All of you who are already familiar with the basics of the Law of Attraction philosophy know that you can attract and manifest, or if you prefer, create in your reality, everything that you can imagine in your mind. But, some of you may have some kind of difficulties with manifesting specific things. In most cases, that happens because the person who wants to attract and manifests something is using the wrong words. We will now explain the most common mistakes related to that, and we will tell you what kind of word formulation you should use to make your manifesting process successful. So when using The Law of Attraction words to avoid and words to use?

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In most cases, people want to attract specific things to their lives because they don’t have those specific things. So, the starting position of attracting and manifesting, in a huge number of cases, is the position of “not having” something. As you can see by yourself, in these words- “not having”, you have negation. And you must know, that the Universe doesn’t like neither understand the negation.


Let’s explain this a little deeper. You see, for attracting and manifesting different things, you can, for example, use the affirmations. Affirmations are nothing but statements, sentences which can if you repeat them enough amount of times, modify your beliefs, and they can become some kind of a “bridge”, between you and the Universe. With the help of affirmations, you are sending your wishes to the Universe, and with the use of affirmations, the Universe can hear your wishes loud and clear. In short- with affirmations, the Universe can get the idea of what it is that you would like to attract and manifest in your real life.


As we already mentioned, many people are affirming because they don’t have a specific thing at the moment, and they affirm because they want to attract that thing. So, they affirm because don’t have a specific thing. So, for example, let’s say that a specific person wants to attract money. That person is feeling poor, feels afraid because she doesn’t know how is going to pay for the bills, feels scared because she doesn’t know how she is going to buy something for her child, worries because she doesn’t know how she is going to handle all the other money problems that are coming in the future, etc. So, the starting position of that specific person is the lack of money, followed by the emotions of fear, stress, etc. All those emotions are lowering the vibration of that person, and with low vibration, that person is moving away from the fulfillment of her desires. In short- that person is getting away from attracting and manifesting additional money. But, let’s say that here, we are talking about the person who knows how the Law of Attraction works. The person is using affirmations, but still, the money isn’t coming to her life. Do you know why that happens? Simple- because this person is affirming with wrong words. 

Here are some words to use in The Law of Attraction words to avoid and words to use

“I need money because I don’t know how I am going to pay the bills.  

I want to attract money because my child doesn’t have anything to eat. 

I need money because I don’t have enough for fulfilling all my needs.”


All these thoughts are affirmations. But, in this case- the negative affirmations. And do you know why this is such a bad thing to do in the Law of Attraction process? Well, it is because, no matter what you think in a moment, no matter how does your affirmation sound, you will always get the same answer from the Universe, and that answer is- “So it will be”. 

You are thinking about how you will not be able to pay for your bills- the Universe will send you the confirmation of that. You are thinking of how you will not be able to afford something for your child because of the lack of money- the Universe will send you the confirmation of that.

So, as you can see, the worst thing that you can do in the process of creating and manifesting is using the words with negation, and the sentences that are painting the things that you don’t want to experience. 


Instead of that, you need to think about the things that you would like to experience and create your affirmations that way.


So, if you want to attract more money to your life, you can repeat things such as:


“I am ready for experiencing financial security. 

I choose to be able to afford anything I want and more than that. 

I am open to receiving money from expected and non-expected sources.”


As you can see, the most important thing is to create your affirmations, thoughts, and beliefs in a positive tune, and to avoid being negative. By repeating these positive things, you will modify your deep beliefs in a good way, you will experience positive emotions, and your vibration will grow. And with a high vibration, you will get so many things that you’ve dreamed about. Remember that you can apply this to any other field of your life, not just financial. So, create positive affirmations, and attract a bunch of wonderful things!

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