So a few years ago I did often see my self as a pretty negative person I often saw everything as against me and saw life as a struggle and hard slog as they would say. The whilst searching online I cam a across a free law of attraction pdf, I downloaded it and read it. When I read this thing at first I was like this sounds a bit hippy, like what the people who like a smoke would write. Little did I know that the law of attraction and that law of attraction pdf would soon change my mind!!

manifest with the law of attraction


I was at the time  like every other worker bee, I would get up go to work at a job I didn’t like, be excited by the time so when it was 5pm I could clock off and go home. Then at home I would eat and sit in front of the tv watch a load of rubbish then go to bed and start the whole process over again I was in what you could say a circle of mediocrity..


So this was my life and continued to be my life…Then one day I sat down and noticed the bills we where struggling to meet – I hadn’t noticed or taken into account inflation and the cost of “things” always goes up and I just thought my “job” would pay for it and I wouldn’t have to think much more about it. How wrong I was. This then lead me to be more grouchy and then come from a place of fear and anxiety which is not a good place as you make bad decisions and as the law of attraction states you start to manifest more of what you don’t want into your life.


I think the only reason I stayed like this was because of fear the fear of failure the fear of the unknown I was happy in the job because its what I always knew it was easy for me to stay there.


Then one night I just couldn’t sleep I was just there thinking and worrying about everything all the bills I had to pay, then I remember the law of attraction pdf I downloaded and what it said that all the thoughts we have good or bad manifest things into our lives. I did think at the time yeah whatever how can you attract that car crash or that illness in your life just sounds like a load of so called witchcraft” or so I thought but how I was going to turned!


However, my life was a turning point and was willing to try anything to try and get me sorted and get my mind and my circumstances into more happy times. So I did some more search for law of attraction pdf and found a couple more these seemed to resonate with me more and I felt what they taught and spoke about was more of what I could get onboard with.


It did mention one movie that was based on and around the whole law of attraction that was the secret. So I watched that and again it seemed to help me more understand this more than the other law of attraction pdf I had read. It had a lot of teachers scientists who all offered there thoughts and backed it up with more main stream thinking. So if you have not see the secret here is the US version  and the uk version this really did help and pushed me to believe in the law of attraction more.


So with nothing else to go on no where else to turn to I turned to this movie and what it taught and the law of attraction.


Soon I was downloading and getting every law of attraction course on the internet that I could. The more I read the more I learnt about my mind and about my thoughts and feeling the more it resonated with me . I started to actually see what happened to me in the past was and could be caused by my thoughts and feelings at the time. Then I remembered a time how I wanted this brand new car every time I felt about I felt happy and had a new vigour, guess what then it would all of sudden show up in the form of being able to afford it which was great.


I would defiantly encourage you to look at and use the law of attraction in your life. It can help you lead and manifest a far better life for yourself. Take a look around this site we have hundreds of amazing FREE articles and free law of attraction pdfs for you to look at and use and start your law of attraction success story today.

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