This guide on how to make subliminals is a great place to start for anyone looking to use subliminals in their mindset shifts and getting the right messages they want into there subconcoius mind. As we know subliminals are an amazing way to get the messages you want int your subconscious mind with very little effort.

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There are many you can use on the likes of YouTube etc however if you want your own and to use your own affirmations and have the complete subliminals on how you want to run your life. The its not that difficult and you can learn very quickly on how to make the subliminals yourself.


So are you ready to put the power of subliminals and change your subconscious mind and learn how to make subliminals?


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ACTION 1—Decide now what it is you want.


So you need to decide what it is you actually want to hear and listen to on your subliminal..


Sit down and have a real think and what it is you want to either improve or become better at or attract more of in your life. This could be better focus or attract more money or be better around women what ever it is you need to write it down and get clear with it what it is actually you want.


Whatever you want to improve or have in your life just write it down become so clear, so say you want to improve your focus write it down or you want to get better at a certain sport write it down. Just go crazy and write freely with everything you might want to appear in your life. It does not matter just write it down.




ACTION 2– Compose Your Affirmations Down on a paper.


So now is the best time to write down all your affirmations one by one on paper or your computer.


Now you need to write and compose these in the presence tense. What do I mean by that? Well so instead of writing “I want to be better at math’s” or “I want to earn £500 a day” write them as thought these events or what you want to happen already has. So write “I am amazing in bed” or “my business grows each and every day” this will trick your brain and sub conscious mind in to thinking they have already happened.


And if you didn’t know the mind cannot tell what is real and what is not so this is a great way to write them.



ACTION 3—Turn your affirmations into sound


So next on your how to make subliminals you have all your affirmations one by one written down right all written in the presence tense and all making you feel better about life right?


Now we need to turn them into sound…


This is so easy and pretty much free to do so don’t worry you don’t need some fancy pants recording studio or anything like that just do a simple quick search online for a basic ‘text to speech’ or ‘text to sound’  some might thou have a max number of words so it’s a case of finding out which software is best for your needs.



Once you have found the right audio software the bit about putting these affirmations into audio takes but just a minute so please don’t worry.




ACTION 4—Make your affirmations faster.


This part of the how to make subliminals is totally optional but if you want to you can.

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Simply speed up your affirmations and voice as fast as you want to fit in as many of your affirmations as you want. Why? The brain is an amazing tool so it can take in much faster than you think. I often read at 2.0 speed on audio meaning I can absorb more information faster, but again this optional when creating your subliminal audios.



ACTION 5—Modifying upgrading your audio


This step of how to make subliminal is 100% customisation you don’t have to add or do anything else you have your audio there and you can play it everyday and everyday it will insert positive affirmations into your mind and more importantly your sub conscious mind will automatically receive these all day every day.


However if you did want to spice up your audio this part of how to make subliminal is really good and can supercharge everything.


So if you plan to listen to this all day I would suggest adding music or soothing sounds and noises especially if you are listening at night, so this could be rain or music they use on meditations you can find this sort of music just by searching YouTube to see what you like.


Also if you mask your audio with uplifting songs this masks them to your mind but your sub conscious mind will be able to pick them up easier, this is a great way to get the affirmations planted into your mind faster.


For now don’t worry about the conscious mind and the sub conscious mind just know that it works and works great guns.


Another way to turn this into a more appealing audio is to add images and make it into a vision board, so start adding that dream home or dream car and create a small video then simply add the subliminal audio and away you go.


I do recommend for this “Mind Movies” take a look at it here, I have a few movies I use I simply add the images and add the music I want takes about 2 minutes and press process and it puts it all together for me and give me a mind movies or a vision board I can use every day which has affirmations and images of things I want in my life its very powerful so take a look here dont forget its free.


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ACTION 6– Save And Also Delight in.


So there you have it your audio and or video is now set and ready you just need to download it and use and watch and listen to it each and every day, when your walking whenever you have a spare moment where you could be putting these great affirmations to work use them there very powerful.


So there you have how to make subliminals to improve your life. However, if you want premade done for your subliminals look here they are really powerful and can really help you improve yourself.



Don’t forget also if you want to turn your affirmations into a mind movie take a look here for FREE I use this everyday and love it really has changed my life and bought things I wanted faster into existence so can you.


Get your FREE Mind movie made here!!


So there you have it on how to make subliminals you got the done for you way or you can go do it yourself. Either way this is so powerful that it should not ever be put down this can change your mindset overnight and will.


If you would like to read more about affirmations and your mindset and the sub conscious mind I have a few articles here which might help you when you’re looking on how to make subliminals for you to understand why this is so powerful.


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