If you have actually been dealing with the law of attraction for some time you know how exciting and how good it is in manifesting your goals especially if one of your goals if to manifest your dream house

manifest with the law of attraction


When people first hear and use the law of attraction they initially always go after “love, health, wealth, new car etc” however I am her today to tell you to think beyond these and go to the next level in your manifestation and law of attraction journey there is so much more to it.


As an example, trying to manifest your dream home naturally fits with the symptom framework. It’s all as well easy to get on a worried, negative attitude when taking care of the residential or commercial property; making use of law of attraction devices advertises success.


So below we look at what you need to do to manifest your dream home or just get that new home you always desired. We will be looking at how we can use visualisation, scripting, subliminal and many other tools and tricks within the whole law of attraction field to help you manifest a house or anything faster.


6 Tips To Manifest A House

So you want to manifest your new home, so have decided to use the law of attraction to help you. Great! So as you know you might face some hurdles along the way but that’s great that’s exactly what you want – but now you will face these challenges with a new vibe and take them on and know that these are the universe telling you your on the right path!


Don’t forget that using the law of attraction you don’t need to be some sort of expert like your Bob Procter or Jim rohn type figure anyone can use the law of attraction to manifest a new home or in fact anything they want whether more money, or just to be happier. The real key to the law of attraction is to just be happy because let’s be honest that what’s life is really all about.



1.Think logically about your new home.


Start by making a number of checklists ibn ana round your new home


  • So start with things you must have like number of rooms, area etc
  • Then what would you like it to have, maybe a walk in closet type of thing
  • Finally what would be nice but not break it, so swimming pool or garage etc




Don’t feel like these always have to be set in stone, as you go along this journey you will probably find that everything changes in what you must have to hey not so fussed on that.


You might find that having a swimming pool is a must but you feel thinking about it will only bring my vibration and manifestation speed down so you put it down the list, don’t. If it brings your vibration up have it!



2.Practise visualisation of your dream home

So this next step can be used and is used in every step within the law of attraction , so the art of manifesting whether it be a new house or new car or more money is a about getting crystal clear in your mind what it is you want and creating a visual image of it before its arrived.


So, in essence you have the item or thing before the universe has brought into the world what it is you desire.

How I do visualisation is by lying down for 10-15 minutes 1-3 times a day and just imaging myself in possession of the item getting clear. So, if you want to manifest a new home I would see myself get out of bed in my new bedroom, into my new office walk down stairs smell the new smells see the pictures etc.

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3. Keep bringing In Abundance into your life.

law of attraction quiz

So you want to manifest your dream home or just a new home right so what you need to do is be able to continually attract t abundance and good things into your life!


  • Get rid of all negative words and saying you might use everyday, like cant afford that or that house is so far out of my league, change them to wow love that house we will move into that house, what do we need to get that house.
  • Visualise everyday yourself with more money and yourself with what you have. This will raise your vibration and start to attract more of what you want into your life.
  • Be in a state of gratitude each and everyday focus of being grateful for everything you have now, everyday look around and go wow look at what I have the house I have now the car etc.
  • Create a vision board or do what I do and create a mind movie. Same sort of thing means however thou you can add really good images and play them add music and really good affirmations to your video and you can play it whenever and on whatever you want! Try it for FREE below.


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4. Unrealistic Or Just Large Desires?

Now as anyone from the law of attraction world will tell you, you can do and attract anything you want into your life no matter how big or small.

But please when starting out or even if you’re a relative veteran at this please don’t dream so big to start with that you simply don’t believe it will happen. If you do this guess what the universe will send exactly to you more of this.

So when looking to manifest your new home, start with looking and feeling for a house that suits where you are now and feels comfortable. There is no point doing all this if you are looking to manifest a huge 20 bed mansion when deep down you know you cant get this as the process will simply not work.

Using the law of attraction is all about confidence so start small and build into it or dream big but you must believe with every fibre that what you desire is coming to you.

5. Use Dream House Affirmations.

Using affirmations with the law of attraction is a great for you to keep in align with what it is you desire but also raise your vibration, if you shout something out that feels good, you will feel better and thus be in a better position to attract and manifest what it is you desire. So when looking to manifest your dream home affirmations can work really well alongside everything else. Make sure to use them daily, best time is first thing in the morning when your brain is in alpha state and more open to affirmations or messages.


” I should have a gorgeous residence where I feel happy.”.

” My desire home is simply waiting on me to discover it.”.

” On a daily basis I relocate more detailed to the suitable home for me.”.


Furthermore, if you’re placing your old home on the market, it’s worth thinking of a rule for marketing a residential or commercial property. For instance:.


” The perfect buyer is involving see my residence.”.

” I prepare to market my house and find a brand-new one.”.

” This is the correct time for me to sell up and also carry on.”.

Remember to add these affirmations around your day so on your phone in your new mind movie on your computer and so on so fourth the more the messages appear the more you will be aliened to them.

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6. Maintain Looking.

So look even when you do all this is not likely your new home will appear to you overnight, the law of attraction works and can do this but for a newbie or veteran this is tough so when looking to manifest a new home, keep this process up.

This is not a 1 week and then never look at tit again type thing keep going.

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