How can you become aware of your vibration, and why is that so important to raise your vibration?


So, to make things crystal clear- whatever you want to manifest into your real life, you can. You just need to do all the things that are making you feel good, and you need to spend as much time as you can experience those positive emotions.vibrational energy

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But, sometimes, we just think that we can’t do that. Sometimes we think that everything is bad, that our situation will never change, that we don’t have anything positive that we can focus on. But, that is completely wrong. We just need to change our focus and we need to practice to feel good. And we will now give you some tips&tricks to raise your vibration.

Change your point of view and allow your high vibration to grow


What is that first, the most important thing, that can help you to move from low vibration to high vibration? What is the first thing that you need to change in your life if you want to start living the life of your dreams?


You need to change your point of view. Have you ever heard the sentence: „It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it matters.“? Well, that’s the point. It is the matter of your inner dialogue. Let’s look at this over one example. Imagine yourself putting away the decorations from your Christmas tree. Many of you are doing that year over a year. And many of you are doing that as something boring, mechanically, without any thoughts and emotions. If you include thoughts and emotions in this „ordinary“ situation, you can transform your vibration. While you move those decorations, you can do two things: you can do it mechanically, you can think of that as a boring thing and you can lower your vibration, or, you can, while you move those decorations, do the recapitulation of your year. And while you do that, focus on all of the good things that happened to you during the previous year. You can think about all those people who made you happy, about all of the things you’ve done that made you happy, about all of the wonderful places you’ve visited, about all the wonderful moments that happened to you. And take a moment to think just how many wonderful things will happen to you until you start decorating your Christmas tree next time. And that is how, you can transform your vibration, you can use this „boring“ ritual as something that serves you. And you can do that, with a simple change of view. With a simple change of your focus, with the change of your perspective, you can raise your vibration, from low to high vibration.



Become truly grateful and allow your vibrational frequency to grow


You’ve probably heard so many times how important it is that you experience gratitude. Gratitude is one of the emotions with the highest vibration, that’s why you must practice this skill. Yes, you’ve heard it right- gratitude is a skill that can be learned. Some people will now say that this is easy to say and hard to apply. But that is wrong. It is easy to apply because we all have something that we can be grateful for. Some of us have good friends, some have a wonderful job, some are earning a lot of money, some have good health, etc. But we all have something. And if we focus on the positive things that we have in our lives, if we experience true vibration meditationgratitude, the list of the things we are grateful for is going to increase day by day. The more grateful we become, the more things with the same high vibration will come to our life. And you can test this by yourself. Take a piece of paper today, and write down all of the things that you are grateful for. Then, do the same thing tomorrow. Repeat the process the day after tomorrow. Keep doing that for the whole week. Soon enough, you will notice- one piece of paper will not be enough to write down all the things you are grateful for. The gratitude will raise your vibration, and more and more things, with the same vibrational frequency, will keep coming to your life.


Stop the momentum and allow your vibrational frequency to grow


What if you don’t feel well? What if you are constantly feeling „bad emotions“ that are lowering your vibration? Well, decide to stop the momentum of your negative thoughts! You have a few ways to do that. You can stop the momentum with the Meditation, with moving your focus to something else, or with going to sleep. Choose the way that suits you the most. Stopping the momentum will stop the lowering of your vibration, and when you succeed in that, you will get in the position where you can start raising your vibration.


Use the power of Visualization and Meditation and allow your vibration to grow


Besides Gratitude, Visualization and Meditation are indeed the things that can raise your vibration in the fastest possible way. No matter how „bad“ your current situation is, no matter how bad you are feeling about something, you can change those feelings whenever you want. How? Simple, with closing your eyes and with going somewhere you want to go. Let’s say that, at the moment, you are alone, without a love partner. Let’s say that you are lately thinking that you will never be happy when it comes to this field of your life. How are you feeling while you are thinking about that? We assume that it is not very pleasant. And here is another revelation for you- you won’t get anything good from thinking about that. But, here it is what you can do. You can close your eyes and you can imagine how nice it would be if your situation was different. You imagine yourself spending time with a love partner, with somebody who loves you and whom you love. You can imagine you two kissing and hugging and doing all the other wonderful things that two people in love can do. During your Visualization, you will start to feel good and the second you start feeling good, your vibration starts to grow you turn a low vibration into a high vibration instantly. The Universe never knows the difference if something is happening in your reality, or you are just imagining something. The fact is that the Universe will always react to your high vibration by sending you more and more things that will make you feel the same! So feel free to imagine all the things that you want to manifest, and you will raise your vibration.


Maybe you know that our deepest beliefs also have a huge influence on our life experiences, we are creating our experiences with our beliefs. When our deep belief is that something good is going to happen- we will attract and manifest something good this is whats called a high vibrational frequency. When our deep belief is that something bad is going to happen- we will attract and manifest something bad. Our deep negative beliefs are making us feel bad, and when we feel bad, we are lowering our vibrational frequency. But, with the help of Meditation, and here you can choose the Meditation that suits you the most, you can transform your negative beliefs into positive ones. You can relax, release your negative thoughts and worries, you can release from all of the things that are blocking the growth of your high vibration.


Read Positive Thinking books, watch Motivational Videos and raise your vibration level


During our education, we read so many books, we have learned so many things, but nobody taught us that being positive is very important in the process of living a happy life. That’s why we suggest that you add some Motivational books and Videos to your education. The online world is full of various motivation and spiritual writers, books, and videos. Do a little research and find the books and videos that are making you feel good because when you feel good you raise your vibration. increase vibrationYou will educate yourself, you will learn a bunch of new things, you will feel good and you know what happens when you feel good. Yes, that is right- your vibration moves upper on the emotional guidance scale.


Take care of your body and allow your vibrational frequency to grow


Everybody is talking about how important it is that you take care of your mind to become the best version of yourself and to start living a happy, satisfying life. And that is correct, but we must not forget about one more important thing and that is- your body. You see, if you start paying attention to the things you are putting into your body, if you become conscious about that, if you start to choose those things, you will start to feel better. The same will happen if you start to work out, no matter if it is some hard training or yoga for example. Do a little research, find out what is making your body feel good, and keep doing that. Because, when you feel good about both, your body and your mind, nothing can stop raising your vibration on the top of the emotional guidance scale and putting you in a vibrational frequency that will allow you to manifest and attract what it is you want to into your life.


Change your environment and raise your vibration.


So, you have noticed that you don’t feel good. And you’ve noticed that your current environment is making you feel that way. Well, change that environment! Go for a walk. Absorb the sun, take the energy from it. Fill your body and mind with positive energy from nature. Breath fresh air. We are one with nature- feel free to take all the good things that nature has for you. You will see, your vibration will grow from spending some time there this is a great way to raise your vibration.

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Besides spending time in nature, here it is another thing that you can do. You can rearrange your current living space. If your apartment is full of unnecessary objects, remove all those things. Set free space you’re living in. When you do that, you will give space for new positive energy to enter there, and that new, fresh energy will also raise your vibration.

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Pay attention to all of the things that are surrounding you. Remove the things that don’t serve you in the process of raising your vibration and feel free to add the things that do make you feel good. Nobody will do that better than you.


And that would be it. Feel free to use these tips and tricks for raising your vibration. Use them all or just use the ones that you think will help you the most. The moment you start applying them, your vibration will start to grow and you will start getting wonderful manifestations from the Universe.

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