If you are practicing the Law of Attraction than maybe you’ve already heard some interesting Manifestation Stories. Manifestation Stories are the „scripts“ that are helpful in visualizations. Some would call them Guided Visualizations or Guided Meditations. For you to understand it better, we can say that Manifestation Stories is a mix of affirmations, visualization, and meditation, whose main goal is to help you to attract the desired outcome. There are a million Manifestation Stories that can help you visualize something and then experiencing that same thing in your real life. The biggest effect of a certain Manifestation Story is that while you are listening to that story or reading it, you are at the same time feeling the emotion of experiencing the things from that story.

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You maybe already know that in the process of manifesting the desired thing or situation, the emotions that you feel play the most important role. The emotion vibrates. When you are feeling positive emotions, you are vibrating high, and when you are feeling negative emotions, you are vibrating low. The higher you place yourself on the emotional scale, the closer you will be to achieving the desired income. That’s why you must use only Manifestation Stories that are making you feel good.


Manifestation stories are here to help you to communicate with the Universe, to tell the Universe exactly what you want to attract. That’s why, you can use different Manifestation Stories, for different fields of your life, depending on what it is that you want to attract.


You can create Manifestation Stories by yourself. Take a piece of paper and write down all the things that you want to attract, all the things that you would like to experience in the future. While you are writing all those things, pay attention to your emotions, and write those things like you are already experiencing them. The Universe doesn’t know the difference if something is really happening or you are just imagining the desired income. Take advantage of this fact, release your imagination and feel free to create the life of your dreams.


If you are not quite sure how Manifestation Stories should be created, we will give you a few examples.


Manifestation Story No. 1 – For entering into the Vortex and for attracting positive things into your life


„This is the Manifestation Story from the Vortex. This very moment, I am ready to enter into the Vortex. Now, I am completely relaxed and focused. My balanced breathing is helping me to release from any stress or tension. I am not expecting anything from this Manifestation Story, and yet, I know that with the help of this Story, I will attract only positive things into my life. I am allowing myself these moments of peace and relaxation. I can feel the health. I can feel the welfare of this Universe. I am completely fine with other people’s behavior because I know- the only person that affects my life is me. I am at the perfect place right now. Being in peace is making me feel good. Feeling good is increasing my vibration. When my vibration is high, the Universe can hear my wishes loud and clear. The only important thing right now is the relationship between myself and my „non-physical“. And I can feel that relation. I know my value. I feel like I am born again. I feel that my Vortex is full of all the things that I want to attract. I feel like my life is not the things that I do, but the way I feel while I am doing those things.

My only job right now is focusing. And focusing is causing emotions. And my emotions are showing me where I am right now. My emotion is my first manifestation. I am declaring to the Universe: “I love my life”. “I love to love”. “I am grateful for being right here, right now”. “ I am grateful for all my past experiences because they all made me the person who I am today”. “I am grateful for all the things that I have experienced because I know that all those things left wonderful manifestations in my life”. “I am grateful for not getting everything that I wanted because I have a space for manifesting more wonderful things in my future”.

From this moment, manifestations will come to my life, every day. Starting from today, I will experience various positive manifestations, every day. I can’t wait to see all those wonderful things manifesting in my life. All the future manifestations will come to me at the perfect time. I will enjoy in manifestations every day.

Now I am sure, being in Vortex and manifesting positive things in my life is something that I am creating by myself. It is just a matter of my decision- on what will I focus on. When I focus on positive things, more positive things will manifest in my life. I decided that starting from today, I will be only focusing on positive things.

Now, I am at peace because I know that it is a matter of time when all the good things will enter my life. And I am accepting them all.”




Manifestation Story No.2 –  For attracting love


„ This is the Manifestation Story which will help me to attract my soulmate, the love of my life. I am completely calm and relaxed right now. The perfect time for attracting my soulmate is right now when I am in a state of complete peacefulness and relaxation. At this moment, I am completely safe and calm.

The goal of this Manifestation Story is that I experience the emotion of love. That I experience the emotion of meeting my soulmate. Now, I am ready for love. To meet the love of my life, now I will paint a picture of the following situation:

I am in the foothill of a white stairway. As I look upper, I can feel the peace because I am sure that I am going somewhere where I am meant to be. Around me, I can notice the lighting and the peacefulness. Easily, step by step, I am starting to climb these stairs. The Sun is warming my face and the bird song is causing all kinds of positive emotions. The smell of nature, the beauty of the colors, the fresh air- all these things are making me feel even better. My step is easy while I’m climbing these stairs. The beauty around me is telling me that soon enough, something wonderful will happen to me. This cognition is making me light as a feather. I am getting closer to the top of these stairs. As I put my foot on the last stair, I can’t believe what I am seeing! The scene is even more beautiful than the one downstairs. Beautiful landscape! But, this is not just about the landscape, it is the matter of the emotions I’m feeling right now. I’ve never felt like this before! I just know, that something magnificent is going to happen, it is like I can predict a magnificent change in my life.

Suddenly, I’m feeling a strange sensation in my body. I feel like I can shine. A flash of magnificent lightning starts to shine, from my heart. This wonderful lightning is shinning from my heart and soon enough, it possesses my whole body. My whole body is shinning right now. It is like I am becoming a ball of lightning. It is like I am becoming a Sunshine of Love. I’m enjoying this sensation. This lightning is pure love. I feel that I am pure love. And I know- love attracts love. Now, after I’ve become pure love, it is a matter of time when the love of my life, my soulmate, will appear.

Suddenly, I can feel somebody’s presence, somewhere near me. There is somebody, somewhere close to me. I can feel it. I can feel it, somebody else is here with me right now, right here. Somewhere in the distance, I can see another shinning ball, the same Sunshine of Love. And it is getting closer to me.

I can’t hide my smile because I know who is coming to me. I know it because love recognises love. I am not able to see the look of my soulmate, but I know that that is not even important. More important than the looks of my soulmate,  is the lightning that I can see and feel. More important is that love that I am feeling right now, the love that I know I+ve always deserved, and the love that I know, is possible to experience.

My soulmate is standing next to me right now. My emotions are indescribable. But the Universe understands my emotions completely. The Universe understands that this is what I want and the Universe will help me to attract this into my real life, soon enough. I just need to remain on a high vibration, and the job is done.“

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Manifestation Story No.3 – For attracting money


„With the help of this Manifestation Story, I will change my emotions and my vibration regarding the money. This Manifestation Story will help me to transform negative beliefs about money into the positive ones. Now, I am completely relaxed and ready to start attracting money into my life.

The abundance of money is always going towards me. It is just a matter of am I allowing this money to enter my life, or I have some blockages related to money. Now, the time has come for attracting that money into my life. This will not be hard for me because the abundance of money is on its way to my reality. These positive words and my peaceful state of mind have huge power in the process of attracting money. Soon enough, my vibration will start to grow, and I will witness the changes in my field of finance.

My resistance is now being transformed into allowing. And my doubt is transformed into faith. Soon enough, the abundance of money will become obvious. These words are helping me to change the emotions that I’ve had about the money, in the past.  My emotions are transforming, from worrying to expecting. After I succeed in transforming my emotions, the financial change will become obvious to me.

The change in my financial field of life is nothing but the change of my emotions related to money. With the everyday reading of this Manifestation Story, my vibration will keep changing.

I know that the Universe is full of money. I know that there is more than enough money for everyone. I feel good about this fact. If there is more than enough money for everyone, why should I have the blockage for money?

Right now, I am clearing my mind from all the blockages and from all the negative beliefs related to money. I deserve to have money in my life.

The more I succeed in transforming the negative beliefs about money, the more manifestations will show up in my everyday life. From today, the money will start coming to me from different sources. I don’t care about where the money will come to me. I know that the money will come from the Universe, but I don’t care about the way how it is going to be manifested. Is it going to be my monthly salary, am I going to find the money on the street, am I going to win the lottery- it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that starting from this day, the money will be a part of my everyday life.

Worrying about the lack of money will no longer be my experience. My only thoughts related to money will be where I will spend all that money.

And I will achieve int attracting the money abundance just with the change of my beliefs. Giving that this Manifestation story will bring money abundance in my life I decided that I will make this story a part of my everyday routine.“

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