So you have a massive desire to travel more but guess what do you concentrate on manifesting the money for the travel or just to manifest travel its that age old thing what came first the chicken or the egg?

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Here are 11 action you can take to use aw of attraction to manifest travel. All I ask is you look at this with an open mind and know that anything is possible!

1. Where Would You Like To Go?

Saying something like. “Somewhere warm” just isn’t sufficient. Open up the map and also slim it to two countries, or places or even resorts get really focused about where it is you want to go.

To start with choose one nation so say the Caribbean for instance, then choose an island than a part of the island so for me it’s always Antigua and the south side of the island there are three resorts there I want to visit…

Again try and really pin it down.

2. Why do you want go here?

Great so you have pinpointed where you want to go but why? A lot of people just choose a place because they like how it sounds like Dubai. Why would you want to go there, what is it you want to do what is it about this places that excites you?

You also need to understand just what you are going there for.

So is it the great beaches do they have amazing museums or is there something there you particular want to see or do, you need to really know why you want to go there, as this will be the fuel.

So if its say for the nightlife great right a list of all the bars clubs in the area. Or you want to go see the island again great what is that place has that you want to visit write them down get specific.

So basically the place you choose get to know everything you can about it, learn about the food the music the history everything you can make that list from that of what it is you want to do see and hear.
So for me, I want to go and watch the cricket England vs the WI I found the perfect resort nearby in a harbour find loads of excursions and dates when there playing I got really precise with that it is wanted to see and do.

3. For How much time?

So you have found the place and area or country you want to for.

You have listed everything you want to see and do on that island so now you need to decide how long you want to go for. Again, just saying for a long time isn’t good enough.

Get specific use your list and come up with a day planner and work our how much time you would need. Again also don’t forget about work pets family etc so you need to be realistic here.

4. Select The Spending plan

So now its time to see how much all this would actually cost. Check up on hotel and flight costs. Also put in for all the excursions the restaurant the sightseeing the things above you wanted to see and do. We need to get specific with a number here and we need to be realistic also.

But once you have done this side of the manifest travel part and putting the visualisation part of the law of attraction into action its important you don’t worry to much on the why and how the money will come for your holiday. As doing this will upset and probably worry you that how an earth will this ever happen.

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Just know just how much it will cost you and think that the cash will certainly come that’s the universe will do that hard work. Again your job is not to worry about how you will manifest the money or manifest travel!

5. Make A Vision Board

Now you know where you want to go what you want to do its time to put this all together and create a nice little vision board.

This could either be on your computer in the form of a screensaver or on your wall. All you need to do is get some really good pictures and place them where you see them each and every day.

When doing your vision boards remember that you need to make sure the images on your vision board make you feel something. No point just choosing images make sure they mean and have meaning in them for you.

Or do what i do and create a mind movie – much like a vision board expect its a video you can play anytime on your phone computer and will bring about your goals faster.

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6. Continue to research more be involved

So don’t stop there if you see any more pictures you like add them, join social media groups about your place you want to go, try and get involved see it more feel it more.

The more you can put your dream holiday in your eyes everyday the fast the law of attraction will sort to manifest your holiday.

Use these FREE meditation also to manifest travel or manifest the money for travel faster!!!

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7. Find A Person Who Shares Your Dream

Another way to speed this all up and manifest travel faster using the law of attraction is to find someone who wants to go with you whether it’s a partner or a friend does not matter.

What this will do is allow you both to concentrate on each providing you with another source of help and images to add and bring more to your holiday.

8. Establish A Deadline

When are you going?

Select the days you want to go tell the universe this is when you want to travel and this is when it needs to manifest it for you.

9. Think That Cash Will Come

This is most likely the hardest part. To let go as well as trust the Universe.

Your job is to not lose out on these opportunities.

10. Read Quotes About Travel.

Right here are a couple of to travel quotes that you should read everyday to help remind you of what it is you want and to tell the universe everyday what it is you desire.

” Taking a trip– it leaves you without words, then turns you right into a story writer.”– Ibn Battuta

” I am not the same, having seen the moon beam on the other side of the world.”– Mary Anne Radmacher

” We take a trip not to leave life, but for life not to leave us.”– Confidential

11. As Soon As You Can, Schedule Your Tickets

TAKE ACTION don’t forget when the universe send you the money needed to manifest travel take it buy those tickets don’t waste any time.
Law of attraction works with speed so sit back and enjoy and take it when it comes.

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