The Law of Attraction How can I attract good health?

No matter what field of life we are talking about, you should know that it is in human nature to want something after you lose that thing. No matter if you want to attract money, love, friends, health, or anything else, it is a very common situation that you want to attract it after you lose it. When you have a certain thing, you are taking it for granted. And when you take it for granted, that is when that certain thing abandons you. 

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Just take a moment and observe all those healthy people around you. Most of them are ignoring the fact that they are completely healthy. Good health is something that they see as normal, as something present, and something that will always stay the same.


Why are some people losing their good health? Because they are not grateful for their good health while they have it!


Supposing that you are one of those people. Until recently, your health was good, but then, something happened and your health state is not perfect anymore, there is some kind of a challenge happening with your health. Can you fix it?


The Law of Attraction says that you can! To improve your health, you should do the opposite thing you’ve done. You should replace the ingratitude with gratitude. 


And here we are not talking about lying to yourself by saying “I am grateful for my good health.”You can’t do that, because by saying this, you will be lying to yourself, and we don’t want that. To become grateful, you need to move your perspective.


You can say things such as:


“I am grateful for this health challenge I’m dealing with at the moment because I know that everything happens for my greater good. I know that, after I deal with this health challenge, I will improve my health, and I will make my health even better than it was before I got sick. I am grateful because I know this health challenge is a sign that I should change something in my life, to improve it.”


While saying these things, you need to sense the words you are saying. You need to sense the emotion, the true emotion. Because, when you are sensing true gratitude, you are vibrating high, and when you vibrate high, the Universe hears you loud and clear and sends you the confirmation of your words, your emotions, and your vibration. After you spend some time saying these words, the Universe will place you in the reality where your health is improved, and in the reality where your whole life is improved. So yes, the Law of Attraction says that all these various challenges (including the challenges with your health) are always happening for your greater good.


And if you decide to observe your life that way, you can take good things from the health challenge you are dealing with. We are using the word “challenge” instead of “problem” on purpose- the word “problem” has low vibration, and you don’t need that when you want to improve something.


So, to transform your health state, you need to change your way of looking at things. You need to become truly grateful for the situation you are dealing with at the moment. Accept the situation, and allow yourself to get out of it.


Visualize yourself as a healthy person, affirm for attracting the things you want to experience, and be grateful! That is the key to everything, including your good health that you are going to attract in the future.

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How can I attract good health?

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