Using positive affirmations for success or autosuggestions is an amazing way to condition the subconscious mind to believe in your limitless potentials. It is a great psychological trick, which not just reprograms the mind in a positive way, but also counteracts the negative chatter that often infiltrates our thoughts.

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When you’re practicing affirmations, you’re consciously using some words that will either help eliminate something from your life or help create something new in your life. As you say the words of affirmations, you hold the vision of your transforming self. You make formal declarations to the universe of your intentions for them to be the truth. Positive affirmations helped thousands of people across the globe to make significant changes in their lives.

How Do They Work?

By using affirmations, we can command the subconscious mind to overcome the physical and mental hindrances previously thought insurmountable. Practicing positive affirmations for success involves repeating some statements over and over. When we repeat these statements, our brain creates new neural pathways and strengthens them. These powerful words create dynamic tensions in our beings. Our mind eventually believes in those statements and manifests the changes we desire in our lives.

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The Methods of Using Affirmations

There are several methods for using affirmations which may include writing them-down method, saying them-aloud method, saying-them-in-your-head method, saying-them-into-a-recorder -then listening-to-them method, and having-someone-repeating-the-affirmations method. 

Writing affirmations is a widely used method. Many people prefer this method because it can be done quietly with little or no discomfort. It is important that you feel peaceful as you write the affirmations. Writing 3 to 10 affirmations should be enough per sitting. You may also type the affirmations on your computer.

Saying the affirmations out loud is the tried and true method, which is the most popular affirmation practice technique. Speaking the affirmations out loud works better if you practice it in front of a mirror and look at yourself in the eye while repeating the statements. It is important to say the words of affirmations with convictions.

Speak slowly, so that the mind can totally comprehend the message. Speak in a calmer voice. Don’t rush and don’t practice with distaste. Speak to yourself like you are speaking to a good friend. Be loving, kind and nurturing.Positive Affirmations for Success

If you feel uncomfortable repeating the statements out loud, you can say them in your head. The main advantage of this technique is that you can use it whenever you want and wherever you are.

Recording the statements is another method. Record the positive affirmations for success, and listen to your recorded voice repeating the statements while falling asleep to maximize and accelerate your results.

You can also get a friend or coach to repeat your affirmations to you. They will be saying, for example, “ You (not “I am”) are sound in mind, body, and spirit”.

Repeating The Positive Statements

Repeating the affirmations can be relaxing and soothing as you lift the baggage of limiting beliefs and release them back to the nothingness from where they came.

As you repeat the positive affirmations for success statements, I would like you to imagine that you’re getting rid of your limiting beliefs by dropping them into a river, and they gradually drift downstream and disappear for good. 

Here are some powerful positive affirmations to get you started.

  • I’m fulfilling my life’s work
  • I have complete faith in my abilities
  • I love and approve of myself
  • I have all it takes to make positive changes in my life
  • I am sound in mind body and spirit.
  • I make conscious choices
  • I deserve to enjoy prosperity and affluence in my life
  • I enjoy all aspects of life
  • I always make the most of what I’m given
  • My body deserves love and respect
  • I’m the creator of my reality.
  • I’m receiving infinite abundance
  • I’m rich in every area of my life
  • I have a great body.
  • I like being who I am
  • My abilities to conquer challenges are limitless.
  • Nothing is impossible for me
  • I laugh easily and often
  • I’m as good and important as anyone else
  • I am confident in my body
  • All that I do is for good
  • I like being who I am
  • I deserve to be who I am
  • I’m free of negative influences
  • My potential to succeed is infinite.

Wrap Up

By practicing positive affirmations for success every day, you are regularly reminding yourself of their importance, which will help you to stay focused and motivated. It will also help you to be alert to opportunities that might help you reach your life goal.

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law of attraction affirmations

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