Use these 7 steps on how to change your mindset and achieve your goals!


So let me ask you this have you ever had goal or dreams that you wanted to happen in your life but they never really materialised? Now this all has to do with how to change your mindset, but first before we go any further lets find out why a change mindset is important to you and your dreams and goals you set.

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The actual figure of people who have set goals but never achieved them comes in at 92% that’s huge amount of people who have set out to do something or achieve something but never got there, these figures show that there must be something that all these people are missing or not doing to get to that figure.


So what about the 8% who do get to there goals an o what they set out what are they doing to beat and achieve what it is they want compared to the other 92% who simply fail and never achieve there dreams there must be something right?


But before you ask that 8% are not special, they are not Wizz kids they come from all demographics and backgrounds and all ages shapes and sizes.


The fact is no matter what your circumstances are or where you come from or what you have done in the past you have as much chance as the next person to go out and achieve your goals its that simple.

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However with all the 8% in the study one things was clear was that there mindset and the ability to change there mindset was clear this meant they could achieve there goals faster and with more ease. The thing is you may actually be thinking in the opposite direction and have the wrong mindset meaning you will never achieve your goals and your thinking wrongly. So we need to change your mindset..


So let me ask you this, do you regularly meet your goals and dreams? If you said yes to this question welcome to the 8% club and please read on and you will most likely see why you in that club. If however like most people you set goals but never achieve them or your life is not where you want to it to be again you need to read on because look you need to change your mindset its that simple and these steps to changing your mindset could really change your life. Being in that 8% club I think is key to all of this and key to your success.


Use these 7 steps today to change your mindset


  1. So the first step on how to change your mindset is to accept that your thinking requires adjusting you have got to where you are now based on your thoughts— We have actually all had objectives and dreams that really did not unfold the means we really hoped or anticipated. So when this start to happen a lot we need to stop thinking why and looking to blame everyone else we need to stop and look at ourselves more importantly look within ourselves and work on that because its what’s inside that counts and is the reason for your failure.


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The first thing people do in this situation is think ok right it must be a lack of education or some sort of knowledge that I’m lacking and they then turn to seminars or college or online workshops anything that they think will help them gain the knowledge they think they need to hit there goals. However this is normally the wrong idea, its more often than not down to there mindset and the ability to change there mindset will lead to them achieving there goals.


Do not get me wrong, further educating yourself and getting better skills is great but more often that not its peoples mindset and having to change there mindset is the key to them getting there goals and dreams.


So now some good news for you! For you to change your mindset it is a lot less expensive then going back to college or university to how to change your mindset you can do from home it really can be that easy.

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So the first step of seven in this how to change your mindset series is this acknowledge to yourself that changing your mindset is important and that it is vital to your success sin life and your goals.


  1. Determine your counter-mindsets—So we now need to identify any counter beliefs or thoughts we have towards something. So that maybe towards money, that your not worthy or money is hard and money is dirt that sort of thing.


Our mind believe it or not produces about 65,000 thoughts every day so that’s a lot of good and bad thoughts coming in and out of our mind.

But most people a lot for these thoughts are bad and negative which is why changing your mindset is so vital to have more postie thoughts than bad. These “Automatic Negative Thoughts” (ANTs) occur so often that you’re probably not even familiar with them (a lot of us aren’t).



We all recognize that little voice that sits in the back of our minds. Its that voice that tells you don’t go other and say hi to that person, or that business you want to start up don’t do it will fail etc. Or don’t do that course your never make it work that annoying voice!


Its hard for us to control and get to our desires if that little voice in the back of our heads is so strong and always stops us dead in our tracks each and every time


So these ANTs sounds strange but the best way to stop them is to notice and take head on when they enter your mind. Start to take note when these voices appear and how often this will help you gauge and find out what beliefs are holding you back and when they appear. Once you start taking note of when and where you get this negative thoughts you will find they appear around a couple of themes normally its do with money that’s a big key, so start to take note you will be surprised when they appear!


  1. Turn the switch—right so now you have found your negative thoughts that are effecting your behaviour and actions you now need to stop them and replace them this the key to your success and the key to changing your mindset. The very best method I know for this is something I call “flip the button,” which moves thoughts from negative to favourable. Abraham Hicks actually developed a technique based around this take a look at the article here where we explain his pivoting technique which you put into action every time you notice a bad thought enter your mind.


So something I used to do for yours which you could right now, is when I looked in the mirror I always used to think down on myself, but now when ever I look in the mirror I simply go yes you look great – this is a very simply but effective mindset change but works!


This took some time but remember the main point here your mind can only have one thought at a time hitting it you cant have a positive and a negative thought all in the same mind, so instead of having negative thoughts in your mind why not have positive thoughts this is where you say goodbye to those negative thoughts once and for all!

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One more strategy I locate effective is called the “if/then” approach. So once you know when your negative thoughts or beliefs appear get your mind ready and then think past it, so if its around how you look to other people, when you come in contact or know when you are meeting other people think past them and to something else so when you meet them your actually thinking o tonight dinner or that film that on tonight not how are they judging me I look fat etc etc.


Another example is you say to yourself you will go for a mid afternoon jog, it gets to mid afternoon and guess what your ANTS appear in full flow, they start putting thoughts in your head like oh its hot I’m to tired or lets do this first and get this done. As soon as you recognise thoughts like this entering your head just run and get your running shoes don’t even think about it, once you start to entertain the thought it wins, so if you break it there and then with action like this you disrupt the thought and you are now changing your thought patterns and also changing your mindset to think more positive thoughts which is key.


Just taking one positive action against your negative thought or ANT is more than enough to crush it and of course put a new thought pattern in there, repetition is the mother of success!


  1. Understand your “why”—Changing your mindset is not as easy as doing it once and its done, it takes a bit of time, this is due to the fact your habits and beliefs are formed other a long time also. As most of our beliefs and the mindset we have now was formed when we where kids so we get a lot of it from our parents and school. As we know they are there to protect us and sometimes at school your bullied and these patterns and thoughts form and stick with us for years and this is why it can be tough to get rid of them.


So having a major why is very important in setting your goals and of course changing your mindset to to get your goals and dreams. Its not a simple case of I want more money that wont be enough to push through and limiting belief you might have around money and yourself. Or I want to lose weight again you need a WHY. So a why could be I want to l lose weight because I want to attract a certain person so instead of focusing on losing weight you focus on that person which makes you happy thinking about them , thus in turn your thought patterns change and your mindset changes.


Another example I Use is I never focus on money I focus on the lifestyle and things I want as this means more to me than just money. So the cars the house etc


So next when you have your why you need to write is down and you need to write it down on paper not your computer writing it down on paper seems to engage your brain more than typing on a computer as you are using your mind to write and think as you write.


  1. Realise that inspiration and also self-control are inadequate—One of the biggest lies in all of this is people are often told normally from life coaches and others that all you need to do to change your mindset and form new patterns its all you need is motivation and will power that’s it, I’m here to tell you now it requires a little more than that, yes they are important.


I asked you to document your big “why” in step 4 this is where the “motivation” starts it will be the big kick into why you want to change your mindset and the how to change your mindset starts from the why, but then when it wains or life gets in the way this is were will power comes in to effect.


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A recent mind study report said however that will power when you first start a task or something you desire is like a full gas canister but other time after you keep using it start to diminish like anything.


A great example of this is trying to eat a bit healthier, your at the table and one bowl is full of cookies the other has fruit which one do you go for? Great the fruit so there you have used some of your will power, but like the canister this soon gets empty.


As you can see trying to get to your goas with just will power and motivation you will soon use it all up and the goals you once had will soon wain and you will soon go bad in to old habits. That’s why 25% of people give up on an objective after the initial week, and also 60% quit after the very first month, because the rely on just motivation and will power alone and this just isn’t enough to get you through when things get tough.


All the high achievers know this and that by using just motivation and a sheer wiliness to get it don’t more often than not wont work and never does because it takes hard constant effort to use it and stay on track with just motivation.


  1. Begin little so you can complete large—This probably sounds odd but it’s the easiest way I know of setting your goal and achieving them, most people start out big, so if they want to lose weight its never to touch bad food again till there weight is gone, great but you will soon find after week 1 this is so hard, that’s why start small maybe cut out the chocolate bar etc etc…


So exactly how small do you start exactly?


So what about one push up?


So if your goal is to get fit start off your goals with just one push up that’s al you need to get started.


Again if you want to take stress out of your life start with meditation and maybe 2 minutes a day it does not matter how small just to get started.


Each of these examples calls for virtually no motivation or willpower to achieve. As well as yet, each is a positive step in changing your mindset and getting to your goal.


Right here’s the trick: You need to set out that your tiny goal is the minimum maybe do more if you feel like you can.


Some days you may do the minimum, as well as you’ll still really feel great due to the fact that you’ve satisfied your goal other days you might do more but again your tiny goal is easy and you feel like your getting somewhere.


Just how can these tiny objectives in fact make an influence and possibly effect and change your mindset? This is because making massive changes and hitting huge goals requires little steps but constant action and constant taking of these steps this will then start to create momentum in your life and thus without you even knowing it your mindset will change without you thinking about it.




The reason why only to the 8% use this little known technique is because the masses think well only doing one push up how an earth is that meant to help me or change me it seems pointless to start so little. Incorrect!


Regularly hitting your little goals will form new way of thinking behaviours you will be changing your mindset, by doing these small steps and goals you are affirming to your mind and to yourself you can do them giving your more confidence to take bigger goals and take more action towards your goals.


  1. Be able to use and know what the “F” word is—So the steps so far have left out one major factor that is of course hard work I’m not going to sugar coat any of this by changing your mindset and setting up goals and achieving them will require some hard work however the pay offs will always outcome any work needed.

That’s why the F word or FAILING you need to get comfortable with


Most people when they find the going gets tough or the hit a few obstacles on there way to achieving their goals simply say to hard or I quit, this is why the top 8% get the success. They know the only way there not going to get to there goals is by giving up so guess what they do? They plough through it knowing that yes there might be failures or obstacles that they encounter along the way but there goal and there why is strong it stop them from giving up.


They seem to plan for failure mentally they see it as part of the course part of what is needed to prove to there goal they want it that badly they are willing to push through.


Changing your mindset does not occur by accident. It occurs on purpose, and also these 7 actions must help get you on the right track.


So first thing you need to today to get on the path and discover hot to change your mindset is start with your big WHY. Write it down make sure it’s a big enough why.


Next start our small so if its to lose weight start with tiny steps so stop eating that chocolate bar, this will create momentum in changing your mindset.


Then keep growing an growing and remember when it gets tough to use your will power and motivation and to accept there might be failings along the way but remember these are part of the course.


So if you enjoyed this article on the 7 steps on how to change your mindset by not take a look at the other articles we have on mindset and goal setting to help you achieve your goals faster.

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