How can you live an abundant life? Is that even possible? If you are at the moment struggling with unpaid bills, if you’ve lost your job, if your family is poo, or if you are dealing with the lack of money, is it possible for you to create and manifest an abundant life?

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Well, it depends.

If you have at least one thing in your life that you are satisfied with, if you have “that one good thing”, then the answer is: YES!

But, on the other hand, if you’re a negative person, who just can’t focus on the good things, who is always focusing on the negative things, then, you must learn how to change your point of view.

Because you are creating your future with your focus, your thoughts, and your beliefs. Your focus, your thoughts, and your beliefs are making you feel good or bad. And the emotions that you are sensing are vibrating, high, or low. When you are vibrating high, you are attracting the desired things. When you are vibrating low, you are getting away from all the things that you wanted to manifest in your reality.

How is this connected with creating and manifesting abundant life? Stay with us, we are going to explain everything.


A common mistake is made when people discuss abundant life. Many people are wrong thinking that abundance is related only to money. Let’s make something clear here. Living an abundant life means that you are living with the money abundance, that is true. But, living abundant life doesn’t mean that you are living only money abundance. Abundance is related to everything. So it is the lack.


You see, everything has two ends. The lack and the abundance. On which end you are going to bee, whether you gonna witness the lack or the abundance of something, well, that depends on your vibration. When you are feeling good and vibrating high, you are placing yourself on the end of abundance. When you are, on another hand, feeling bad and vibrating low, then you are placing yourself on the end of lack. It is pretty simple.


As you can notice, there is no word money in abundant life. And you know why? It is because you don’t want to have the money, you want to manifest the abundance in every possible way, you want to live a truly abundant life. Your desire is not to have the money in the physical sense, to hold it in your hands, to touch it. No. You just want to be free financially. You want to be able to do whatever you want to do, to buy whatever you want to buy, to be able to afford everything to your children, to provide them everything they need. You don’t want to manifest the money, you want to manifest the abundance or feeling of abundance. You want to manifest an abundant life.

But you won’t be successful in manifesting abundant life as long as you think that money is necessary. You must change your belief regarding money, and you must raise your vibration. As soon as you do that, the Universe will give you plenty of that experience. When you open yourself for receiving the abundance, for living a truly abundant life- you will witness that in your reality.


Life and the Universe are full of abundance. People who are not living an abundant life and who vibrate like they don’t have anything, they also testify to the abundance. But it is a different kind of abundance. That is the abundance of not having something they need.


We always have an abundance and that is a fact. The Universe is always supporting us by giving us plenty of our beliefs. Our belief that we don’t have enough of something automatically brings for us an abundance of the things that we don’t have enough.


So, you know that you can manifest abundant life if you succeed in the transformation of your negative belief regarding the abundant life. What is the fastest way for the transformation of your negative beliefs into the positive? Using the Affirmations of course. You are already familiar with the power of Affirmations. But, we must say this one more time- if you want to make the best out of the Affirmations then you must do the following things:


  • You must Affirm every day
  • You must choose the Affirmations that make you feel good
  • You must sense the emotion while Affirming


Now we will give you a few examples of the Affirmations that you can use in order to create and manifest abundant life for yourself. Remember that you can modify some of these affirmations, you can add something and make them your own.


Abundant life Affirmations: 


I am opened to receiving abundance in every form.

The abundance comes to me from expected and unexpected sources and in different forms.

I am ready to live an abundant life.

I know that it is possible to live an abundant life because the people around me are witnessing that kind of life.

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I choose to live a life full of abundance.

I choose to live an abundant life.

In my life, I have an abundance of everything.

In my life, I have an abundance of health, love, power, money, joy, and happiness.

Living an abundant life makes me a happy person.

Living and abundant life make me a better person.

When I am living an abundant life, I have the possibility to help others.

I am happy and grateful for the possibility to live an abundant life.

I feel and I know that I am going to live an abundant life because I deserved it!



Another thing that you can use if you want to create and manifest an abundant life, is another powerful Law of Attraction tool and that is the Visualization. How can you apply the Visualization if you want to create a life full of abundance? Easy, you should to the same thing you are doing when you are visualizing for any other purpose.


Simply, close your eyes and paint a picture of your ideal abundant life. Just relax and imagine how wonderful it feels to experience the abundance in every field of your life. Imagine yourself experiencing an abundance of love. Just imagine yourself spending a lovely time with your friends. Imagine playing with your children. Imagine going for a walk with your parents. Imagine hugging and kissing your partner. Just sense, feel all this love that you are experiencing. You are experiencing abundant life, in your imagination, in your visualization.


The Universe doesn’t know the difference, the Universe can’t tell if something is really happening or it is just your imagination. The Universe can only sense the abundance of love that you are feeling while you are visualizing. And do you know what you will get from the Universe? You will get more and more of the same sensation. Soon enough, you are going to experience love abundance in your real life.


If from several fields of your life (Money, Business, Love, Health, Friends, Family, School,etc.), you are experiencing the abundance just in one field (let’s say in the Love and Relationship field) and you are not satisfied with all the other fields of your life, you can transform all those other fields with the help of your focus, thoughts, emotions, and vibration.

How? Easy!


If you are doing “good” in your Love field, and you are doing “bad” in your Job field, here it is what you should do. You should pay attention and observe your Love field as often as you can. Think about your partner, think about how happy and blessed you are to be in a relationship so wonderful, think about how you love spending time with your partner, think about all the beautiful things you are experiencing in your love field. When you are focusing on the positive stuff that you already have, you are raising your vibration. And soon enough, all the other fields of your life, the fields that you are not completely satisfied with, are absorbing the dominant vibration, the vibration you are focusing the most. Soon enough, the vibration of your Love field is going to transfer on the Job Field, on the Family Field, Money Field, etc.


You just need to pay attention to what you are going to focus on. Because your focus creates your future. Don’t forget that.


“To live an abundant life”, what does it mean? The definition is different for everybody, but there is one thing that is the same. To live an abundant life means doing the thing that you want, whenever you want, with whomever you want. See, again, there is no word “money” here.


Besides the Affirmations and the Visualization, you can also use it, and we suggest that you use the Gratitude. Gratitude is important in raising your vibration and that is why you should practice it every day. This is probably going to be easy for you, giving that we all have so many things to be grateful for. If you don’t think that you have many things to be thankful for, let us just remind you: you have a bed to sleep in, you have water to drink, food to eat, you have arms, legs, eyes, voice, you have at least one friend? And you have so many other things. Just look around yourself, we assure you that you will find at least ten more things to add on this list. The Universe just adores the people who are grateful. When the Universe recognizes your true gratitude, he instantly sends you more and more of the things that are making you feel the same way. And when you have so many things that you are grateful for, well, that means that you are living an abundant life.


When your first association on abundance becomes something else, not just the money, when your first association on abundant life, for example, becomes health, that means that you have understood the true meaning of abundance, the true meaning of living an abundant life.

Do you have the idea of how many people worldwide are having problems with their health? Do you know what would they all tell you? „You are so lucky to be able to live the abundance of health!“ Think about that. And you can do this with every other field of your life. Just focus on the good things in your life and enjoy the abundance of those things. When you have a love partner, remember that somebody else is not that lucky as you are. And do you know what that person would tell you? „Look at him/her, he/she is living the abundance of love!“

And yet, some people are ungrateful and they claim that they are not living an abundant life.

Open yourself for the idea that money is not necessary for experiencing so many wonderful things in life. Open yourself for the idea that wonderful things can happen without the money.

Many people are showing us that nowadays. Just take a look at the bloggers. Can you see how often they travel for free? They are living the abundance of luxury travels without spending the money, so yes, that is possible.

With the help of your focus, your thoughts, your beliefs, your emotions, and your vibrations, you can also experience abundant life.

If you are experiencing a reality where you have no money, then, unfortunately, your definition of abundant life is connected just with having money. And that’s why you are not able to witness money. And that’s why you are not capable of noticing that you are already living an abundant life, in many other fields.

As long as you have blockages, aversion, or some kind of resistance regarding the money, you will not be able to manifest it into your reality.

That’s why we suggest that you use the affirmations, that you visualize and that you exercise the gratitude, to experience the abundance in every field of life. The change of your focus can help you to manifest an abundant life in its fulness.

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