If you have little understanding of the law of attraction, by now, you should be aware that thoughts can morph into actual things. Whatever is coming into your life is being attracted by your thoughts. For your imaginations to morph into reality, all you have to do is to ruminate on something both consciously and unconsciously and energize them with your beliefs. Just thinking of something isn’t adequate, you have to believe in whatever you are thinking. There is a way in which you can take your imagination to the next level, and it is by creating a vision board, but from where do you begin? Before you think of putting a vision board together, you will require a vision template.

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Think of any image that correctly represents the goal you desire, those quotes that inspire you and stop you from giving up, the affirmations that ensure that you remain focused on attaining that which you desire, a vision board obtains these elements and build them into a smorgasbord of dreams. A vision board can also help you capture your mental energy and motivate you to press forward towards achieving your laid-down goals. Below is how to make a motivational vision board.


Making your first vision board template/ dream board

If I am to be sincere, there is no rule, be it hard or fast that one can adopt in creating a vision board. In fact, everyone has a unique way of creating this tool. Although vision boards can be purchased from professional suppliers, making a vision board yourself is an excellent idea. You can either make use of poster boards, corkboards, whiteboards, or any good material. ‘

If you cherish the digital alternative, you can develop one by creating a private file on your computer system.  Surprisingly, you can use your fridge as an ideal vision board with adequate magnets and pictures. Create your vision board the way you want it to be.

Begin with planning

Do not rush the process. Take out time to think about what you would want this vision board of yours to look like and the life goals you would like to inscribe on it. You can choose to select a future goal, which may be personal growth, health, finance, relationships, social life, education, etc. As soon as you are done with selecting a goal, imagine what it would look like. You may choose to make a big board, or you may decide to create lots of boards that represent many goals. How you place these goals is very significant. You shouldn’t put your vision board template in a remote area of your home. Place your vision board in a place that you often visit, probably your room.


The little ritual you ought to adhere to

Creating a vision board, you have to adhere to a small ritual. Create a free time, probably a cool evening or a weekend to organize your board. Ensure that you create your board undisturbed. You could choose to turn on some calming music while you create your vision board to create an exuberant atmosphere. If you feel the negative thoughts probing your mind inhale deeply and leave your mind to settle. Then continue with your work on the board.

Organizing the vision board template

Go in search of a few old magazines and extract some pictures that represent experience, feelings, and possessions you desire to have in your life. You can choose to add the photos of cars you wish to own, places you would love to visit, houses you desire to own, etc. Put your board together with the aid of scissors, tape, pins, or glue.

Think outside the box; be very creative. You can decide to extract images or quotes from any of your favourite magazines. Include anything that motivates you in your vision board. Add motivational quotes and positive affirmations. You can also add how you wish to feel each passing day, like “enthusiastic,” “motivated,” “joyful,” “fearless,” and so on. Do not cram the board with several words. Feel free to update your board whenever the need arises.


Now that you have your hands on creating a vision board template, you can create one! Then each day, for at least five minutes stare at this vision board of yours; and with your entire heart, imagine yourself In the future you have created for yourself.

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