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A very big thank you to David and The Do Law Of Attraction Team, and also to all of you that compose & review these tales. I can completely claim that without you, I would not have made it through the in 2020! I am spraying magic appreciation sparkly dust all over every one of you. My story is one of that you can manifest your ex back if you really want to!

My who life came collapsing down last November when the love of my life stated wanted to be alone unexpectedly and leave me. All of sudden he chose to leave me even after we had planned marriage and to have kids. We had actually been on and off for the last 6 yrs, however this last relationship we had together actually was one of the most lovely times we had together in my whole life I was totally gutted to lose him. I think one of the main reason he did was that i held this negative belief all year that i was not good enough for him and that he would leave me, everyday i almost verified it to myself that this would happen and i think this was the main reason.

I tried everything to keep him you name it i cried i begged him i offered him everything but it was still not enough he was gone and there was nothing I could do about it, I had to move on and this was the hardest part..

This was a dark time for me I simply saw no way out. There was a deep, dark hole in my heart that i simply couldn’t see ever getting better i literally saw no way out. I hate to say it but there was a time i considered taking my own life i hate to say it. I also lost a load of weight 35 pounds to be exact i also became a bit of a recluse staying in scared to almost go out.

I then stumbled upon the Secret Stories all from people who had success using the secret or otherwise known as the law of attraction. I ‘d watched The Secret numerous years before however simply thought like a lot of people this is a load of old rubbish and will never work for me. There where tales and stories of people using it and getting great success in what ever area of there life they wanted to improve this gave me hope that in fact the secret or “law of attraction” could work for me in how you could actually manifest your ex back..

I would love to say that by using the secret or the law of attraction that he morphed back into my life overnight well he didn’t lol. Three months gone by still we hadn’t spoken at all.

I keep reading the secrets online forum to see if there was anything i had been doing wrong, I found that the very best way to attract your ex lover back is to change your intention, make it your intention to have him back then you simply let it go, the more you want it and chase it the more it actually goes further from your grasp. This really felt counter intuitive to me. Yet when absolutely nothing else was working for me, my friend convinced me to join a dating site and so I did hoping to find the answer there.

Every one on the site made me fell almost sick none of them seemed to be like my ex, then one day i found and was matched to this wonderful individual. I decided what the hell and went on a date something i thought never possible a few days ago but what did i have to lose. Sadly, I was still in missing my ex lover and though-out the date  I just wanted him back.

To my total and absolute shock, my ex contacted me the following day via text! I am at pain to agree and tell that when you set your intention free and believe it will happen, your ex-spouse will certainly ACUTELY feel it, as silly as that sounds its true, it happened to me!

So then we arranged to meetup for coffee I was was all ready for the huge speech that i had in my mind that was ready how everything would be different and this time we will make it work. Except … that didn’t take place. He told me at coffee that he wanted me sexually, but did not want me as I did to have the partnership. This was a hammer blow to me, but i do see now that this was on my part my fault from all the negative feeling i had towards myself. I was devastated but i knew if i wanted his love again i had to start loving myself it was as simple as that..

So that’s what I did. I started saying yes to pals’ invitations, I meditated each day, I started going to yoga. I did my best to forget everything about him, it was tough to start with but soon it became easier.

I made a vision board that had lots of love quotes and things to make me feel like i was loved, pictures of travelling and also people doing yoga.

This vision board in fact worked SO rapidly. By total opportunity, I was picked by my business to speak in front of 300 individuals about my trip less than a month after making the vision board. Random sums of cash started to pop up in my life. And as for the travel bit, i will get to that in a minute that was the best bit of all.

In the meantime, the guy I ‘d had one date with swiftly contacted me every once in a while. He worked in the music business and invited me on another date this time to see my favourite band how could i not say yes!

… BAM! Complete fireworks. This guy was extremely driven, sure of what he wanted, entirely into me, passionate, as well as sexy as hell–  and it was entirely electrical from the start.

Not twelve hrs my ex messaged me “Is everything ok? I have actually been having sensations about you and can’t get you off my mind.”.

Dating another person DOES work, as long as you’re doing it from a location of sincerity and not doing it to try and bring your ex back you need to as said, just let it go and that what you wish will appear out of the blue and you will manifest your ex back

Since then, he has been messaging me non stop. Now he dreams of our kids. He even wanted us to travel to Mexico (travel, there you go)! He now messages me everyday telling me he loves me so much and cant get me out of his head wow what a transformation.

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Just recently, his grandmother suddenly passed away, this totally shock him and almost woke him up. He asked if i could see him and when i did he held me in his arms so tightly it felt right it felt like i always wanted it to be.

This is why they say to makesure what you desire is what you want– when you let go of your ex and move into a positive mindset, you’ll bring in even bigger better things than you ever thought possible. Its also true– by the time you attract your ex back, you will think to yourself what a life I have here i dont even want him or her back as your new life that the law of attraction has bought you far out ways what you used to have!

My ex returning to me was IMPOSSIBLE a few weeks ago. If I can manifest this, you can use what i have done here to manifest anything you want into your life. My Ex had literally nothing more to do with me  it was all but over .Everybody told me to forget about him move on dont be deluded that he will come back

If you really want to manifest your ex back, the GREATEST thing you can do is to LET IT GO. If I had known this i wouldn’t of wasted and ruined almost 6 months of my life worrying and hurting myself other it. Use my story for your life.

If you want to bring someone back into your life intend it then live in a life of gratitude. Move your body in into a state of happiness, make vision boards, go places that keep you motivated (it could be on a walk, or the beach, or watching a movie that really inspires you), hang out with loved ones that believe in the very best you and also raise your vibration.

Free yourself from your mental chains and agree to allow whatever you’ve intended will manifest and now you will just let it go. You’ll be actually shocked at what can manifest it self from nothing trust in the process.

So if you want your ex back makes you

  • Intend it, make that intention you want your manifest your ex back…
  • Then leave it
  • Gratitude everyday
  • Create a vision board
  • Mediate
  • Stay happy stay inspired
  • Let it happen!

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