If you are in search of a complete daily Law of Attraction Guide, you are in the right place. Stay with us, follow the tips and tricks from this article, and manifest the life you’ve always dreamed about! This article will show you exactly how to practice law of attraction and also the best law of attraction practice.

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So, where to start?

Peace is one of the first important things here. What does it mean? Well, it means that you need to remove all the tensions from your body and your mind. Remove that accumulated stress, remove the anxiety from your body. Being in peace is a condition without which you couldn’t achieve anything.

When you feel stress, anxiety, tension- then you are feeling negative emotions, when you are experiencing negative emotions, then, you are vibrating low, you are going down on the emotional guidance scale. And when you are down on the emotional guidance scale, you are getting away from the Universe and from the fulfillment of all the things that you wanted to manifest.

That’s why you must remove those negative emotions. You need to raise your vibration so you could climb the upper on the emotional guidance scale. When you are positioned high on that scale, that is when the Universe can see you, hear you, feel you. When you are vibration high, the Universe understands exactly what you want to receive and you are getting all those things.

So, how can you remove tension, anxiety, and stress? How can you raise your vibration? What should you do every day, if you want to practice the Law of Attraction with success?

A few things could be helpful here.

• First of all, you could use Meditation. Meditation can be very helpful in the Law of Attraction practice because when you are meditating, you are getting into a state of complete and total relaxation. You can choose your way of meditating- you could meditate alone, or you could listen to a guided meditation. Whatever comes more natural to you- you should choose that. You don’t have to spend too much time meditating. Enough would be ten to fifteen minutes, every day. We suggest that you write down your plan of Meditations on a piece of paper and stick to that plan. Each time when you are done with your daily meditation, you can mark the field on that paper- you will get an additional amount of pleasant feelings and that will raise your vibration even more.

• Also, in your daily Law of Attraction practice, you can use Affirmations. You know already how powerful Affirmations are. With the help of these positive statements, you can change your deepest negative beliefs that you’ve been carrying from your earlier childhood. You must add the Affirmations to your everyday Law of Attraction ritual but, you should be careful here. Pay attention to which of the Affirmations you will choose for yourself. Choose only the ones that are making you feel good and the ones that you can relate to. In the Law of Attraction practice, emotion is one of the crucial things. So whatever you do, you must sense the emotion. Emotion creates your vibration, vibration speaks with the Universe, the Universe fulfills your wishes. The same is with Affirmations. Sense the emotion while you read, say, or write the affirmations. Only when the emotion is there, Affirmations will give positive results.

• Another thing that you can add to your Law of Attraction Practice is Visualization. Or if it’s easier for you to understand- the imagination of all the things that you want to experience in your real life. Why Visualization is so important? Well, Visualization has a few positive sides. First of all, like all these things we have put into the Law of Attraction practice, Visualization is also here to help us to change our emotions (to transform the negative emotions into the positive ones) and to raise our vibration. With the help of Visualization, vibration can be raised pretty fast, almost in a moment. You see, it is enough just to close your eyes and to concentrate on something that makes you feel good and voila- you feel good in a moment! Our imagination is given to us for a reason. And the reason is to create our lives with that imagination. We would be so stupid not to use this tool we’ve got as a gift, right? So, how to make our visualization “successful”? This is pretty simple actually. Just find a quiet place where you can concentrate and where nobody will interrupt you. Close your eyes and paint a picture of anything that you would like to experience in your real life in the future. For example, if you want to get a new car, you can do the following thing. You can close your eyes and imagine yourself in the next scenario. Imagine yourself opening your new car. Imagine yourself holding the car keys. Imagine yourself just sitting in your new car. Imagine driving the car. Imagine all the sensations that you are feeling while you are driving. Observe the open road in front of you. Feel the breeze in your hair. You probably understand the point. Do, in your head, in your imagination, all the things that you would do in your real life. If you succeed in feeling the emotion, then you are at the same time increasing your vibration and the Universe senses that. The Universe doesn’t know the difference if something is just your imagination or is happening. The Universe feels your emotion and your vibration. The Universe feels that you’ve been driving your new car. And do you know what you will get from the Universe? More and more of the same and similar sensations. More of the things that will make you feel the same way. Now, it makes sense to visualize, doesn’t it? With visualization, you can create so many different things. You can change all things you are not satisfied with. You can also change the situation in your career field, financial field, health and love field, etc. We suggest that you use visualization every day, that you add it to your daily Law of Attraction practice. Because the more often you visualize, the more you will feel good and raise your vibration. And that is the key to the manifestation of wonderful things in your life.

We must not forget to add the Gratitude to your daily Law of Attraction practice because gratitude is also a very important thing in the Law of Attraction. Why is it so important? Because only thankful people are truly happy people, that’s why. What’s the point of having everything if you can’t feel the true gratitude, happiness, and joy for having all those things. If you are not thankful than you can’t enjoy anything. But, on another hand, when you are thankful, then you are capable of enjoying all the things in your life. The Universe loves grateful people. Do you know why? Because when a person is grateful, then the Universe can hear her loud and clear because her vibration is high. You can create a thing called “The Gratitude Journal” and you can use it to write down your gratitudes every day.

Take just five minutes every day to count your blessings and write down everything you are grateful for. Say “I am grateful for…” and write: for friends, family, clothes, food, water, beautiful weather, money in your wallet, the wonderful movie you’ve seen, the beautiful song you’ve heard, etc. Write down anything you can remember. But, don’t forget, while you are writing your Gratitude Journal, don’t forget about your emotions. Don’t do this daily ritual without emotions, mechanically. Feel all the things you are writing about, feel the real emotions. If you practice writing a Gratitude journal every day, we guarantee that you will be amazed by the result. In a short period, the Universe will double the list of things you are grateful for. As we already said, the Universe loves grateful people. Become one of those people because gratitude is the skill that can be learned with everyday exercise.

• Choose positive thoughts, not negative ones. You are always choosing your thought by yourself. You choose what you will think about, you choose what you will be focusing on. Your thoughts and your focus are causing emotions. Your emotions vibrate and with the vibration, you are creating future experiences. And you are choosing all those things, by yourself. Choose your thoughts and your focus wisely, and create a life of your dreams! So, add observing your thoughts to your everyday Law of Attraction practice because your thoughts become your reality.

• Whenever you feel Inspirational action, don’t ignore it! Follow your inspirational actions, every day. You will recognize your Inspirational action by the strong urge to do something. Don’t ignore that strong urge.

Practice the Law of Attraction. Choose between, “Telling the new story”, “That would be so nice”, “Amnesia”, “What do I want and why do I want it”:

-Telling the new story: The Universe hears everything you say, you know that? So then stop saying the things that you don’t want to attract and start saying the ones you do. Tell the new story. No matter the circumstances, tell the things you want to attract like they are already in your life. You don’t have a job and you want to manifest a new job? Tell the new story then. Every day you should say things like: “I am so happy at my new job. I’m really satisfied with my boss and my coworkers. Finally, I am doing the things that I love and I am well paid for that.” Don’t worry if this is not your reality at the moment, if you continue with “Telling the new story”, soon it will be.

-That would be so nice: Another very powerful tool that you can add to your everyday Law of Attraction practice. Say out loud all of the things that you would like to experience. To sense the emotion, say “That would be so nice” and add the thing you want to attract. Repeat this if you want to get the results.

-Amnesia: For some people, it is hard to visualize, to tell the new story, to do any other Law of Attraction practice because of their bad experiences from the past. For some people, for example, it is pretty hard to attract love because they think that they don’t deserve love. It’s hard for them to visualize, to affirm, they just can’t believe that they are worth it. There is a solution to that situation, too. A method called “Amnesia”. If you have a similar problem, try this exercise. Tomorrow, after you wake up, start your day like you have lost your memory like you don’t remember anything from your past. Without negative experiences, there are no negative beliefs and that is a clean field for practicing other Law of Attraction techniques.

-What do I want and why do I want it: Many people want to attract so many things so using this Law of Attraction practice is a great start. Somebody wants to attract a new job, somebody else wants money, another person wants to attract a boyfriend or a girlfriend, etc. But they are not so successful in that because they think that they don’t deserve that certain thing. But, that can easily be changed by applying the method “What do I want and why do I want it.” If you, for example, want to attract money, and you are not so successful in attracting it, ask yourself why do you want to attract that money. And then answer. For example, you want to attract money so you could buy something for your mother. The minute you give that answer you can see that you want to attract the money so you could make someone else happy. And when you hear your reason out loud, you start to believe that you are wanting something for a good cause. And that is when your vibration raises and the desired things start to appear in your life.

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So there you have it the best law of attraction practice to manifest into your life what you want. So remember to practice the Law of Attraction each and every day to manifest and attract into your life what you want.

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