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So you want to earn more money you know that wealth creation is vital but where do you start and can the law of attraction help you manifest money?

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Building wealth is one of basic human needs so wealth creation and how you go about it are vital use these 8 wealth creation tips today along with the law of attraction and start to manifest the money you desire into your life.

Building wealth we take on at a very young age from news paper rounds to pocket money and looking for more ways to earn more money crating wealth is in grained into us, however it seems when we go to school we seem to lose this ability or a lot of us do. The idea of making money is you must get good qualifications and a good job otherwise leading a rich life is never going to happen.


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8 Easy steps for Wealth Creation

  1. Establish Within your self what you really want…

Goal setting is the first and for most thing rich people and people who are able to manifest money easily do without any problems. They set goals however slightly differently to everyone else. Most people when setting goals just set a goal like this…”I want more money” this is a nothing goal, everyone wants more money but why? What will you use it for? When I set a goal, I have a figure in mind and I also put things I want around the goal. So my goal is not how much money I want its what I want o to use this new found wealth on. So a new car, new house, holiday away etc. This makes me set better goals and also helps me to achieve my goals as I have my why. I get more excited about the thing I spend the money on then just having money so when setting goals and telling yourself what you want find out what you really want.


  1. Don’t save your money Invest your money

Famous American business owner, Robert G. Allen when estimated, “How many millionaires do you know who have become rich by buying interest-bearing accounts? I rest my instance.”


Wealth creation is not about simply putting a percentage in your low interest savings account and leaving it there. Wealth creation and building wealth is about investing your money, yes having a little left aside for emergency’s is vital however what you find is the more you do this the more emergency’s you seem to attract into your life. So looking to invest in the right stocks and shares and bonds is a great way to increase your wealth, they key to manifesting more money is to use the money you have to make it work for you.


To many people just save and that’s it, the smart use their surplus money and invest it to make it work for them and earn more money.


  1. Always keep a good credit score.

We all know that credit card debt and bad debt is not good for us, but still we seem to fall into the debt trap each month “Just put it on the credit card” then we get behind and then our wealth creation slows down as we are now paying for our past mistakes.

Now not all debt it bad, debt for cars, clothes and consumables is as it’s a depreciate asset, your paying more for something which when you wear it or drive it, it depreciates meaning you owe even more money. However, in wealth creation and building wealth there is good debt so like investing in a buy to let house using the banks money to invest in products and business’s is good debt as your using there money to build your wealth. But again this cant be done if your credit score is bad or your suffering from debt so be aware what you do now might effect you going forward in creating wealth.


  1. Find other sources of income

Adding more than one source of income to your wealth creation to do list will dramatically increase your wealth and protect you against losing other income sources. There are plenty of ways online to make extra income, from feel lancing with sites like fiverr, or upwork, or selling products online via YouTube and setting up blogs and using clickbank and AdSense to earn money every time someone buys there product with your affiliate link. Don’t make it take other your main income unless its making your more money, but use your spare time to invest in yourself and your future.


  1. Have a long stable career in what your good at

In today’s world gone are the days of the one job life, where you start as an apprentice and leave with the golden handshake those days seem long gone, however for wealth creation if your job is going to be your main source of income it seems obvious but you need to work at your career and make sure you have a long career. Only quit your work if you have a new one available so you do not dip into your reserve.


  1. Invest in different vehicles to protect yourself

Just like having multiple income sources, having numerous investments is likewise an excellent means to produce wealth. This means you don’t invest all your money and time into one stock or one bond or investment plan you should really diversify and invest your money in many different assets and bonds etc. Why? To protect yourself against markets and things happening out of your control, back in 2008 everyone who had their money invested in property found that that one income literally went over night. So again, its just to protect yourself so when your looking to build wealth creation look to invest in different options.


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  1. Buy to let investing is king!

This is an excellent way to build your wealth. Just imagine you buy a small 2 bed flat for $80k spend 10K on upgrades like new toilet and kitchen, the value of the property has risen and you can now rent out the property for a monthly amount to pay off any mortgage and give you a nice income. But even better than that, is you will get the benefit of the property increase in value whilst its being paid for!


For this strategy its worth talking a course or two remember knowledge is king so be the best you can.


  1. Work on your money mindset everyday

This for me is the most important part of the whole article your mindset, this is vital for your wealth creation. Creating more wealth is a mindset, if you have a mindset of abundance and wealth you will attract more money into your life, you will invest your money better you will attract more money have a better career and so on. So where do you start?


Right so you have your goals you know what you want the extra money for….

So no you need to visualise yourself having the extra money, so whether it be that extra source of income you need to see your self earning that extra money or that extra money hitting your account.


To do this simply lie back close your yes take four deep breaths and just imagine yourself driving the new car, taking that extra holiday. Do this 3 times a day and you will not only feel better, but you will start to attract into your life your wealth creation goals.

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One of the main issues in and around wealth creation come also from your beliefs around money. What do I mean by that well a lot of people have many negative beliefs around money from childhood the parents, schools and the work place which have almost been in grained into there mind. These might be I don’t deserve more money, money is hard, I will never be rich. These are negative beliefs. Its now your job to get rid of them so when ever you feel yourself thinking these thoughts simply change them and put in it’s a place a thought of wealth and that you can do this!



So to sum up really is for you to first get really clear what you want, set out goals which get you hungry not to just earn more money, what do you want the extra income and wealth creation for?


Then its to go out there create more income invest it and repeat the circle!

Don’t forget step 7 is vital your mindset and your personal development in money is key, so always looks to invest in yourself first before anything!

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