Today’s topic is a bit complicated than all the topics we have talked about, regarding the Law of Attraction. Today we will be talking about different, parallel realities, about a thing called “Quantum jumping” and about a new method called the  “Two glass method” also know as the 2 cup method.

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Let’s start then from the beginning, shall we?

When you understand “Parallel realities”, then you can understand that this passes over the levels of superficiality. When you understand that this is quantum physics, you will understand why it is often said: “Act like you already have something if you want to attract that thing.”. When you understand this, you will also understand that you are not “attracting” anything, that “attracting” is just an expression, a term that is used for stepping into a new, different, parallel reality.

We all use the phrases: “Time doesn’t exist.” and “Everything is now.”. But, the people who understand these phrases are rare. Rare are the ones who understand that the past and future life don’t exist. The only thing that exists is “now”. Do you know why? It is because we are living both-past and future lives in our present. Why is this connected with the Law of Attraction and with the vibration? It is because of the Parallel realities.

At this moment, we are living in more different realities. You, in this exact moment, are living a lot of different lives. Many different lives with many different experiences. With different endings.

Let’s observe this with an example. Let’s say that, in one reality, a boy and a girl met and fall in love and got married. In other parallel reality, that boy and that girl have never met each other. In the third parallel reality, a boy and a girl met, but, after short dating, they’ve broken up. In some other parallel reality, that boy got cancer. In one of the realities, he passed away. In some other reality, he recovered. In some other reality, he has never got cancer. And so on, and so on. Do you understand? This is the basis of the two glass method.

There are many parallel realities.

We are choosing in which of the many parallel realities we will enter and we are doing that with our dominant vibration. That’s why vibration is so important.

In one parallel reality, you’ve starved to death. In another, you are a millionaire. It is the question of your vibration in which of these two realities you will enter.

Many people are making fun of the methods that are here to help us to transfer into a different reality. For some reason, people are making fun of the thing where you must leave a room in your closet if you want to attract a partner. Yes, you have to do that, if you want to enter a different parallel reality where you are living together with your partner. If you want to enter into the reality where you are in a relationship, then you must act vibrationally as you already have that.parallel realities

The ones who are making fun of this and who don’t understand this, don’t understand quantum physics and the parallel realities.

“Tell the new story”, “Act as you already have the thing you want”.Why should you do that? Simple, to enter into a new, different, parallel reality.Why should you act like you are in love? To enter into the parallel reality in which you are experiencing love. You’ve got a bad diagnosis? Act like you are healthy! You have to do that if you want to enter into the parallel reality where you have recovered. You can jump from one reality to another in a moment!

The Two Glass Method Or 2 Cup Method Is About Jumping From One To Another…

Although this might seem complicated at first sight, things are pretty simple here. Everything always comes down to a simple answer- go on and raise your vibration. The same thing happens in this story.

So, let’s repeat one more time- at this very moment, we are living in several different parallel realities. If you still don’t quite understand this, let’s explain it with a metaphor. You can observe parallel realities like this: Imagine a TV with many different channels. When you take a TV remote, you can change the program- you can press the Chanel one and you can see one thing on TV. When you press Channel two, that is a completely different thing you can see. But, at the same time- all channels exist, no matter you are watching just one. It is the same with parallel realities. You living one of many parallel realities doesn’t exclude the existence of all the other ones. Your vibration is the “TV remote”. With your vibration, you are choosing the TV channel.

How do you manifest with 2 cupsIf at this very moment, you are not satisfied with your current reality, you must know that another parallel reality where you are satisfied does exist. All you need to do, if you want to witness that other reality, is to “tune in” your vibration to the vibration of that other reality. With your focus, your emotions, and your vibration, you are creating your reality. That is all about.

What is the connection between parallel realities and quantum jumping? How can you jump into another parallel reality? With the change of your beliefs, with the change of your focus, with the change of your thoughts, with the change of your emotions, and with the change of your vibration.

As you can see, the idea of quantum jumping comes from the fact that we are living in a multiverse of parallel universes. No matter these parallel realities have no connection to one another, we can jump from one reality to another. A quantum jump can be made through a kind of handshake through time and space. this We can experience a quantum jump to physically end up in another reality. We can “jump” from one to another place and time.

Let’s explain this observing a possible situation. Let’s say that you are at the moment experiencing the reality where you don’t have money. Then, you are living in a reality where you are without money. And that doesn’t mean that at that same moment, doesn’t exist another parallel reality where you have money. But, how can you jump from one reality to another? How
can you jump from reality where you are experiencing the lack of money to the reality where you are experiencing money abundance?

Well, if you are focusing on that lack of money, if you are constantly thinking about your financial problems, if you are constantly talking about that, if you are constantly feeling bad and vibrating low when you believe that “there is not enough money”, then you can’t jump to that other parallel reality. But, if you move your focus, if you change your beliefs, that will transfer you into a completely different reality.

When you wake up in the morning, start with changing your negative beliefs- affirm by saying all the things that you would like to experience in your reality. You are not lying at yourself, you are creating the life that you want to live. You don’t like living in this reality where you don’t have the money? Change your story, tell a new one.

Affirm with the sentences “Money comes to me from expected and unexpected sources”, “There is enough money for everyone”, “I am a magnet for attracting money”, “I deserve to have money”, etc.

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Soon enough, you will enter into a different parallel reality where you will witness all the things you’ve been saying.

The best proof of the existence of parallel realities is when you lose something. When you lose something and when you just can’t find that thing. You believe that the thing you are searching for is gone. You have entered the reality where that thing is lost. No matter that you know where you have left that specific thing, now that thing is gone, it is no more a part of your reality. After ten, fifteen minutes, or tomorrow, when you change your vibration, you will find that thing right there where you left it! You will find it when you enter into that reality. You are creating your realities with your belief. You are creating your realities with your vibration. You are creating your realities with your focus.

What is the “Two glass method” and how is it connected with parallel realities and quantum jumping?

One of the possible ways to jump from one reality to another is by using a thing called the “Two glass method”. How can you apply this method for your jumping from one reality to another? Easy, but for this method you are gonna need a few things. For this method, you will need, of course, two glasses or 2 cups. You can choose your glasses by yourself, they don’t have to be special, they don’t need to be the same. You will need two pieces of paper- it would be great if it were self-adhesive pieces of paper, but if you don’t have it you can use duck tape to stick that paper to your glass. You will need a pen and of course, the water to fill those glasses.

Before you start with applying the two glass method, take a moment, and think about something you would like to change in your life. It can be anything. For example, if you are a nervous person, and you would like to change that, then use one piece of paper and write down “NERVOUS” and use the other paper and write “RELAXED”. Now, take the first paper and post it to the first glass and do the same with the second paper and the other glass. Fill the first glass with water, the glass with the “NERVOUS” sign on it.

Now take that first glass to your left hand. Feel the glass. Observe it. Read the sign on that glass. How does it make you feel? Now, take the other glass to your right hand. It is much easier holding that other glass, right? Now, it is time to remove the water from the first, “NERVOUS” glass. Pour that water into the other, “RELAXED GLASS”. Now the other glass is full. Take a moment now and think about how nice it would be if you could jump from “NERVOUS” into the “RELAXED” state of mind. Just think about it for a moment. Now take that other glass and drink all of the “relaxation” from it. While you are drinking that “relaxation”, try to experience the gratitude for the possibility of jumping from one reality to a completely new one.

After you are done with drinking the contents from the glass, remove the signs “NERVOUS” and “RELAXED” and throw them away. That’s it. You’ve moved from one reality to a completely new one in a moment.

You can apply the two glass method to anything. If you are alone and you want to be in a relationship, you can write “UNHAPPY IN LOVE” at one glass and “EXPERIENCING THE LOVE OF MY DREAMS” on another. If you want to change your job status, you can write down on one glass “UNEMPLOYED” and “DOING THE BEST JOB EVER” on another. If you have a diagnosis, you can write on the first glass “SICK” and the other “RECOVERED”.

If you are without money, you can write down “LACK OF MONEY” on the first glass and “I AM EXPERIENCING MONEY ABUNDANCE” on another glass. You can apply this method to any field of your life that you want to change.

And remember, if you want to jump from one reality to another, you must pay attention to your focus, your thoughts, your emotions, and your vibration because these things are deciding which of the possible realities you are going to step in.


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