Law Of Attraction Games To Manifest Anything

In the amazing game of life, we select our personality, our difficulties, our techniques, and our rewards. Use these law of attraction games below to start to become a manifestation genius.

manifest with the law of attraction

Once you have awakened to your manifestation capabilities, you will start to think that this whole living on earth thing is actually a game … A game that you control a game which just by doing a few simple task you can control your own destiny and have the life you truly want.

This post serves to load your Law of attraction knowledge belt with 7 interesting law of attraction games to begin building your law of attraction manifestation abilities today. You will start to learn how to manifest money and small little things into your life using fun simple games anyone can play

Nevertheless, this life is your game and you have the power to change and have the life look and feel the way you want you are the master of your life and how you want it to play out..

But first we need to cover a few basics so you understand each game and some of the terms and what each game is going to try and bring you when you use of attraction games

Manifestation-Game What Is This game?

Whenever you are trying to manifest something into your life such as money or a car that is a manifestation game..

All the game listed below are more like mini games thou..

The idea is to begin manifesting things you have no attachment to whatsoever so you can start to see the power of the law of attraction …


Due to the fact that when you are beginning the Law of attraction.

Most individuals that think to themselves “I want $12000 now!”, do so with destructive feelings towards that money without them even realising.

Next time you think about something you desire  think about what feelings that brings to you …

Does your heart wish for it?

What about in the pit of your tummy?

If you have observed these or comparable physical signs and symptoms, then you definitely have to play these manifestation games to help you.

You see, feelings plays a huge factor the Law of Attraction and manifesting what you desire..

Like brings in like … Simply put what you concentrate on you manifest.

In other words, sensations should be aligned with your needs in order to manifest an abundant lifestyle.

So how Does Playing these Law of attraction Games Enhance Your Manifestation Chances?

Your link with divine creation resembles a muscle … So imagine your arm muscle…Each time we use it it gets stronger and stranger same with the law of attraction and manifesting what you want into your life. You will start to develop and faith and an underlying belief that this works!

Belief is Knowing!

law of attraction quiz

Manifestation GamesWhen you play these law of attraction games, you start tiny, showing up little things, then build as you build your confidence into larger things.

Gradually, as your belief in the Law of Attraction expands, so does the strength behind your manifestation capabilities.

This increases your power and slowly allows you to manifest a lot larger things into your life with ease. If you start trying to manifest huge dreams and huge desires, the belief that these will actually appear will be small.

Say for instance I wanted 1 million pounds, the belief deep down would be emmm not sure i will ever see this. However trying to manifest $5 seems so much easier so instantly that barrier of doubt is gone!

It all comes back to your feelings as well as the principle of like draws in like. The law of attraction game

These law of attraction games will develop your skills and also educate you to become the manifestation master you were born to be!!

Play them now and as often as you can to manifest and build the life you have always wanted.

7 Enjoyable Law of attraction Games To Enhance Your Manifestation Capabilities using the law of attraction

1.) I Spy

If you ever played the game “I Spy” as a youngster, then  you will love this so its like the household favourite but with a manifestation twist!

Just how to play:

Write down 3 things you desire to see. If you are brand-new to the Law of attraction, keep these 3 items rather simple (you can make them harder as your skills get better and your confidence grows).

Below are some examples:


A blue cars and truck
A white pet cat


A purple car
Green lemons
A white cat in a tree


A purple hatchback
Environment-friendly lemons on a tree
2 white cats playing in the sunlight

Once you have actually listed your three products, do a tiny visualisation for each and every one (about 20 secs per item) visualise seeing it try and feel the feeling of actually seeing it feel excited when you do so.

Lastly, set about your day without any expectation they may pop up.

By the way it can just as easily turn up in the form of conversation or in a youngsters’s storybook and so on does not have to be “real” and in front of you.

When it does, cross it off your list.

When you first try this game you should be able to get through your list within a week or faster….

Time to kick it up a notch with an extra challenging checklist.


2.) The Pocketbook game


This manifestation game was made popular by Abraham Hicks “Ask as well as It is provided”.

It is a powerful manifestation technique as well as a wonderful way to begin bringing even more wealth into your life.

So put a $100 note in your pocket or wallet if you have one (maybe a $20 or $50 yet $100 is ideal if you have it).

Knowing it exists will develop a confidence based, subconscious, affirmation in your mind automatically.

” I have cash in my purse”.

That subconscious thought alone is going to assist building abundance in your life without you even trying!

In this game, you will imagine investing the $100 time and again …

If you see something you want in the window, simply state to yourself “Oh I have cash for that in my wallet”.

Then visualise you own buying the item with the money in your wallet its that simple.

Picture handing over the cash money as well as additionally having the item you want …

Then, picture opening your wallet or purse to discover the $100 once more, its that simple and that easy it works everytime !!

Make this manifestation game a behaviour whenever you see something that you intend to get.

money games

3.) The Imaginary Savings Account


Comparable to the last game, the fictional account is all about manifesting even more money and also wealth and making you believ in every fibre of your being that you have that money.

law of attraction quiz

The rules are that you are to pretend to open a checking account and be your own bank manager.

In the very first month of opening this account, envision on your own depositing $100 or $500 just imagine yourself putting money into this account.

File the deposit on a s spreadsheet or notebook and then start constructing it up.

Every time you do something kind for someone else or you think the hard work you have put in deserves extra money include another $100 to the account and keep building this up it can $20 or even $1000 does not matter its just the case of adding money to this account when you think you deserve it.

Like the pocketbook game, if you see anything you want emotionally withdraw money from your account and envision buying the product.

Exactly how great does it feel to make and invest money like this and be able to buy exactly what you want without fear of loss or wasting money?

Focus on sensations during your visualizations and also you will slowly find yourself materializing more money its just a simple game to get you to think about money differently.


4.) Universal Assistance


This can be a great way to show you and increase your faith in the law of attraction.

Divine intuition is completely non-physical its all about your gut instinct for something.

Signs and synchronicity sent out from the universe could be anything however it will constantly come with a deep, user-friendly, sense of understanding. The universe will tell you and show you what you need to do.

When we materialize things into physical reality, there are physical laws that need to be followed …

For instance:

Manifesting work as an attorney out of thin air would be near impossible.

This is because other individuals have their own manifestations they have physical qualifications and also experience under your belt.

You can still materialize a job as a lawyer yes, but you have to initially ensure that you comply with any type of physical barriers implemented.

If you want to be a F1 driver lets say you wont just materialise a phone call from an F1 team to say Hamilton is sacked and they want you to drive for them! You need to follow the path put in what is needed.

When materializing advice from deep space, there are no physical barriers, the universe will tell you what you need to do, but you need to be able and willing to follow these rules.

For that reason, it’s incredibly simple to start seeing outcomes.

Guidance from the universe could be anything from synchronistic numbers, or even a physical indication … as in a signboard that checks out “You requested for this!” Or a phone call or all of sudden your mind telling you call Paul and then you go arh yes he could help me do X Y or Z the universe will always be working you just need to be open and ready.

The trick is to take advantage of your instinct know when the universe is talking to you.


5.) The Interaction Game.


Most law of attraction games to start seeing your manifestations is by playing the communication game.

This is where you choose a particular person as well as picture of them reaching out to you either by phone email etc.

Whether it’s a text from your crush, or perhaps a phone call from your mother, visualize on your own speaking with that specific person..

You have probebly played this before without even knowing it, where you sit there and start thinking of that person than out the blue they call you and you go wow creepy!

Send out that message to your person in order to draw them onto the exact same vibrational regularity.

Emotionally ask to call as well as visualize them doing so. So if it your mum imagine then picking up the phone and calling you.

Start with people who contact you consistently and slowly use your friends you have not spoken to for a while, ex-partners, or any person rather distant that you could like to speak with again start easy build up the confidence then go harder and harder to build up your confidence and ability as this is a great game and tool to bring into your life what it is you desire.


6.) Checks In The Mail.
Manifestation-Game Another law of attraction games


The biggest mistake people make in terms of money and manifesting more money is the concentrate on the wrong thing, they concentrate on not getting bills or things like that, they should be concentrating on attracting money.

This game is all about developing excitement around opening your bills rather than fear based feeling or bad feeling around bills.Law Of Attraction Games For Manifestation

So from now on if you get what looks like a bill from a utility business or an envelope that looks suspiciously like a bill, visualize that there is a check inside, have feeling of joy around this that inside there is a cheque and you cannot wait to open it and spend whats inside.

Get delighted, celebrate and also develop sensations of joy inside each and every time you get one of these letters, yes to start with this might sound weird but its all about changing your perspective of getting bills in the post.


7.) Hide As Well As Go Seek.
law of attraction games.


One of the best means to obtain true blessings from the universe is to continuously be providing to others.

This game will not only offer you the warm feelings inside, but will increase your vibration in addition to your karmic favor and put you on a new level of gratitude and allow the universe to give you what you want so much faster than you ever thought possible.

Conceal cash in arbitrary locations for somebody else to discover and take joy in the fact you have given them cash …

You may tuck it inside a fold-out tray on an airplane, place it below someone’s windscreen or possibly pin it to a park bench all in the fact that you know someone will receive this money and fell good about it.

Always leave a note of love with each money that you leave for somone.

Something like:.

” If you discover this $100 note, thank you for being you!”.


” Today will be the luckiest day of your life I love you”.

Something affirmative will certainly make he or she feel happy in return so will you and allow the universe to give you more..

The universe in return will send you what you sent out 10 fold.

The universe will always recognise that you gave the cash out and that is what counts.

You are also blessed to be stressed out!

” For me, residing in this world will always be a game, the things of which is to produce as much goodwill as feasible”– Jim Carrey.

Start today to play these game

So start today to play these games, they are fund and thats the main point play each one with joy and laughter as thats the best way for the universe to give you back what it is you want most in life.

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Remember that law of attraction games need to be fun and above all play them daily make manifestation part of your everyday life.

Like this article why not pin on law of attraction games use this pinnable image and use to play LOA games today.

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