How Can You Change Your negative Core Beliefs?

Those are examples of negative core beliefs. Negative core beliefs are judgmental and potentially harmful beliefs held about yourself, others, your life and your environment. Negative beliefs have the potential to disempower you and keep you from achieving what it means to be “successful.”

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What do I mean by success? I believe that to be successful means being able to accomplish what it takes to be the best at what you do, including being good to others. What you do best is what you should do, including being a good parent, friend, worker, parent, employee, employee, parent, employee, friend, worker, friend, parent, employee, friend, etc. Being a good parent means being a good parent. Being a friend means being a good friend. Being a worker means being a good worker. Being a friend means being a good friend. And so on.

You get the idea. To be successful means being best at what you do.

So what is the basis for those negative beliefs? We can identify them by going back to the time of our lives when we were children. When a child was in school, and the only way he or she could learn was by being evaluated and assessed by teachers, parents and other students, those first few years of life were the most formative years of our lives.

In those first few years of life, those negative beliefs were introduced because it was the only way that a child could find out what it takes to be successful. So, in some way, those thoughts that we hold now may have been introduced in our childhood, in our earliest years.

I believe that we do carry those negative beliefs around with us, even though we don’t seem to remember them. That gives us the impression that those beliefs are part of who we are. But they are not part of who we are. They are not true. Yet they affect who I am and who we are.

Its as simple as coming up with a new set of positive beliefs

I believe the way to change those negative beliefs is to remember that they are NOT true. We carry them in our subconscious mind without even knowing that they are wrong. As we recall our childhood beliefs, those thoughts, feelings, and feelings will subside. I will be successful because I perform well on many tasks will fade away. I am not being a good friend because my friends are supportive and encouraging will be absent from our subconscious mind. Our subconscious minds will be free of negative beliefs.

Our subconscious mind can be accessed at any time when needed. It is never too late to change those negative beliefs. If we remember that they are not true, they won’t affect us anymore. We don’ t need to hold on to something that is not true.

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