does work). If you are new to feeling the energy, do not stress, it will come about in the end you will know what is working and what isn’t. Don’t forget the water manifestation technique is putting the power of your thought and the power of water together to work for you and speed up the manifestation period.


One more essential aspect of this water manifestation technique is to makesure that when using you are true to what it is you actually want, what actually makes you happy.


You need to take full responsibility for your dreams and for the results your thoughts or affirmations would bring into your life.

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What this means is you need to concentrate on abundance not lack of, have faith in the law of attraction have faith that this water manifestation technique works. Without faith in the universe that this will work it simply will not bring into form what it is you actually desire.


Your psychological power state is vital to the success of this powerful indication method. If you are longing for something that you truly need and it will assist you recognise your complete potential then “Glass of Water” manifestation technique can actually speed up the process of emerging the brand-new reality where your dream appears.


So if you are looking to manifest using the law of attraction and have the most abundant life ever whilst putting the law of abundance into practice the water manifestation technique is such an easy thing you can implement into your life today.


I would start by using and trying to manifest small things into existence then getting the confidence to manifest more and more things into reality.


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