So How do you manifest to be a Millionaire?

What do you think, what it is easier to manifest, a dollar or one million dollar? We will tell you one thing- for Universe, it doesn’t make difference whether you’ll get a “small” or “big” amount of money, for Universe, money is money.

manifest with the law of attraction

If you want, you can observe the Universe as some rich relative who doesn’t even know how much money does he have in his bank account. Whenever you ask him for some money, his answer is affirmative, and the amount is not an issue- you can get as much as you want.

But, when we talk about attracting and manifesting money, you should keep one thing on your money- your rich relative, or “The Universe”, is one strange guy. To send you the money, he wants you to feel like you already have that money. So, you need to act and feel like you already have the thing that you want to attract and manifest into your real life.

The Law of Attraction and the Universe react to your deepest beliefs, your emotions, and your dominant vibration.

If you truly believe that you can become a Millionaire tomorrow, then don’t worry, you will manifest a lot of money very soon. But, the problem is, most of us, have a problem with believing that we can jump from poverty or average life, into wealth and abundance. It is hard for us to believe in that because of our deep negative programs and beliefs from the past. But, a belief is nothing but a sentence repeated so many times, enough amount of times that we started to believe in it and accept it as true. If we want to adopt new beliefs, positive beliefs, we need to do the opposite thing- we need to repeat positive beliefs. The easiest way for transforming negative beliefs into positive ones is of course- Affirmation.

So, to attract and manifest a lot of money, to allow yourself to become a rich person, to allow yourself to become a Millionaire, you can use the following Affirmations:

 “I deserve to have a lot of money.”

“I love money and money loves me.”

“When I have a lot of money, I become a better person.”

“I love the energy of money.”

 “I know that I am born under a lucky start and it is just a matter of time when the money abundance will appear in my life. “

“I will do so many wonderful things after I become rich.”

“When money abundance appears in my life, I will use that money to do all those things that I have been wanting to do for my whole life.”

“How wonderful must be to live a life without worrying about the money. After I manifest wealth, after I become a millionaire, I will witness that peace.”

“Money abundance will appear in my life at the best possible moment for me, I know that, and I am at peace with that.”

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How do you manifest to be a Millionaire

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