Are you familiar with the scenario where you want something so much and there is no manifestation? Don’t worry, you are not the only one, many people are struggling with that. But, the good news is that you can change this scenario, after all, you are the director of your reality. So what is the best way for writing down your manifestation list, what should you do?

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Well, there are a few important things to remember.


Write your manifestations


First of all, you need to actually write down your wishes, dreams, and manifestations. Not “writing them in your head” but writing them on the piece of paper. That is going to be helpful in achieving emotions. Because you know, when you just think about something that you want to attract, that also causes emotions, but, the “momentum of positive thoughts” lasts much shorter. When you are slowly writing down your desired things on a paper, you are extending the time of that momentum of positive thoughts. And why is that so important? Well, it is because the Universe can only hear your emotions. And the Universe reacts to those emotions. If you spend your time writing all the things that you want to attract, you are helping the Universe to hear from you.


Be precise in writing your manifestations


How can you help the Universe to understand your desired things, loud and clear? Here is another helpful thing. While you are writing your future manifestations, pay attention to what you are writing down. Yes, the Universe is full of the abundance of every kind, and yes you can write down anything that you want to attract, but, you must pay attention how are you constructing your future manifestation. What does that mean? It means that you need to be concrete and precise while writing down your manifestations.

For example, if you want to attract a new trip, it is not enough that you just write “I attract a new trip”. No! Because there are so many different possibilities when you say such a thing and you are actually confusing the Universe by saying something so general. So, what you need to do here? You need to write down as many details as you can, in order to help the Universe to understand you better, to make sure that the Universe knows exactly what to send you. So, you can write something like: “In the Spring od 2020, I attract a 20 day trip to Cuba”. For example. So be concrete and precise, that is one of the most important things when it comes to writing down your manifestation list.


Should you limit yourself when it comes to writing the list of your future manifestations? Absolutely not! This is your list and only you are choosing what you want to put on that list. You can write down absolutely anything- from finding a new job, attracting money, having good health, finding a love partner, becoming pregnant, getting a child. Anything! The Universe is, as already said, full of abundance. The moment when you wish for something, in a parallel reality, you are already living the realization of all those things from your manifestation list. So, what you need to do in order to have the same experience in this reality? Well, after you’ve written the manifestation that you want to experience, you just need to feel good as often as you can. You need to raise your vibration, and when you are high vibrationally, then all the things from the list are going to manifest in your reality.

Use the present time 


What is important to know when it comes to the construction of the manifestations for your manifestation list? It is important that you use the Present Tense. No matter that you want to attract something in your future, you should write the manifestations as they are happening right now. As you are already living all the things that you wrote on your manifestation list. For example, you can write something like: “I use my savings to buy new things”, “I am ready for falling in love”, etc.


Repeat the process of writing down the manifestations


Is it enough to write down the manifestations just once? Well, if your vibration is more often high than low than yes. But many people are dealing with ups and downs when it comes to vibration. It is completely normal that you sometimes feel positive and sometimes negative emotions. With changing your emotions, your vibration is also changing. In order to keep your vibration high, we suggest that you write down your manifestations constantly. Write the manifestations again and again. No matter that your manifestations are unchanged, just copy them. Write the manifestations today, then tomorrow, then the day after tomorrow, etc. This repeating will help you to raise your vibration. And the manifestations will come to your reality when your vibration is high.


Feel free to change manifestations from your list


It is completely normal that you wake up one day wishing for one thing and another day wishing something else. As we change, your goals also change. So, that’s why you are more than welcome to change the things on your manifestation list. But, let’s get something clear here. We are not talking about the complete change of your manifestation. For example, one day you want to become a famous singer, and another day you want to become a doctor.No, we are talking about updating your manifestation list. For example, if your manifestation was related to finding a boyfriend, it is ok that you first write down that you want a man who is smart and intelligent. And when you are updating your manifestation list, it is ok to add that you want that man to be romantic. Do you understand? It is ok to transform the manifestation, to spread the range of that manifestation, but don’t change the manifestation completely. Because that is only going to put the confusion, and the Universe will not know what it is that you want. So feel free to add different things, feel free to add completely new manifestations, transform the old ones, but don’t transform them completely.


The “right” time for writing down the manifestations


Is there a right time for writing down your manifestation list? Yes, there is. Even dough one of the purposes of writing your manifestation list, besides attracting the manifestation into your real life, is making you feel good, it is important to say that you should avoid writing it when you are low on the vibrational scale. What does that mean? Well, it means that in the moments of depression, stress, anxiety, panic, etc, you should avoid writing this list. It is ok to start writing the first manifestation in that mood, but, if you remain feeling like this, we suggest that you leave your list aside, and wait until you feel a bit better. Writing down your manifestation list, when you are vibrating low, won’t get the manifestation to you. Because when you are vibrating low, you are vibrating that you don’t have the thing that you want to manifest. And the Universe listens to your vibration. So, whenever you feel emotions of low vibration, put away your manifestation list, go for a walk, read a book, affirm, meditate, do whatever helps you in raising your vibration. And go back to writing your manifestation list the moment you feel a bit better. It is important that you don’t force yourself into anything. You will do it later, there is no need to rush.

Make sure that your wish for manifesting something from your list isn’t very strong. Observe your manifestation as something that would be nice to have, but, you will be able to live without it. This is important because when you vibrate that you want something so bad, you are at the same time, vibrating that you don’t have that. So, letting go of the thought about your future manifestation is the thing that is going to bring that manifestation in your reality. Wishing, but not needing is the key. You know that the Universe reacts to your thoughts, emotions, and vibrations, so be careful in choosing the vibration you are going to send to the Universe.


Few more important things that you need to keep in your mind if you want to achieve the things from your manifestation list

If you want to experience the manifestations from your list, what should you do to speed up the process? Should you visualize the things that you’ve written on your list, or should you “let go” your wish? We’ll try to explain it now.

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Many people are confused with this because visualization requires your full attention, and “letting go” requires your tranquility, not worrying, and not being focused. So, what should you do? Should you concentrate on the manifestation from your list or should you behave like you don’t need the thing that you put on the list? Is this contradictory?

If you are, while writing down your manifestation list, visualizing, with the main goal to attract that manifestation, then that is contradictory. But, you should know that the goal of visualization is not to attract something. The goal of visualization is to help you feel better and to achieve positive emotions which will help you to put your vibration high on the emotional guidance scale. You should use visualization because visualization will help you to raise your vibration at the moment and to have the experience like you are already having your manifestation in reality. And the highlight is when you understand that you don’t need the achievement of that manifestation.

Why do we all have wishes, dreams, and desires? Why do we want to manifest something into our lives? It is because we think that, when we get something, when we succeed in achieving some manifestation, we think that we will feel better. And when we use the visualization, we are using the shortcut- we feel better before we even manifest the desired thing. And when we feel good, we are vibrating high. And when we vibrate high, when we vibrate as we already have something from our manifestation list, the Universe recognizes our vibration. And what happens next? The Universe gives us more and more of the things that are making us feel the same. Then manifestations just keep coming to our life. So, if we want to attract manifestations, first we need to feel like we already have them. We need to become happy to be happy.

And what about letting go” of your manifestation? For most people, “letting go” is maybe the hardest part of the process of manifestation of desired things. How can you understand how to “let go” something that you wish so bad? You can use any method or technique from the Law of Attraction. You can use the already mentioned visualization, you can use affirmations, and of course, you can use meditation.

If you are dealing with the lack of love, with the lack of health, with the lack of money, etc, you are probably wondering “How can I let go of my wish, when I need this so bad?”. Well, you just think that you need all that. And when you think about it, when you are focusing on the lacks in your life, you are causing yourself to feel negative emotions- dissatisfaction, fear, stress, anxiety, sadness, etc. And when you are feeling these emotions, you are lowering your vibration. And you know what you will get from the Universe as a response- more things that will make you feel the same. So, if you want to let go of your wishes and desires, you need to work on yourself, on your inner being. You need to practice all the methods and techniques that are helping you in raising your vibration. Working on yourself is a job. And you need to work on yourself if you want to experience all the things from your manifestation list. After you succeed in transforming your emotions from negative to positive, you will be amazed at how many manifestations from your list will appear in your reality.

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