The 10 most important Universal Laws – Use each Universal Law each day!

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Although it may seem that The Law of Attraction is the only Universal Law, that is not completely true. Maybe people are consciously using it the most, but there are some other Universal Laws that are also functioning constantly, no matter if we are paying attention to them or not. But, if we learn about those Universal Laws, and if we start observing them and applying them consciously, we can increase our chances to manifest a wonderful life.


  1. “The Law of Divine Oneness”

Some would say that this Universal Law is the most important one. Why? Basically because, according to this Universal Law, everything in the Universe is interconnected- there is a connection between everything. In other words, every thought of ours, every decision, every choice that we make, every deep belief that we have will eventually have an impact on the world we’re living in. It will have an impact on our lives and on the people that are in our life. We don’t necessarily have to witness that impact with our eyes right away, but eventually, the effects of our decisions and choices will materialize. We are all one, and that is why we must behave consciously because, with our choices, we are affecting ourselves and the others.


  1. “The Law of Vibration”

If you are learning about the Law of Attraction then this is something that you will understand right away. Every single thing in this Universe is moving constantly and, at the same time, everything has energy, everything vibrates. Everything has its vibration. Vibration, as you may know, can be positioned high or low. And, if you want to attract and manifest wonderful things for yourself, then, you need to work on raising your vibration. With the increase in vibration, you are increasing the number of wonderful things manifesting in your life. And you have so many tools for raising your vibration, choose your favorite one and take advantage of the knowledge you have on this particular Universal Law.


  1. “The Law of Correspondence”

This Universal Law is related to the first Universal Law we mentioned today, with the Law of Divine Oneness.”As above, so below; as below, so above” is a sentence that we can use to describe this Universal Law. It means that there is “harmony, agreement and correspondence” between the physical, mental and spiritual things in this Universe. Everything in the Universe, including you, ”is born” from the One Source, and that’s why you can’t separate yourself from it. Separation is impossible because “All is One” and “We are all One”.


  1. “The Law of Inspired Action”

Let’s say that you want to attract and manifest something in your reality. For example, you want to attract a new, better job. For that, you simply have to use the Law of Inspired Action. To change something in your life, you must take some action, you must do something. The Inspired Action is an action that you “just must do”, and something that you feel the urge to do. Inspired action can be in so many different forms. The urge to call someone, the urge to meet with someone, the urge to leave the current job. If you do something that changes your situation, that means that you have listened to the Inspired Action. You simply must do something (no matter how small or huge that is), and that action that you make will transform your life and it will bring the change you’ve wanted to experience.


  1. “The Law of Cause and Effect”

This Universal Law is pretty easy to understand. It means that everything that we do will affect our future life. Simple as that. It means that every action that you take has a certain reaction. It means that every cause has its effect. All your thoughts, all your actions, all your choices, and all of your decisions will always have good or bad consequences. The Law of Cause and Effect means that, on the level of spirituality, on the level of spiritual energy, in the same moment when you choose to do something, the effect of your choice is also happening.


  1. “The Law of Compensation”

This Universal Law says that you will always, without an exception, receive what you put out. You should know that compensation can come in many different forms. For example, if you win a large amount of money then you might think you’re getting a reward. But, depending on how you have lived in the past, your vast amount of wealth could lead to worse life experience, not to the one that will be better. The Law of Compensation is here to remind you to pay attention to your decisions and choices, to pay attention to how are you behaving towards other people.


  1. “The Law of Relativity”

This Universal Law is all about the neutrality of things when seen in isolation. It means that no particular person, experience, emotion, or action is evaluated as good or bad until comparing it with something else. If you, for example, think of yourself as a poor person, you may think that because you are surrounded by millions. But, if you compare yourself with homeless people, for example, you can see that, comparing to them, you are a wealthy person because you have more than you need. This Universal Law tends to make you a grateful person. When you are truly grateful for all the things that you already have, then the Universe will send you more and more of the things that will make you feel the same way.


  1. “The Law of Polarity”

According to this Universal Law, everything in this Universe has the opposite. The existence of those opposites allows us to understand our life. For example, when you are going through a difficult and challenging experience, this Law will help you to start appreciating the good developments that are coming to you. You are learning from every situation, especially from the ones that you observe as the negative ones. For example, if you end a relationship, from that experience you are learning what it is that you do want to have and what are the things that you will not tolerate.


  1. “ The Law of Rhythm”

This Universal Law is focused on movement and it refers to the fact that all things come in cycles. Observe nature- there you can see the seasons changing. That is a circle. You have winter, spring, summer, and autumn. And after autumn, you have winter again. And you can apply this to a person’s life stages, and reflecting on this helps you to gain perspective. Remember that nothing is permanent- today’s season might be wonderful, but tomorrow, the season could change. That is why you need to enjoy what you have while it lasts. And if today is “bad”, tomorrow the situation can change.


  1. “The Law of Gender”

The Law of Gender refers to the fact that there are two major types of energy- the masculine and feminine, the yin and the yang, the anima and the animus. Call them however you like. The point is that we all contain a certain amount of both energies and we must find a way to achieve a balance between both of them if we want to live a happy life. Think about the amount of each type of energy- is there an excess or a deficit of either, and try to “equal” the amounts of both.

These were 10 fundamental Universal Laws, but, we will explain 5 more Universal Laws, to help you move through this process easier and faster.

The 5 additional Universal Laws are: 


The Law of the Least Effort

The Law of Giving

The Law of Pure Potentiality

The Law of Truth and Purpose

The Law of Intention and Desire

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  1. The Law of the Least Effort

The point of this Law is that you become aware and start to use the minimum effort to achieve maximum of the abundance. No, this is not something that the lazy person would do, this is something that a smart person should do. Why should we waste our time and energy if we can achieve the same result with a minimum effort? There is no need for that. The whole Universe and the whole Nature are functioning on this Law. The grass isn’t putting a big effort into growing, the Sun isn’t putting big effort for Shinning. Why would you do something different? We can, and we should function in the same way, to align with Nature and with the Universe. If we start with functioning like this, we will start to attract harmony and the abundance of every kind into our lives.




  1. The Law of Giving

The Law of Giving is one of the Laws that will help you achieve success and abundance in every field of your life. But, it is not a mistake if we rename this Law into “The Law of Giving and Receiving”. Giving and Receiving is the dynamic that simply can’t be divided one from another because both Nature and the Universe are functioning in that same dynamic. And, at the same time, that is the dynamic of us, as human beings. The harmonic interaction of giving and receiving is extremely important and that’s we have to become aware of it. That flow, that harmonic interaction of giving and receiving is just like the blood flow in our body. Now, imagine what would happen if we stop that flow? When you give and when you receive, then you are pushing the things that you want to attract and manifest into your life. If you want to attract and manifest happiness, then you must give that happiness first to somebody. The same thing can be applied to all of the fields of your life.





  1. The Law of Pure Potentiality

Using this Universal Law is helping you to become aware of the pure divine potential you have, and more importantly, it helps you to use it, to attract and manifest wonderful things to your life. We all have this potential in ourselves. The perfect balance and the perfect peace, the great abundance and harmony are the main characteristics of this Law. The field of that Pure Potential is placed in the level of consciousness. That is a category of soul, not the category of mind or the category of Ego. If we want to use this Law, then we must stop observing the object and start observing our soul. If we turn to our feelings, to our soul, then we will start to use our Pure Potential.




  1. The Law of Truth and Purpose

This Law is better known as the Law of Darma, and Darma is a thing that can be defined as the purpose. The Law of Darma is explaining to us that we are not just physical beings, we are so much more than that. We are spiritual beings, manifested in a physical form, and that we came to this world to find out who we are. In other words, we are here to discover our purpose. And we are doing all those things for one main goal and that is self-realization, or, self-recognition. We all have a thing that is a part of our divine energy and that is- talent. Every one of us has a specific thing, a specific talent. That’s why we need to find out how can we use that special talent that we have, for serving, to ourselves, and the other people.




  1. The Law of Intention and Desire



This Law can be defined as the continuous expansion of the emotion of happiness and abundance, in every field of life. This Law is based on the fact that everything that is surrounding us, including ourselves, is based on the fact that everything around us is energy and information. This Law is directly connected with manifestations, and it is explaining to us how can we manifest the things that we haven’t been able to manifest. As human beings, we have conscious, and with the help of our mind, we can control and transform the energy and the information that we have in ourselves. And with controlling and transforming the energy and the information, we can directly influence the manifestations in our lives.


So there you have the 10 Universal Laws to live by within the law of attraction. 

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