Creating an attitude of gratitude, becoming a truly grateful person is maybe one of the most important lessons in the whole Law of Attraction philosophy. And that is because Gratitude is the foundation of a happy and fulfilled life. Without this important thing, without this Law of Attraction method, without the implementation of Gratitude in your everyday life, you won’t be able to achieve anything. That’s why today we will talk about the Gratitude and we will explain to you how can you create the attitude of a grateful person.

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So, why is Gratitude the foundation of a happy and successful life? Well, if you are practicing Law of Attraction, if you are applying every other Law of Attraction tool, if you affirm, if you believe in yourself, if you’ve achieved financial security, if you are a healthy person, if you’ve found the love of your life, and at the same time, if you are not grateful for all those things that you have in your life, nothing of these things we’ve mentioned will make sense to you. You will not be a happy person, no matter how many wonderful things you have. That’s why Gratitude is the starting point.

The purpose of Gratitude is to help your energy and your vibration to grow. Gratitude can raise your vibration to the level where you will start to attract all the other things you want to witness in your life. And more importantly, Gratitude has the power to make you a person who is conscious and who can notice all those wonderful things.positive thinking

As we’ve already mentioned, Gratitude is the foundation of a happy life. Grateful people are happy people. You see, people who are struggling with financial problems, people who don’t have the money often think that money is the foundation of a happy life. If that was the truth, then all the millionaires would be happy. And that is not the case. You have so many rich people who are living horrible lives. So, it is clear that the foundation of a happy life is not placed in financial abundance. If you don’t have an attitude of Gratitude, there is not the amount of money that will make you a happy person.

How can you create an Attitude of Gratitude? How can you become a grateful person? The important thing for you to understand here is that Gratitude is a method, a skill that can be learned. Gratitude is something that you can practice daily and as time goes by, you can see the progress. We are not born grateful, but we can choose to become grateful during our life.

We are all vibrational beings, we are pure energy. As vibrational beings, we have vibration and we have the energy. That’s why we need to practice Gratitude because Gratitude is the thing that will help us in the process of raising our vibration to the level where all life circumstances that we are not satisfied with, will start to change in the way we’ve always wanted.

So how can you become Grateful? The answer is simple- by exercising. And when you start exercising Gratitude, when you start practicing this method daily, you will see how you will start to attract wonderful manifestations to your life, day by day.

Gratitude is also a matter of choice. You all know those people who are grateful for everything that happens in their life. For example, you have the ones who say „Thank you“ even when their car breaks down. Most people would be angry, stressed, nervous when something like that happens, but, you have also the ones who will say „Thank you“. And do you know why they are thinking? Because they are sure, they know, deep down, that their car broke for some reason, for some greater good. It is because those people can see „the big picture“. They know that something good will come from that „negative situation“. And because they are grateful, they are raising their vibration and the Universe answers them by sending them more things to be grateful for. We all have a choice– are we going to be mad, angry, stressed, depressed, are we going to lower our vibration, or, are we going to look at the „positive sides“ of every situation, allow our vibration to grow, and allow all the wonderful future manifestations? It’s our choice.

law of attractionDon’t be the person who goes for a walk, decides to eat the ice cream, and after seeing that there is not their favourite ice cream flavor, becomes mad. Be the person who is grateful for having a chance to try new ice cream flavors. It’s all about your perspective. Be grateful. Being grateful for all the things, the small ones, and the big ones, the good ones, and the bad ones are creating your attitude of Gratitude.

It is very possible that, while you are reading these lines, you are thinking to yourself: „Yes, I understand this, but I don’t know where to start because I don’t have anything to be grateful for.“. Oh, how wrong is that. You couldn’t be further than the truth. You have so many things in your life that you could be grateful for right now, no matter how „bad“ your current situation may be. Let’s, for example, observe your previous day, and let’s count the blessings from your life. You’ve woke up yesterday. That’s one thing you can express your gratitude to- you’ve opened your eyes. Do you have the idea of how many people didn’t get that chance yesterday? You’ve had breakfast, lunch, or dinner yesterday. Do you have the idea of how many people were hungry yesterday? You’ve spent some money, you bought something. You saw your friends and your family. You went to your job. You kissed your partner. You’ve listened to music, watched a movie, went for a walk…Do you now understand how blessed you are? Do you now understand how many things you have that you can be grateful for?

Start creating your attitude of Gratitude from tomorrow morning. The moment you open up your eyes, think how blessed you are for having the opportunity to live yet another day in your life. Every day has a million possibilities. Do you have the idea of how many wonderful things can happen to you for just one day? Notice that and feel the Gratitude. Because from the moment you experience pure Gratitude, your vibration will start to move upper on the emotional guidance scale. And the moment your vibration has climbed up there, your day starts developing in the best possible way for you. Don’t waste those first moments of your day thinking about the problems, thinking about the things that upset you. Instead of that, focus on the blessing you have, think about the things you like to do, things that are making you happy, things that are making you feel positive emotions. Sit down, dedicate those few minutes to yourself. Those few minutes every morning can change your whole life.

Having the attitude of Gratitude means that you are living in the present moment, it means that you are right here, right now. When you are grateful, the Universe hears you loud and clear, the Universe recognizes all your wishes, dreams, and desires. When you have the attitude of Gratitude, the Universe sends you everything you always wished for.attitude and gratitude

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