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Tips on how to raise your vibration to attract money and also success into your life with ease…..

We have all had those days where whatever seemed to simply work whether it be money flowing to us or everything we touch and do works.

Days where we were extremely fortunate. I make certain we can all agree some days are luckier than others.

But have you ever to ask why is today so much better than say yesterday?

The solution is fairly basic. We stay in a vibrational reality controlled by the Law of attraction or the law of abundance, Or, in words of the great Albert Einstein:

Basically he wrote….

Whats ever vibration we have we attract that to us of the same energy. So everything is energy and if we want to attract something of that energy we must raise ourselves to that energy!

This suggests when you are vibrating at a low-level frequency you will certainly attract low-level experiences or things you dont want to attract. If you are vibrating at a higher level  (such as that of love as well as wealth) you will draw in high-level experiences and high level things into your life easily as you are matching yourself or bringing yourself to that vibration.

So, this is how to raise your vibration to attract money and success into your life!

There are lots of different ways you can do this however in order to see results you must be consistent in all that you do. To be constant is to develop an early morning regimen that integrates various methods that can assist increase your vibration daily to bring you more money and more success.


Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind To attract More Success

One of the ways I love to reprogram my subconscious is to put my current goal or affirmation as a wallpaper on my phone. So whenever i use my phone or someone calls me I am always reminded of my goal, this is a great way to keep your goal in your minds eye and to raise your vibration every time you see it.

Increase Your Serotonin As Well As Dopamine Levels.

When your body is generating a lot more serotonin and dopamine you are normally going to feel even more happy, calm and relaxed. Feeling feelings like this raise your mood and vibration and thus the universe will in turn return you with things that meet your level of happiness..

There are several points I do each early morning to generate this natural high.

  1. Exercise saying affirmations,
  2. Play with my cat
  3. Opt for a walk in nature
  4. Take Ginseng (my coffee replacement).

Feed your body with proper fuel

Usually i was never a breakfast person. That was until I knew the effect it was having on my day. Skipping breakfast gave me insane sugar yearnings, it raised my cortisol making me really feel worried and nervous (if you wish for a higher frequency this is a massive no!) One of the most crucial thing is to be conscious of what your placing in your body each morning as well as exactly how it’s making you feel for the rest of the day.

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So stick to fresh organic produce where possible, try to avoid all food and drinks that are bad for you. These will literally bring down your vibration and every-time you bring down your vibration guess what? The universe will send you what your body is vibrating.


Reflection is something I utilise to raise my vibration a lot. My favourite is to spend half an hour cleansing and stabilising each one of my chakras. Now before i lose you totally stay with me this is easier than it sounds.

To get the most out of each session I do it listening to Isochronic tones, this can be with headphones or just music playing in the background.

* Isochronic tones aid you to reduce anxiety, go deeper into reflection, as well as rise concentration as well as creativity, so using the daily is a fast easy way to boost your vibration using meditation.

You can see great results from an easy 10-minute meditation as well as complimentary isochronic tones can be located on Youtube.

So dont feel you need to spend all day doing this, this should fit in easily within your day and really will give you the vibrational boost you need to up your vibration.


Using your creativity or using your ability to visualise something that isn’t there yet is just one of the powerful ways you can become a vibrational machine, this will mean you will be in vibrational match with what it is you desire. A great way for you to become a master in this is to use vision boards they are very easy to set up and use you simply go online find what you want to materilze into your life and then place onto the board.

This could be a new car or new house, more money trip away or that perfect new job. We need to help you visualise it everyday so creating a board helps you to stay focused keep your vibration high and help you to visualise what it is you truly want.

So there you have it how to raise your vibration to attract money and success into your life in 5 easy steps.

Remember the key is stay happy and feed your body with good fuel. Mediate daily and visualise.

A massive part of all this is to make sure all of this becomes part of your everyday life. Do the food make a conscious chioce to watch what you eat knowing each time you change that burger or beer for a water or salad you are helping to universe give you what it is you actually want.

Put your brand new vision  board in the pace where you are going to see it everyday, so the kitchen or your office…


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