How The Law of Vibration Works And How It Manifests What You Want

manifest with the law of attraction

The law of vibration States that anything that exists within our universe, whether seen or or seen, broken down into as well as examined in it’s purest and also most fundamental kind, includes pure energy or light which resonates and also exists as a vibratory regularity or pattern so what this means is every vibrates and as the law of attraction states “Like attracts like” you will attract to you with what you vibrate to, this is the law of vibration in its purist form..

The feelings and actions we choose to have either of happiness or worry all have their own certain rates of vibration. These vibrations will establish resonance with whatever possesses similar frequency so unhappy or worry with attract similar things of worry and or to you. To put it simply, your ideas are inseparably linked to the remainder of the cosmos. “Like attracts like”.

The law of Vibration is “like attracts like”

Who said like attracts likeAs you select great thoughts, more good ideas of alike nature will adhere to and you will then remain in vibrational harmony with others with like thoughts so the law of vibration is what ever you feel you attract more of, if you feel happy and prosperous then you will attract more into your life and people to keep that vibration as the universe will attract to you what makes you happy or sad unfortunately it works in both ways.

Science does this back this up saying that every little thing in the manifestation universe is made up of packets of energy. Quantum physicists has shown that, although matter might appear to be strong and solid, when you put it through a high-powered microscope you can then see that it is just molecules, atoms, neutrons, electrons as well as quanta (the tiniest fragments quantifiable) it is basically empty space with these atoms etc all bouncing off each other. Every little thing that is solid or solid to touch or the eye is in fact a ball of energy and vibration this is crucial when trying to understand the law of vibration. So the law of vibration can be put into everything is energy and is vibrating so if you want to attract something you just need to get to that same vibration level of that you wan to manifest.

A fascinating reality regarding this is that the denser the object, the higher the rate of vibration that it has which sounds wrong but the law of vibration is a law and that it never changes. At the same time, the reduced the density of an object is, the lower the speed of vibration.

For us, a thought is where it all begins a thought or a feeling. As your conscious mind thinks and firms up on that thought you then start to change your vibration based on that thought, these then end up being strongly embedded within the subconscious mind this is where your vibration really changes your sub conscious mind is where it put into overdrive. This dominant vibration establishes a resonance with other similar resonances and also attracts them into your life.

Vibrate higher and the universe bring whatever you desire!

So if your looking to manifest a new car or a new house you first plant the thought in your mind it then goes to the sub conscious mind from there the vibration is set – the universe then attracts and sends you the similar vibration back so if its a car you will then start seeing more if that car of the law goes to work.

This is much easier to recognize if you consider that from the esoteric view, the whole world IS MIND so if you think about this what your mind focuses on and plants the thought within in the universe in turn then sends you the same back. Consequently, your vibration will impact everything around you– your atmosphere, individuals and also animals around you, the inanimate items, also the relatively ’em pty’ room and also they, consequently, affect you. So back to the car, you will start to bring into your life maybe a new job and windfall of money or you will see more of them on the road this is the universe putting the law of vibration into action for you, it wont just be a car fall out of the sky it will be people and circumstances put into place for you to attract and have what it is you desire most.How do you send vibrations to the universe

Another important part of the law of vibration is how you feel your feeling are vital in the law of vibration. It is said that sensation/feeling is a word to specify mindful awareness of your vibration. So, your feelings currently is your vibration. So remember Favorable feelings = favorable condition, negative sensations = adverse situations.

So to summarise to put the law of vibration into action is simple, first put the thought into your mind it then goes to your sub conscious mind you then create your vibration remember thou at all times to be in happy thoughts this will allow the universe to do its magic and start to manifest for you what it is you desire.

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