Feeling down or feel you have some sort of negativity inside you, well there is nothing like laughter to turn it around raise your vibration and just feel better about yourself. Use these 7 Health benefits of laughter today in your life and live a happier and healthier life!

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Having a funny bone not only makes life easier and more fun. It also allows us to face the challenges and set backs that life sometimes brings.


The more we laugh, the lighter as well as freer we feel.


Remember the last time you had a real good laugh maybe watching a funny film or tv show, or just a good joke and time spent with friends, who did you feel afterwards? I bet you felt incredible right!


Laughter really is the best medicine not only for your health for but for your mental wellbeing. So keep reading on to find out the 7 key health benefits of laughter and how to bring more of it into your life.

7 Health Benefits of Laughing

So it does not matter whether you believe that laughter has health benefits or not the fact is when you laugh you feel better its just the law, you cant laugh and feel negative!


So why not find things from today that make your laugh and live a happier life!


Right here are simply some of the many ways in which laughter can heal our spirits, mind, and also bodies …

1.Laughter eradicates fear!

When we are felling anxious or fearful of someone or something laughter is often a great way to distance yourself from the event or person. So say you have to do public speaking laughter can often take us away from that fear and leave us feeling better about it.


In addition to this, giggling makes us watch the world and also events from a various, much lighter perspective. So no matter what fear we are encountering, when we use wit we can start to consider our anxieties from a much better, carefree place; the fear that we face all of a sudden looks a lot sillier and our attitude towards it shifts.


2. Giggling Relaxes Us

In a similar way to work out, the relaxation benefits of laughter are wonderful. The more intense the laughter, the more endorphins we get pumping around the body. This is fantastic for boosting anxiety and relaxing our bodies and just feeling better about life and ourselves.


Next time you feel tense or stressed just stop and give yourself a good chuckle your body will thank you for it. Put on that funny film you love or find a good joke or meetup with a good mate.


3. Laughter Is Reassuring


Did you know that laughing has the exact same effect on us as a loving hug!


When we laugh, we are usually downplaying something. In the darkest of times, giggling, can let individuals really feel as though everything isn’t as bad as it originally appeared.


Hospitals now use laughter in there wards especially in kids wards they send in comedians or funny people to lift the spirits of the wards provide laughter make the patients feel better.


So whether you in troubled times or just feel down, bring out the joke book, film or comedy series raise your vibration, feel better about yourself they will provide you will the most amazing comfort.

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4. Laughter Improves The Body Immune System

Its been proven that the act of laughter or even the anticipation or laughter so your about to watch a funny film or programme has been proven to increase the body’s immune system to fight off disease and bad cells.


The law of attraction also states that laughter can being about better health. As when we laugh we are in a positive state thus as it states like attracts like we will then only attract more of that into our lives.


So next time your ill, laugh your ways back to health put on a funny film or series your body and health will thank you for it.


5. Laughter Reduces Discomfort

The feel-good chemicals and hormones that are put into our bodies when we laugh, as well as the favourable mind framework that we develop from laughing, can do marvels for reducing the symptoms of pain in our bodies.


Again hospitals knows this and that’s why as above they use comedians and laughing theories to aide in the faster healing of patients. So, if you know somebody currently living in pain of any kind of kind, attempt injecting some much-needed laughter into their life.


6. Giggling Fights Stress And Anxiety

Suffering from stress well laughter can literally irradiate it. Whether it be with friends on our own Watching a film laughter can literally destroy stress!


So when you next feel stressed or worried about something take time out of the day to practice laughing it will soon melt away your fears and anxiety.


7. Laughter Is Infectious

Probably the single best thing about laughter and the power of it is its infectious so it spreads happiness. So when we are around people who are laughing you will often find yourself laughing out of control.


Laughter is an amazing way to bring people together bring people closer it allows us all to share in that feel-good moment.


So decide today to laugh more. Laugh at the little things laugh at the big things share in others laughter. Remember laughter and having a sense of humour if free and not only will you bring joy to others but you will improve your health and your well being with it so do more of it starting today!

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The 5 health benefits of laughter

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