The first thing we need to understand is the purpose of life and the nature of death. When we take time to consider our purpose in life and our inevitable death, we will start to have an awareness of how much stress we are under, how much we are not giving to ourselves and how we can relieve ourselves of some of the tensions. We look at how depression can be dealt with by spiritual means.

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As you consider your purpose in life, you will start to feel more peace and happiness. You will start to think of ways to achieve your goal. You will start to create your future.

On the other hand, when you think of your death, the stress you are under will rise to an even higher level. When you think of your death, you will begin to feel hopelessness and depression. You will find yourself focusing all your energy on the next day, or even the next minute. You will find yourself making choices you wouldn’t make if you didn’t have negative thoughts about your death.

These two simple techniques can help you relieve some of the tension in your life and get some clarity. You don’t have to endure negative thoughts if you simply let them come into your mind. You don’t have to dwell on negative images if you can take a moment to take in positive images instead.

Negative thoughts feed negative emotions, negative emotions feed negative actions and negative actions feed negative reactions. Your behaviour will only feed the negative cycle.

On the other hand, positive thoughts feed positive emotions and positive emotions feed positive actions. If you can shift from negative to positive thoughts, you can shift from positive to negative actions and you can shift from negative to positive reactions. Your life will shift to the positive.

These two simple techniques will help you to shift your thinking to the positive. You will learn how to live a life where your goals are within your reach and where your actions can result in positive outcomes.

“Man is a thinking creature. With his thoughts he shapes his life. With his thoughts he goes up or down, right or left, far or near, high or low, fast or slow, strong or weak, alive or dead; only thought can make him tall or short, young or old, rich or poor, strong or weak, strong or weak – and everything in between.”

I strongly believe in helping others by giving back. By writing articles and help books, providing phone support, and teaching computer classes. Other people really need your help.

These are some ways you can help yourself:

* You can use the knowledge you have to help others. If you are a recovering alcoholic, you can help other alcoholics to stop drinking, to stay abstinent and to reduce their drinking by using your own experience as a teacher to help them understand what you went through.

* You can be a good role model for others. By doing things the right way, you can help other people to follow your steps. When you are a good role model, other people learn the right way.

* You can be a good listener. By being a good listener, you can help other people to change their behaviour by sharing your experiences and problems with them.

The main reason I want to tell you about this subject is that you need to have a good understanding of yourself before you can be a good role model for other people. You must know what kind of person you are before you can help other people to change their behaviour.

The problem is that too many people never learn the basics of healthy living. They suffer from some mental disorder that overtook their thoughts and damaged their behavior. They are doomed to repeat their mistakes.

I know that it is a hard task to teach these people to be more healthy, but do not despair. Take this opportunity to stop using excuses and start acting like a responsible human being.

I know you cannot become a role model for other people, but you can help yourself. Right now, you’re suffering from some mental disorder, but since you know yourself, you are able to identify the mental disorder and start making efforts to stop using excuses.

Here are some tips to help you be a good role model for yourself:

* Be the first one to be present in the treatment sessions. As a responsible member of the treatment team, you can always be the first one in the room. You must listen to the ideas of the other members of the team, without showing a false approval. You must also be more involved with their work than they are with yours. You can show your support and involvement by showing your agreement.

* Try to encourage and help the members of the team. You cannot stay silent in the treatment sessions and be a bad role model. However, you must remember that they are trying to reach the goal, and you cannot interfere in their work.

* Remember to be more relaxed in the treatment sessions. Do not be too tired and sleepy. Do not be too stressed and too nervous.

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* Don’t ask them to justify their behaviour. Just listen to them, ask them what they think, and give them a piece of advice.

* Acknowledge their achievements. I make a big deal out of small achievements. For example, a boy tells me, “Grandma, I found the lost picture album. I am so happy.” If you are really a good role model, you will acknowledge their achievements.

A proper way to manage your depression after the treatment is to avoid the symptoms of depression coming back. I would advise you to change your lifestyle. Avoid unnecessary stress. Keep your body, mind and spirit in balance. Exercising and eating right are extremely important. Also, avoid too much alcohol or drugs.

Do you believe that your depression is cured? I am sure your body already knows the cure. I think your mind and spirit also is at peace. You will not feel pressured and you will not have too much anxiety. I expect to see the symptoms of depression coming back in your family or friends more than once. That is expected in the life of a healthy person. But, it is just a sign of success. You have to also realize that it is just a sign. A successful person does not worry about future regrets.

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