Visualization: This is the most common Manifestation techniques in attracting things into your life. Everything that you want, you want it because you want to feel the emotion of having that thing. Visualization is great because while you visualize, you can sense these emotions. The Universe doesn’t know the difference between your visualization and imagination on one side, and your real life on the other. The Universe only reacts to your emotion. Use the power of this Manifestation techniques, close your eyes and imagine that you already have everything that you want to attract. Visualize as often as you can, enjoy this process and prepare yourself for a miracle!

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Affirmations : Affirmations are a very important Law of Attraction Manifestation techniques and maybe one of the best tools for manifesting your dreams, goals, and desires. When you use affirmations, you must use them every day. You should use the affirmations as some kind of a ritual. Another advice, when we are speaking about this technique is that you don’t just copy some affirmations that you’ve found online or in some books because the most effective affirmations are the affirmations that you’ve created by yourself. Take your time and figure out some positive statements, some personalized affirmations that t resonate with you and your emotions. If you repeat them every day soon enough you will change your deep negative beliefs. And when your negative beliefs are transformed into positive beliefs, then the miracles will happen in your reality. So grab a pen and a notebook and write some positive affirmations.



Meditation:  You can use the power of meditation in order to get rid of all these layers of beliefs that you have in your mindset that don’t serve you in a good way, that is blocking you from manifest everything that you want. While you meditate, you are transforming all of the negative programs from your mindset and the deep traumas. When you meditate, you begin to realize who it is that puts you that belief in your head and the reason, why he did that. Meditation is a gift. Take advantage of this technique, just go to a quiet place and you will get all of the answers that you need.


EFT techniqueEmotional freedom technique or EFT technique is helpful when it comes to alternative treatment for physical and emotional pain. It can be helpful in cleaning your body from negative energy, and that’s why it is recommended as a technique that can help you manifest desired things. You can connect this technique with the affirmations. For example, you can say out loud affirmations for health and in the same time you can tap each following point seven times, moving down the body in this ascending order: eyebrow, side of the eye, under the eye, under the nose, chin, beginning of the collarbone, under the arm.

Telling the new story: Tell the new story, talk about the things that you want to attract as if they’re already manifested. Behave like you already have that thing that you want to attract. Fake it till you make it.


What do I want and why do I want it: What do I want? For example, I want to attract money. Why do I want it? “I want to attract money because I want to buy presents for my friends”,  “because I want to pay the bills”, “because I want to travel”… While you are giving the reasons why you want to attract something, observe the emotions that you can sense while you are saying this. Name only the reasons that are making you feel good because that’s how your vibration will raise. And just so you know, you can do the same thing for every other aspect of your life. You just need to ask yourself what do you want and for what reason, the rest is the Universe’s job because the Universe hears your wishes and knows what needs to send to you.


“What would do somebody who loves self?” To start with this Manifestation techniques, try asking yourself this question several times a day. When you wake up tomorrow morning, ask yourself this. What is the answer to this question? Possible answers can be:  “Somebody who loves self would do the morning jogging.”, “Somebody who loves self would drink a glass of fresh orange juice.”. During the day, ask yourself that question again and again. When you hear the answer, go and do that thing. Be nice to yourself because that will help you feel better and when you feel good, your emotions are high on the vibrational scale- and that is where the things are manifesting!


“That would be so nice”: “That would be so nice” is a Manifesting technique that is a very powerful tool in attracting things into your life.  How can you use this technique? It is pretty simple actually. All you need to do is to say out loud, or write down,  all the things that you want to attract into your life. For example, if you want to attract a love partner, you will say something like this: ” Imagine that I have a boyfriend/girlfriend and imagine that I can hug and kiss him/her right now, that would be so nice”. When you compose your statement like that, the Universe hears only “boyfriend/girlfriend”, “hug”, “kiss”. At the same time, when you write down or talk out loud sentences like this, you need to feel like you are experiencing that.  The Universe will react to your emotion and your vibration and the Universe will send you that. In the same way, you could create money, health, a great job,  etc.


Video from the parallel reality: This is a new Manifesting techniques in Law of Attraction practice but it is pretty simple to apply. All you need to here is a camera or a mobile phone. Find a comfortable place where you feel pleasant, press the “record” button on your camera and go! Film a video of yourself where you are happy, satisfied, where you tell how you’ve achieved something that you wanted, where you’ve attracted something that you wanted. While you do that, it is important that you sense the emotion like that’s actually true. You can do the same with “the letter from parallel reality”. Do the same thing, but don’t record it, write it down on the paper. But again, don’t forget to sense the emotion. „It’s done!“


30 day Law of Attraction challenge: If you want to attract something into your life fast, we suggest that you use a 30 day Law of Attraction challenges. For 30 days, take a few techniques from this article and apply the. Visualize, affirm and meditate every day, or take any other technique. While you do this 30-day challenge, it is important that you do only the techniques that are raising your vibration and make you feel good. After a month of applying some of the Law of Attraction Manifestation techniques, this will become your routine and you will be amazed by the manifestations! 


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