Lighten Up! How To Stop Worrying About Everything

We are all vulnerable to fret from time to time; it might be a small thing like a bad hair day, such as a or something so tiny , or major things like a family loved one who is ill, or just being able to put food on the table for your family. But mainly tiny things that really should not have us worrying. So stop worrying today with these 4 steps.

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Whether our worries are small or large they both have the power t change our thought patterns and emotions if lead unchecked these worries will lead to serious mental or physical issues further down the line.


Having worries is merely a part of being human. These worries can overtake everything in your life and literally dominate every part of your day and your body. So we need to change these thoughts and emotional patters asap.


Lighten your mental load with these 4 stress reliving tips for handling your fears.


Just How To Stop Worrying

1. Just remind your mind of all your strengths


So this is where I use the law of attraction, remember it states whatever we dwell on we bring more of into our life right? If you have a worry or fear look beyond at the silver lining in everything. So if it’s a fear about a bill, think of when it is paid its paid and all these worries will be gone. Remember what is now is now and in the future is yet to be decided.


Yes I know your probably going ok David great sounds easier said than done right!


But remember that every situation you have ever been in your got passed to be where you are now right. So everything that is coming up you will deal with and beat, so any problem you will face you now there is light past that tunnel.


2. Make Yourself distracted

A problem or a fear is only that if we are thinking about it right? So give yourself some breathing space, distract yourself from what’s worrying you.


Do something fun do something you know you will immerse yourself in so much so that you will forget about what It is your worrying about. This mat also add perspective on the issue at hand and will allow you to see the problem with less fear.

3. Get other peoples perspective


Let a friend or family member take a look at the problem with you they will often give you advice that will help you to gain perspective on it and add a different light to the issues.


Unless you are seriously ill, or someone is dying you will soon find your problem as less issues that you first thought. Most people worry about love, money etc but weighed up again ill health or loss of a loved one they soon realise that its not a big deal.


4. Ask Yourself— “OK David what’s the worst that might happen?”

Your sat there and your fear or the problem is driving you insane its all you can think about, well think about the worst case of what could happen…As you will soon see the worst case outcome is never normally as bad as the fear!


Stop giving yourself a tough time!


By asking simply ‘what’s the most awful thing that can occur’ you can avoid any type of unnecessary stress.


Seeing what the worst case is for your problem often takes the fear out of the issue and problem. Plus when you see the worst case you often will think wow is that really the worst case!


Face up to the most awful possible outcome and afterwards function your means up from there.


Problems in life will happen but its how you deal with them that counts. Choose to face your problems with positivity remember they never are as bad as they seem!


Another way I use to focus my mind and feel better is through meditation just sit for a minute take 10 deep breaths in and out and be still do this every time you feel anxious it will make you feel better about things.

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