Use the Law of Attraction to manifest in under 17 seconds!

manifest with the law of attraction


Now I know what you’re thinking right I can really manifest anything 17 seconds from now…


manifest your desires

Well, everything goes back to what one of the best law of attraction teachers taught Abraham hicks.


If you hold any thought for 17 seconds you are putting into place the law of attraction. Hold a thought for 68 seconds and you start the whole manifestation process where the universe starts to put into place things which will help you get to where you want to be or attract who you want.


Even better than all that I am going to show you how with little more than the timer on your phone!


But in case your new to manifesting and the whole law of attraction area, basically our external world is a representation of our internal self and our thoughts and feelings something which I show you more in depth in many are the articles featured on my blog site.


Its all about how you vibrate and the law of attraction process of like attracts like. Your thoughts and feelings create an energy or a vibration if these thoughts are negative than you attract negative things into your life, if you have great thoughts about abundance you will start to attract more into your life!


So, if your negative you will attract negative things and circumstances into your life, if your happy and positive you will of course attract more of that into your life.


So, using this and becoming more positive in your life you will put the law of attraction into action and begin to manifest great things into your life.


So, returning to the 17-second method to manifest…


How does it work and what do I need to do to make this work?


Well the real power and how to make this work is all centered around the sub conscious mind and how it controls literally everything we attract.


You see once you have your subconscious mind on your side you can literally design you dream life, you can literally think and fell what you desire and the universe or un seen will start to bring this into existence its as simple as that.



With emotion and repetition, you begin to affect the subconscious mind and also with time your outer world starts to mirror that of the subconscious mind, if we can program this part of the mind we can program it literally to do whatever we want, the amazing thing its almost on autopilot once we program it properly it works with us forever!


This is a wonderful secret and also I believe it is the key that Napoleon Hill discusses in think and grow rich, where he says the true power of why some people attract money easily while others find it hard is all down to the power of the sub conscious mind.


So just how can you also start to affect the subconscious mind for success?


Well firstly I would suggest trying the 17-second method, it is a great way to get going and start the whole re programming. Remember to check out al our other articles on the law of attraction.


Remember its all free but each article concentrates on a certain part of the law of attraction. For our quick start check out the top menu to get started.

How to get started with the manifestation 17 second method

law of attraction quiz


Tip one: Find a piece of paper and write down 20 things your grateful for in your life right now, start with I am happy and also grateful for. Remember to write it down not type on the computer as writing it with your hand makes it more real to your sub conscious mind and review over what you have created 5 times.


Tip 2: Right get your phone get the timer setup and set it for 17 seconds, now press go, and I want you to think and feel like your desire or what you want to happen or the person you want to meet has already happened. I want you right now to have the feeling of having what you desire because like attracts like is based around the feelings you put towards a certain something.


Tip three: So when the 17 seconds is up I want you to know put it to 51 secs and do the same process, think and feel like what you want has already happened make sure you really get that feeling of having it now.


Start 4: So when that buzzer goes off your are done you have started the manifestation process into action so watch out now for signs and things appearing that will help you get to your goal. Don’t expect a million dollars to fall out of the sky but if you do this everyday or as many times as you can over the next two month you will start to see your new life unfold. Remember it’s all about your thoughts and feelings, this is very powerful.


So step 4 is the main reason people give up with the law of attraction as they expect things to happen to them now, this again goes against the law of attraction. Because we ant to feel grateful now and attract more of what we are grateful for, thinking this does not work etc will only attract more of “this does not work”


So your job now is to believe it will happen and leave it become unattached from your desire and just be so grateful for what you have right now.


And like the law of gravity the law of attraction will manifest what you want it’s the law, your life will start to improve things will start to happen….


Its important to look out for signs like the ones below they keep you on track and keep the faith that this is working and will manifest what you desire!


  • New ideas and inspiration out of the blue hits you.
  • New opportunities come into your life from unexpected sources
  • You start to want to act in a new way which you didn’t before.
  • New people enter your life
  • Your physical manifestation appears, like a new car (you see it everywhere!)


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