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You are maybe familiar with the fact that there are different ways for practicing chakra meditation and there are meditations for different things, or, in other words, you can find and practice different chakra meditations for improving different parts of your life, and for improving different parts of your inner being. There are two most famous ways for meditating: you can meditate all by yourself, or, you can choose to have a „guide“ and you can practice guided meditation. Many people, at the beginning of their meditating journey, choose this other type, because an additional guide, a voice that explains what it is that they need to do during meditation, how to breathe in the „right way“ is something that is really helpful.

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When we talk about different guided meditations, you don’t need to worry about where to find them because the online world is full of different guided meditations that you can use for different purposes. So, for example, you can find a Guided Meditation for attracting money, Guided Meditation for meeting the love of your life, Guided meditation for health and wellness, and, also, you can find different Chakra meditations.

What are chakras and why are they so important?

Some of you are maybe familiar with the whole chakra concept, but for all of you who are new in this field, we are going to give a short explanation. All in all, chakras are energy centers that are placed on our bodies. We have two bodies, physical and spiritual. On our physical bodies, we have seven different endocrine glands, and on our spiritual bodies, we have seven different chakras. Chakras are actually the spots from where we send energy and to where we attract new energy. If your chakras are full of good and positive energy, that means that you will feel amazing and that all the things and experiences in your life are going to be positive use chakra healing meditation to help you.

But, if in some of your chakras, or in all of them, you experience the lack of positive energy, or, if your chakras are affected with negative energy, that means that you will be dealing with different challenges in your everyday life, that you will experience negative emotions, and in the end, that means that your vibration will become low. And you know what happens when you are vibrating low? Yes, that is correct, during those moments, you are attracting all of the things that you don’t want, all of the things that you are scared of, and all of the things that are making you feel bad and unhappy.

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Well, can we change that situation? Can we remove negative energy from our Chakras and replace that energy with a new, fresh and positive energy? The answer is yes! We can do that by practicing Chakra Meditation!


Chakra Meditations

How can we meditate through chakras? Well, we can do that by „rotating“ them, and by visualizing the entrance of positive energy inside of them. When we succeed in increasing the work of chakras, we will automatically improve our life energy. The biggest goal of Chakra Meditations is to bring your life energy to a higher level. During your meditation, with that woken-up energy, you are actually allowing your subconscious to move forward and to grow, which leads to living a more quality life than before.

One of the most famous Chakra meditations is so-called Chakra breathing meditation and we will now explain what it is that you need to do to practice it in the right way.

You should practice this meditation while listening to special music, created especially for this purpose, and you can find that music on YouTube. All you need to do is to search for „Chakra breathing meditation music“.

This specific meditation has two phases. During the first phase, your job is to stand relaxed, with your legs apart, at the level of your shoulders. Your mouth should be opened, and your tongue should be placed on your bottom lip. And then, you need to breathe deeply, and evenly. During those moments, you need to visualize your first chakra, you need to move your hands like you are sending the energy to that chakra. You need to repeat that until you hear the gentle sound of the bell. When you hear that, it means that you’ve sent enough energy to your first chakra and that it is time to „do“ the second chakra.

Start using the best chakra mediations for beginners 

Keep breathing in the same way, but now, visualize that you are sending positive energy to the second chakra. Repeat the process for the third chakra, for the fourth chakra, for the fifth chakra, for the sixth chakra, and, in the end, do the same for the last, seventh chakra.

chakra meditation benefitsWhen you hear the sound of the bell three times in a row, that means that it is time to do the following thing: you need to move your attention back on the first chakra. After that, a short pause follows. During those few minutes of pause, you need to keep standing still in that silence.  When the music starts again, you need to repeat the whole process one more time- breath once again in the same way.

After you’ve done that, it is time for the second phase of this Chakra meditation. What is your job here? Well, it is pretty simple. All you need to do is to sit down or lie down. You can choose whatever feels better and more pleasant to you. And then, while sitting, or lying down, you need to do the following thing. You need to stay completely calmed and relaxed and you simply need to observe what happens in your inner being during those moments. You need to observe, but not try to change anything.

Even during those moments, while you are actually not doing anything, you are meditating. During those moments, you are actually allowing your chakras to fill up with new amounts of fresh, clean, pure, and positive energy.

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