These days, wherever you go, it seems to you that everybody is talking about the Law of Attraction and how they’ve achieved to manifest something. Is all that true? Is this thing actually working? Well, you can test the Law of Attraction by yourself, and then you will know for sure. But, before that, we suggest that you pay attention to these law of attraction examples of some people that already have manifested things with the help of the Law of Attraction mindset. And there is no better example than to observe the famous people before and after they consciously used the power of this Universal Law.

manifest with the law of attraction


We can start with this law of attraction examples of the famous actor, Jim Carrey. You’re probably familiar with his professional work, with his magnificent roles, with the movies he did. But, many people don’t know that Jim Carrey used the Law of Attraction to create the life of his dreams. And he started doing that since the early nineties. We could call him the pioneer of this field. Let’s explain his path a bit deeper. In that period, in the nineties, Jim Carrey was not so successful. We can even say that he was a poor, miserable man. Actually, the circumstances were miserable. He would find himself with no money, no possibilities to afford new clothes, sometimes even food. But, his mindset was much stronger than the miserable circumstances. So, what did he do then? Well, when he was a guest in Oprah show, he revealed his “secret”. When things would get tough, he would visualize things coming to him. All of the things that he wanted to manifest in his reality, he would visualize. At that time, as he said, he had nothing. And he used the power of visualization not to attract any of those things, but he did that because the visualization made him feel better. He said that then, he would find himself driving home and thinking like he already had all those things that he wanted to attract, that all those things are out there. “I just don’t have a hold of them yet, but they’re out there”, he would thing. And while he was thinking that, he created the emotions of high vibration, and that is the most important step in the Law of Attraction process- to act like you already have that thing that you want to attract to your real life, to act like you already have that thing that you want to manifest. To act, but also to feel the emotion of already having that. Jim Carrey also used a Law of Attraction technique for attracting money into his life. He used the “Check from the Universe”. He wrote the check for himself. It was a check for ten million dollars, for acting services rendered. And he gave himself five years, and, as he says: “ I dated it Thanksgiving 1995. I put it in my wallet and kept it there, and it deteriorated and deteriorated…But then, just before Thanksgiving 1995, I found out I was going to make ten million dollars on, I think it was Dumb&Dumber.” So he visualized, and he manifested! But, Jim Carrey says on a more important thing. He says that it is true that visualize works but that you can not visualize and then go an eat a sandwich and expect that the manifestation will come. You must work on that visualization. And it is the same situation with attracting all the other things to your life, not just with attracting money. He says that we can ask the Universe for anything that we want because nothing is out of reach, nothing is too big or too small. “Don’t let fear stop you from asking, or limit you from asking for everything you want. “, he says. And if we observe the life of Jim Carrey, then we can see, from his own example, that all of the things that he is saying are true.


Another famous person, on whose law of attraction examples we can learn is definitely Lady Gaga. Once just a shy, unknown girl, and after the use of Law of Attraction- one of the most famous pop stars of this Century. She once said that the Law of Attraction gave her the freedom to pull Superstar out of herself and that she was born to be. And she also said that we are all born to be superstars. Lady Gaga took advantage of this possibility. Will you learn from her example? There is nothing to lose. On her Law of Attraction journey, Lady Gaga used one of the tools called “Telling the new story”. It is a technique, a method or a tool, you can call it whatever you like, but it is very powerful when it comes to changing your reality. Here is Lady Gaga’s experience: “Music is my life. Fame is inside of me. I’m going to make a no.1 record. “You repeat it to yourself every day, and it’s not yet, it’s a lie. You’re telling yourself a lie over and over again. And then one day it’s not a lie anymore. The lie is true”.


Another law of attraction examples from a famous person who managed to transform his dreams into his reality, again, with the help of The Law of Attraction, surely is Conor McGregor. Champion Conan McGregor said a very wise thing: “When things are going good and you visualize these good things happening, you visualize more good things happening, that’s easy. What’s not easy to do is when things are going bad, and you are visualizing the good stuff.” So let’s learn on the example of a champion, let’s all do the things that a champion will do- and let’s all become champions.


Another champion whose example shows us that everything is possible is one of the most famous tennis players in the world, Novak Djokovic. The whole world knows about this guy and yet, he comes from a small country that many people don’t know even exists. So, what is this guy’s story? Well, he was born in a small county, in a poor family. But, from when he was a little boy, he played tennis and he was dedicated to his long term goal. When he was just seven years old, he was interviewed because some people recognized him as a talented kid. And do you know what he said in that interview? He said that his goal is to become the number one tennis player in the world. He also said that playing tennis for him is not a game but a duty. Later, in another interview, he said that he stuck to that goal for his whole life. He kept visualizing himself as a number one player and he continues observing tennis as a duty. And that’s why, with the power of Law of Attraction, with the power of visualization and focus, he achieved and he manifested his childhood dream. He learned about the power of visualization from his tennis coach. About how important is to visualize in a game, on a tennis field, and in life. Novak says that the visualization helped him during his whole career. He says that during his whole career he “forced” himself, every day, to imagine himself holding a goblet. That visualization gave him motivation and energy, something “invisible and intangible” that help him to manifest that same scene, years later. He imagined the whole situation, himself holding that goblet, the audience clapping hands and screaming his name, and the most important thing- he visualized the feeling of witnessing that situation. And he achieved in his purpose- he became the number one tennis player in the world, and he manifested all the things that once were just a dream of a little boy. From his example, we can all learn about the importance of visualization and focus.  This is another story to show law of attraction examples of people manifesting whatever they want.


One of the best law of attraction examples is Oprah Winfrey also used the power of the Law of Attraction to make her life better and there are so many important things that we can all learn from her example. She says that she become successful because he had one important thing that we all have and that is positive thinking. She says that positive thinking brought so many manifestations to her life, but she especially recalls manifesting one thing. In her early days, Oprah’s been offered to play the part in the movie “The colour purple”. It was a dream role for her- the role of Sofia. In order to get that part, she spends hours and hours, days and days visualizing herself playing in that movie and she always visualized with optimism and determination. No matter the obstacles that appeared along the way, she never gave up, She continued with being positive and visualizing the desired outcome. And she did it- she manifested her dream. To focus, to visualize and to feel good and be optimistic, that is what we all need to do in order to achieve our dreams. That is what we can learn from Oprah’s example.


The experiences, and the law of attraction examples of these famous people, their examples can help you to understand that the Law of Attraction, just like any other natural law, exists and functions, no matter if you believe in it or no. If you still don’t believe it then don’t believe it until you test it by yourself. If that is what you need, go on and test the Law of Attraction. How can you do that? Easy. Use the advices from the previous examples.


Use the power of creative visualization- go in a quiet place, close your eyes and simply allow your imagination to lead you where you wanna go and to attract whatever you want to attract. while you do that, while you are imagining specific things that you want to attract, it is important that you feel the emotion of already having that. Just like Novak Djokovic. Imagine yourself “holding that goblet” of yourself, no matter what that goblet represents to you. The Universe is reacting to your thoughts, your emotions, and your vibration so you should be a good friend to the Universe and show your emotions. We would like to remind you that The Universe doesn’t know the difference between visualization and real life. And that’s why, if you are, during the visualization, vibrating as you’ve already got something you will get more and more things on that same vibration. Test this, and you will be amazed at the results.

If you are a bit impatient, you can do something else to test the Law of Attraction. That is, of course, if you want to get the results faster, the confirmation that The Law of Attraction exists. Decide that you want to attract a specific thing into your real life, and give yourself and the Law of Attraction the deadline. For example, say that you want to attract some material thing, let’s say, a box of matches. And say that you want to attract that until the end of this week. It doesn’t have to be the box of matches, it can be anything- a white feather, a yellow umbrella, a red wallet. It could be anything. Decide and imagine that thing, give yourself a deadline for attracting that, close your eyes and spend a few minutes visualizing that you’ve managed to attract that thing. Then, just forget about that thing that you’ve imagined. Soon, you will have that thing in your reality and you will be sure then that all this is true, that the Law of Attraction really exists and that you can attract anything you want. Absolutely anything.

After you are completely sure that the Law of Attraction is working and it is here to help you make your life wonderful, then you can use all of the things that you’ve learned from the people who are using this Law for a long time. Learn from their law of attraction examples.

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