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A manifestation box (likewise called “development box,” “wish box,” or “intention box”) can be a very powerful device in creating the life you desire and manifest into existence what it is you desire! The idea is to place things in the box that you intend to attract or show up in your life so it acts as a sort of wish box where whatever you place into it you wish to manifest with the held belief that by placing it into the box you will manifest what you put in it.

Each time you add a wish or desire to this box, you are sending out an affirmation to the universe, and your desires and wishes will almost certainly start to appear. It works so well because by placing in the box you are telling the universe this is what i want and i know by placing it in here it will happen, this tells the universe you are sure!

Materials Needed for your manifestation box:

– Ordinary wood box (discovered at most craft stores) or a study cardboard box will do.
– Water-based acrylic paints (any kind of colours you pick the brighter and more colours that mean something to you the better) .
– Paint brushes or sponges to apply the paint
– Rub-on transfers (optional).
– Clear acrylic spray.

Below Is How To Make Your Very Own Manifestation box:.

First off for your manifestation box you need a sturdy cardboard or wooden box this can be purchased from your local craft store. These boxes are low-cost and it does not matter about the size as it can be any that you choose. If the box is a little tatty you can sand it down it needs to be nice but not so nice you it looks like a work of art.

The you can add paint remember any colour and you can add transfers if you so wish remember what we said about trying to choose colours etc that mean something to us, so if the colour blue makes us feel good makesure you paint it blue, add transfer which maybe inspire you to push on to the next level. On this is does not need to be transfer you could use pictures or anything that inspires you, so much like a vision board add images of your dream car, home or holiday.

What we suggest is to also add some really great affirmation to the box, the box i created i simply wrote down the of it the words, “Manifest.”.

The writing i put down the bottom side of each box simply read, “Ask– Believe– Let Go– Get” this was simple affirmation that helped me to resonate and feel good to raise my vibration all vital for the law of attraction..

I then added gold dust to it, this was to make it look like it was magical and affirmed to me that whatever i put inside my “box” was going to manifest you could also call it my wish box or me asking the genie for my wish and it made the box to appear to have stardust.

So now you have built your manifestation box how do you use it?

Your manifestation box is utilized to bring in specific things you desire or wish for right into your life “you ask i you will receive”. So the main point to start with is you need to know exactly what you want to manifest to start with right?

Pictures of what you want work well so go to google and start searching maybe its a brand new car, get the pictures so when you print them it brings as tingle to you, get pictures of inside all are great. You can use written request they work great so writing down in the present tense what you want works great, so back to the car “I am so happy that i now drive a” and so on.

So this is what we call scripting you could go a bit further with this and write out how you want al your life to look like, so you could write about your love life you bank account your job etc, but remember to always write in the present tense like you already have it, it basically tells the universe that you are so happy this has already happened and as your sub conscious mind does not know what is real and whats not neither does the universe!

So another example of this could be, “My life is amazing here! Our company is growing as well as we have so much money coming in from all directions its like an out of control fire hose. We live in our brand new 5 bed mansion with 10 acres of land and have 4 cars “.

Really go deep on how you want your life to be how you want to live get excited and get creative but above all what kind of life that excites you the life which makes you get up in the morning excited to be alive and grateful for. Put lots of feeling and also excitement into it.

Now you simply pop the images and scripts either or both are great into your manifestation box.

Everyday, you need to get your box open it and look through each item you chose and get excited with them look at them and see why you chose them. Take each one and put that power of feeling and desire into each one and be grateful like they have already occurred, you will certainly start attracting them right into your life if you can start doing this daily, remember this is like any new habit.

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Now how about creating your own Wish box.

A wish box is much like a manifestation box except for a couple of things. So the principles remain the same much like a manifestation box, so when creating it do much the same you did as above.

Mine i created using purple paint with bold yellow writing and the writing i used this time instead as above read “Wish I May, Wish I Might,” and inside the cover is the word, “desire.”.

So again as before you can either draw up your dreams and place them in the wish box, or again use images and pictures from any source you have so again there is no wrong answer here..

Or what you could do which i have hear other people do is simply shout out your wish into it and then shut it up and let the universe go to work for you. So say you came home and saw the girl of your dreams you could simply shout in thank you for bringing X into my life and so happy we have a long life together something like that then shut the top and let the universe go to work for you.

So How To Create Your Own Intention Box:.

An intention box same as above is again along the same lines with the indication and wish boxes above. It is somewhere  you place your intention or feelings about you that you want to happen.

You can use this sort of box much like the wish and manifestation boxes as we have discussed above, or like me use it to set out your day what you want to happen today, so put in there you want to attract that person or attract a few dollars for a new shirt whatever you want to happen in that day put in your intention box.

Or you could write out a few affirmations / intention write them all down place them in the box then every morning pick one from the box and take it around with you that day and incorporate it into your life every day and let it be part of your life.

Some great intents/affirmations would be:

I see the true blessing in every experience.
I am positive and also effective.
I choose to be pleased.
My charm emits out for all to see.

Generally, any type of type of intent you wish to set for yourself. Have a good time with it.

Remember with this manifestation technique be creative have fun with it. Remember that anything you want to manifest has real feeling with it, so again don’t ask for say Extra money” or a new car, what does that mean? Is that really going to get you up in the morning and want to go to out into the world with gust-ow no i doubt it.

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