The Principle Behind Law of Attraction and Like Attracts Like

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Have you ever before questioned the type of partnerships that you are entering your life or ever wandered why things seem to happen to you and not to others?

Are they supportive and loaded with favourable energies? Or do you continuously feel stressed out and important regarding the people around you? Do you ever get frustrated with things showing up in your life just when you don’t want them, your worried about money then all of a sudden another bills pops through the letter box…


So the truth is whether your happy with what you have and how your life is now or your not happy with it you attracted this life you manifested these things into your life using the law of attraction and the idea of like attracts like.


So law of attraction can really be summed up in three words, like attracts like. Meaning what you think about you manifest into your life. If you would like to find out more on “law of attraction” here is a guide, but this whole site is dedicated to bringing you success using the law of attraction and “like attracts like” so carry on reading how you can start to manifest better things into your life starting from today.


I expect we have all heard of the law of attraction before right? But what is it and how can we use it?

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I bet the first place you heard it was from a wacky friend or the “secret” but don’t be put off when you use it right your life can literally change overnight!


In the next section you’ll see a real life instance of just how “like draws in like” in reality. We will use the example of attracting the type of persons into our lives that we are attracting.


Why We Draw in The People We Bring in

The types of individuals we attract right into our lives are an outcome of the energies as well as ideas that we have actually taken into it, so if we feel abundant happy we will in turn attract people like this back into our lives its is the like attracts like in full motion working.


So back in my old place of work one of my colleagues was known for always moaning they always had something to complain about.


I raise this particular example due to the fact that her continuous personality in the direction of adverse powers made such a large impression on me, I vowed never to end up like that, I didn’t want to be like that because I knew I would only attract more things to moan about “like attracts like” and I would only attract people like that into my life!

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Then they had to be moved section and they sat next to what can only be described as the polar opposite of themselves.


Now this person was totally opposite of that person, they was always pleasant as well as energetic and attracted people and events because of this.


So straight away first thing I could see was they started started to speak about how “dumb” she thought and knew the job was as well as it was such a wild-goose chase and what am I doing here this is for losers I don’t belong here etc etc…


The energetic spring chicken tried and attempted to convince her that it would be enjoyable and that they must set a day to meet, however they declined since to her it really did not make sense to put too much initiative and that they should simply split the job and get it performed with swiftly to them it was just a job and even in that sense not a good one and one that really they were not interested in at all.


As it turned out the moaning never see the good in anyone moved again and this time set next to a guy this person was considered someone who really cared less for the job then them, always late work was poor at best, basically living on borrowed time.


Not remarkably, there section went right down hill as both seem little to care the job just got delayed customers where not happy because now that person was on there own , the new guy cared even less than them meaning they couldn’t do it all on there own but being paired with this similar type person meant even less got done…


For the following two weeks, they would certainly likewise take place to whine about there new colleague  to any type of one that would certainly care to listen.

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So to sum up what can we take on this event that transcribed what did we learn exactly and what has it to do with “Like attracts like” and the law of attraction?


This was an ideal example to highlight exactly how “like attracts like” as well as exactly how the thoughts that we produced into the world can create the valuable or negative situations that discover ourselves in.


In this example, they had turned away from them someone that could of really helped them really pushed there team forward and made the business great. They in turn only attracted to them “like attracts like” someone who was as negative as them, so by being negative and in turn attracted someone who was also negative and this in turn made the job almost impossible.


What Does This Mean For Us In Our Lives?

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So how can we use the law of attraction on a daily basis to help us lead and have a better life and manifest things and people into our lives which are better?


So often we think what happens to us in the world is based on just well that’s fate nothing we can do about it for now, however we forgo the reality that it’s really the other means round– the thoughts that we focus on are what at some point affects our atmosphere!


As John Milton wrote in his famous poem, Heaven Lost:


” The Mind is its own location, and also in itself can make a paradise of heck, a heck of paradise.”


— John Milton, Heaven Lost

The effects of this knowledge is that we create the setting around us based upon the thoughts that we put out.


So by putting out positive thoughts into the world we in turn then attract back into our lives positive events.


By modifying our thoughts and feelings and how we act, we are also able to alter the chances as well as people that are drawn in to us. Our unfavourable vibrations can quickly be transformed into positive ones via numerous positive adjustment techniques such as scripting with the Law of attraction, affirmations and uplifting visualization sessions.


What I do on a daily basis to manifest and use the law of attraction is this….

  1. Every morning when I wake up I mediate, its very easy. Simply lie there take four deep breaths and think what you are grateful for. Then what do you want your best day to look like, what car house do you want to live in?
  2. Drink water and a green smoothie
  3. Exercise!
  4. At noon mediate again, what do you want your best life to look like?
  5. Then before bed mediate again!


Now I know this sounds extreme but you want to live your best life right?


We Are Makers of The Environment Around Us

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We create the Environment around us

Everyday mediate and think what does that best life look like? What is it you want to manifest into your life?

Now that we know that “like attracts like”, here’s another fascinating truth. The Law of Attraction is always working yes even when you thinks its not it is…


That’s right, whether or not you recognize it its always there. Just like the law of gravity, it is an universal law that relates to all points.


So knowing this you need to make sure what you feed your mind is only good, so NO NEWS, NO TV nothing that’s going to feed your mind bad things. Remember like attracts like, bad news what are you attracting?


The ideas that you ultimately create as well as comprise your vibration which subsequently works to attract similar things to you. If you’re frequently putting out good vibes, self-believe as well as determination, after that the life that you’ll have is one filled with the fruits of your labor.


Many times our ideas may be influenced by the mindsets and also beliefs within our subconscious mind that we have accumulated with time.

But you can change these thoughts, start to feed your thoughts with positive and uplifting ideas. So instead of tv self help guides uplifting videos feed your brain good things. Then like attracts like starts to bring your more good things as you can only attract good as you are only thinking good!

You can not simply “think” of pleased thoughts now and expect your reality to be favourable permanently, our mind is a muscle this how things needs some practise.

That’s where people fail, they do it once and think yes right the car the house it will appear NO, you need to do it for at least 60 days to change your life!

We might have to reprogram our subconscious psychological standards to ensure that our minds are currently loaded with powerful ideas, as well as gotten rid of from limiting beliefs.


If you desire to receive even more love as well as construct fulfilling partnerships with others, after that you likewise require to initial develop a solid feeling of self-regard by establishing your self-belief so that you’re in the right frame of mind to engage in favorable as well as significant encounters with people.

Ideas are effective. Ideas come to be things.


Choose the ideas that you permit to control your mind meticulously and remember to always avoid negativity.


Best way to avoid negativity is first cut the news, that’s the first thing. Social media is another SM is like a drug and its one that is not helpful to your success that’s for sure!


You can start to change your life start to feel better happier and in love with life. Using the law of attraction and like attracts like today will only bring good things into your life. And guess what the more good things that come into your life will then bring more good into your life is the law in action and its amazing and you will love it.


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