So What are the 3 P’s of Affirmation

If you are in the Law of Attraction field, then you have probably already heard about a wonderful method for attracting and manifesting desired things to your life, called the Affirmations. You probably know that Affirmations are specific sentences that you need to repeat from time to time to influence your conscious and unconscious mind. But, if you do want to attract and manifest specific things, this definition is not enough. To complete this definition, and to explain affirmations deeper, we are going to explain the concept of “The 3 P’s”. So what are the 3 P’s of affirmation.

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Before we start with explaining “the 3 P’s of Affirmation”, let’s remind you why Affirmations are so important in the process of attracting and manifesting.


Well, first of all, you should keep in your mind the fact that we are all creators of our own life. With the help of our deep beliefs, emotions, and dominant vibration we are constantly attracting different things to our lives. If our beliefs are positive, we will feel good and we will vibrate high. When our vibration is high, all of those things that we want to experience are manifesting in our reality. On another hand, if our deep beliefs about certain things are negative, then we are experiencing negative emotions, and our vibration is falling on the emotional guidance scale. In those moments, when our vibration is low, we are getting further from all of those things that we would like to experience.


So, our deep beliefs and programs are the ones in charge of our future experience.


To attract and manifest the things that we want, our beliefs must be positive. And the best way for creating positive beliefs, or for transforming negative beliefs into positive ones, is by using Affirmations.


If we do want to use the Affirmations correctly, we only need to follow the 3 P’s. The 3 P’s stand for:

  1. Present Tense,
  2. Personal,
  3. Positive. 


The first P means that we should always create the Affirmation in the Present tense. We simply need to create the Affirmation like the desired thing, the thing that we want to attract and manifest is happening right now.

For example, if we are dealing with the lack of money and we would like to attract and manifest that, the correct Affirmations would be: “I am a magnet for money. I like this emotion of financial security. Now, I have more than enough money.”. The wrong use of the Affirmations would be “I will become a magnet for money. I will be so happy after I have some money.”.


The second P means that you always have to make the Affirmation personal, you need to include yourself in the Affirmation. So, “I” is always an inevitable segment, the starting point of your Affirmation.


The third P means that your Affirmation must always be positive, without any negation. Let’s observe that on the same example- money attraction. If you are experiencing a lack of money, you should avoid negative Affirmations such as: “I can’t earn money”, “I never have enough money”, etc. Negative Affirmations are always blocking your way to achieving the things that you want.


Follow the 3 P’s of Affirmations- affirm positive, in the present time, make those Affirmations personal, and attract and manifest everything you ever wanted!


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So What are the 3 P's of Affirmation

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