Before sharing with you some Chakra Affirmations, we think that it would be a good thing to define these two terms. So, let’s talk a little bit about Chakras and about Affirmations.

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What are Chakras?


If you’re into the Law of Attraction, then you surely know that we are not only physical human beings, but, we are, at the same time also spiritual beings, and as spiritual beings, we constantly emit some kind of energy. As physical beings, in your physical body, we have endocrine glands, and at the same time, in our spiritual beings, we have chakras. We can define chakras as vortices of energy, and in our spiritual, energetic body, we have 7 different chakras. In each of those seven chakras, the whole energy that we have is collecting, and from them, from those seven chakras, that same energy spreads away. Those seven chakras are placed on seven different parts of our body, and each chakra has its own purpose.chakra affirmations i am

All in all, our charkas represent our energetic centers. If some chakra is „not working well“ we are going to experience the blockage of the energy flow, and at the same time, our vibration is going to become lower. If we want to attract and manifest the things that we wish for, then, it would be a good thing to have all seven chakras „working well“. If we do get in a situation where some of the seven chakras are not working well, we can change that situation by applying some Chakra Affirmations.


What are Affirmations?


What are Affirmations and can they actually improve our everyday life? Using Affirmations, as one of the most significant and most powerful Law of Attraction tools, is something that can indeed improve your life. If you are not completely satisfied with some aspect of your life, you can Affirm and change that situation. For improving your love life, you can use Love Affirmations. For improving your financial situation, you can use Money Affirmations. And for improving your Chakras, you can use Chakra Affirmations.


All in all, Affirmations are positive sentences that you need to repeat until your inner being accepts them as completely true. By adopting these positive sentences as true, they will become the part of your inner being and they will become your dominant deep beliefs. With having positive deep beliefs, you will succeed in manifesting positive things into your everyday life. And with applying Chakra Affirmations, you will „heal“ your Chakras, you will fill them out with positive energy, and in the end, you will open them up.


So, if you feel like your Chakras are not working well at the moment, if you are experiencing the blockage of energy in your Chakras, try using these Chakra Affirmations and change that situation!


Chakra Affirmations


As you probably already know there are seven different chakras on our body: the root chakra, Sacral chakra, Solar plexus chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third eye chakra, and the Crown chakra. If you sense a blockage inside of any of the seven chakras, feel free to use the following Chakra Affirmations.

Every chakra is connected to some specific aspects of the human. So, for example, the Root Chakra is connected to our strength and stability, the Sacral Chakra to our emotions, and the Solar Plexus Chakra to our mental abilities. As you can assume, our Heart Chakra is connected to our ability to give and receive love, and the Throat Chakra with our ability to “speak out our voice”.  Third-eye Chakra is closely connected with our intuition, and the last one, the Crown Chakra with the higher state of our consciousness.chakra affirmations meditation

As you can see, each Chakra is connected with something different, and that’s why we can’t use the same Chakra Affirmations to heal every one of them. Each Chakra requires a special Affirmation, to be heald. That’s why, we have created different Chakra Affirmations that you can use, depending on the specific Chakra that you want to heal. So, if you have a problem with Throat Chakra, you can use the Throat Chakra Affirmations and if you have a problem with the Sacral Chakra, you can use Affirmations especially created for healing her. Use these Affirmations on daily basis, and you will see the results very fast. Heal your Chakras, because when you succeed in healing them, your whole life will become better.

Chakra affirmation for the Root chakra

I am a powerful human being closely connected with the whole Universe. 

I sense the energy of the whole Universe and all of the other human beings surrounding me. 

I am open to taking advantage of all the opportunities that life is giving to me.      


Chakra affirmations for the Sacral chakra

I am a highly vibrating human being. 

I use the strength of my positive energy to create the life of my dreams. 

My energy and my creativity are expressed with ease. 


Chakra affirmations for the Solar plexus chakra

I am happy for having the chance to bring my own decisions. 

I am the one who is making the best choices for my life. 

I adore taking risks. 


Chakra affirmation for the Heart Chakra

I am a human being full of love. 

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I love myself and all the other people that are a part of my life. 

Whenever I look, I see the love and I attract love in different forms, with ease. 


Chakra affirmations for the Throat Chakra

I say out loud what I think and what I want. 

I have the courage to ask for all the things that I deserve. 

I am brave and I know that my voice needs to be heard. 


Chakra affirmation for the Third eye chakra

I am connected with the Source. 

I am connected with the Universe. 

I can clearly see my future because I am the one who is creating that future. 


Chakra affirmations for the Crown chakra. 

I am closely connected with my non-physical. 

The energy of the whole Universe flows inside of me. 

I have absolute trust in the Universe. 

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